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Of course, when a show is a common target for trolling, funny moments will be common.

Ghost: I'm startin' to read these now, and I'm not gonna say 'em (Implying he's not going to say without realizing what he said)

  • Several Moments Later*

Ghost: ...All_Schlongheads_Aimed_At_Ghost--- Ahh get that asshole ahh--- get him off!!!

    • And some Sandusky (who is convicted of child molestation) names.

Ghost: We have Sandusky_Shower_Attendant. Uh... AH GOD DAMN--- *cans.wav*

    • Another one:

Ghost: We have Toddler Speed Bump... Toddler Speed Bump?! Get that sick son of a bitch out of here!

You're a racist, Mr. Ghost...
You really are a hambone!
You've been supporting Sarah Palin
You're a fan of Rainbow Dash Mr. Ghoooost!

Ghost: Hannukah night? HANNUKAH NIGHT!?!? YOU STUPID *cans*

    • Ghetto Capitalist joins in the hambone fun and calls Ghost "the hambone of the hood".
    • And tension was high in general, since "his man" had just dropped out of the running for the Republican nomination.
  • After too many Herman Cain jokes on December 6, he ragequit, as usual.... or did he? After that, The Engineer decided to pull a Hostile Show Takeover, playing a medley of songs Ghost hates (i.e. Nyan Cat, Friday, the Theme from Boss, etc.), and then somehow taking calls.
    • One (male) caller wanted to have Engineer's babies because he's awesome. Leading this conversation.

Caller: Do you know what babies are?
Engineer: No!
Caller: When a mommy ducky and a mommy ducky, er wait that's wrong...

    • Afterward, Ghost came back, and raged at The Engineer for taking over the show when he was supposed to end it, claiming that he is the talent, and The Engineer is just an engineer. Of course, this led to everyone idolizing him, much to Ghost's surprise.
  • The December 7th broadcast has this call.

Ghost... is... a...
Jewish hambone
Faggot brony
Fucks his son
dressed like a pony
fapping off to Herman Cain
and shitting out human remains
Engineer should run your show....
because he has more talent than you!

    • Note Party/Tri$ha calls in when Ghost is talking about Christmas parties to express her love of note parties and My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. Ghost notices her voice cracking and asks if she's not taking her "feminine pills". Her response?

Did I stutter hambone?

    • You can guess Ghost's reaction.
  • This clip. Might also be Nightmare Fuel due to how insanely angry he gets.
  • December 12, 2011: "If you're fruity and you know it, shoveitupyourass! If you're fruity and you know it, shoveitupyourass! If you're fruity and you know it and you really wanna show it, if you're fruity and you know it, become a brony! My little ponyyyy~"
  • December 14, 2011: Ghost finding out that Engineer is hosting his show. Hostile Show Takeover ensues.
    • And then during Radio Grafitti, he gets pissed off at how people are liking the Engineer.
    • "Have a humpin' Herman Christmas..."
  • December 16, 2011: Ghetto Capitalist has a kid with wooping cough, an apparent job offering with the show, and thinks Ghost has cancer?
    • Equestrian Citizen calls in again to point out Ghost's racism, asking why he hates Russians. He even gives out his address on air knowing Ghost can't do anything to him.
    • The "Ghost has cancer" joke kept on popping up from time to time the next day.
    • Ashoe called in saying he was going to be taken to a doctor after being kicked in the balls, Ghost was concerned over his parents doing that... until Ash mentioned that he probably couldn't shoot anymore.
  • Also from December 16, we have Ghost's Papa Wolf tendencies acting up again.
  • The Christmas episode was full of lulz from both sides of the coin:
    • PonyToast got in twice; once discussing what Kwanzaa exactly involves, and then a little later to discuss True Equestrian Radio. You can tell which one Ghost was more pissed at.
    • He also decided to call back a few people to troll them, leading to some awkward moments.
    • 213 calls in, disturbing Ghost with his tale involving a Christmas party and a Glory Hole.
    • We also had the return of Capitalist Confessions, after a caller asked why he hadn't done it in a while.
    • "Happy Halloween, Ghost!"
    • Tub Guy: Ghost, I filled the tub full of gravy, let's roll around like a couple of hambones! Oh my!
  • The December 28th broadcast has this moment. It is, however followed by a bit of Nightmare Fuel as Tri$sha/Noteparty gets beaten to death mid-broadcast, then goes to funny again as Ghost is trying to make sense of what just happened. While throwing cans around of course.
    • During the "Ghosties" episode, Noteparty confirmed that SuspiciousTumbleweed was pulling a fast one
  • December 30. Keet Ghost. Nuff said.
    • Ghost expresses his love of TSA searches
  • January 4, 2012:
    • The "BAN ALL BRONIES" spam. Suprisingly, Ghost manages to rage over its sheer awkwardness rather than acknowledge the fact that they hate Bronies.
  • January 5, 2012:
    • Radio Graffiti begins with the ever popular "Ghost pisses on his grandma" splice.
    • "Herman Cain: can we get a major fail on this asshole?"
    • The "BAN ALL BRONIES" caller returns, along with some friends ("CASTRATE ALL BRONIES" and "FUCK BRONIES")
  • His Ron Paul impression is hilarious.
  • January 6, 2012
  • January 7, 2012
  • January 9, 2012
    • Ghost ragequits and the Engineer takes over again. And then 661 starts offering him a job at
  • January 13, 2012 was a day of bad luck:
    • Among other things, "YMCA" references kept popping up (and making Ghost increasingly angered)
    • Ghostie Wrap Up! Thanks to Rina-chan. When Ghost heard it, he thought Hasbro themselves were trolling him.
    • The same day, we have a large number of "Helen Keller Deaf Mutes", the Ban all Bronies guy playing Ear Rape, and a Winter Wrap-Up splice with Ghost himself.
  • January 17, 2012. True Optimist Radio.
    • To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Ghetto Capitalist rewrote the "I Have a Dream" speech to support his EBT/Welfare/Child Support spending lifestyle. Do you even have to guess how Ghost reacted?
    • And then Celtic took a scene from Epic Pie Time and remixed it further. Let's spin Ghost!
  • January 18, 2012 was a rage-filled day.
  • The January 20th Radio Graffiti has Fluttershy offering to clean up the cans, Pinkie Pie offering Ghost Cupcakes made out of Ghost's granny, a Doctor Hambone remix, Ghost Tales and several calls from what sounds like an all-male orgy. Ghost went ballistic.
    • Bonus points to the Doctor Hambone remix being made by Celtic Brony (but not actually played by him).
    • There was also a remix of Eminem's "Without Me", furthering Ghost's rage.
    • Tubguy and a Tubguy impersonator run into each other during a cluster call. Ghost starts yelling "I'm so fresh you can suck my nuts!" and Tub Guy responds "To stay fresh, you can hop in my tub." Ghosts kicks him off in anger.
  • January 23, 2012:
  • January 24, 2012:
  • January 25, 2012:
    • Recently, people have called other radio shows using Ghost's voice, then replaying the results on Ghost's show. Today, one of the radio hosts compared him to Alex Jones. The rage was amazing.
      • Even during the outro he was still tossing cans around
    • Fluttershy: Oh, these trolls make me so mad I could just scream! *deep breath* Ahhhhhh.
  • Sick kids! Dying kids! Dead kids! Broken-arm kids! Lost kids! Crying kids!
  • January 27, 2012: Radio Graffiti: After a slow first half, the second half turned out to be one of the funniest moments in the show:
  • John Conquest trolls BTR stations.
  • February 3, 2012 after returning from a short break.
    • The fake Asho calling in saying he hit puberty (oh we wish)
    • The double dose of "SUCK MAH DICK", first from Twilight Sparkle and again from 347. In a row.
    • Ghetto Capitalist calls in having a "first of the month party"
    • Ghost's voice is used to troll the FBI.

FBI: Good day, this is the FBI.
"Ghost:" Who is this?
FBI: ...this is the FBI.
"Ghost:" Ah Jesus Christ, Is this Nikolai?!
FBI: No Sir, this is the-
"Ghost:" You're a fruity-ass from where I'm standing!

  • February 8, 2012
    • Theme of the day was calling him Ghostler. Ending on a Rudolph parody.
    • *fast breathing* Applejack: I came in Pinkie *MLP theme plays*
    • Tub Guy calls in TWICE. First time offering to head to Applebees to double penetrate Asho's mom, second time he bought something from Oklahoma while calling him "Comrade Ghostler"
  • February 9, 2012
    • Someone prank called the CIA with Ghost calling himself John Conquest.
    • 347 did a Bruno Mars parody that enraged Ghost so much he was angry for the rest of the show. Until...
    • Tub Guy called in saying World War III has come to his bunker and invites Ghost for a 3-way with Alex Jones. We didn't just get cans, we got mega cans.
  • February 13, 2012:
    • Someone called in playing E-rotic's "Help Me Dr. Dick". Ghost wonders where they find this stuff.
    • Austin Vibrator called in with his usual sound effect, and sped it up several times.
    • The brief return of the Internet Buttstalker.
  • February 16, 2012: Ghost was sick that day, making the rage much funnier.
  • February 21, 2012: An unusual Taco Tuesday with some strange events:
    • Angry Racist Jewish Hambone returns.
    • Jeopardy! questions being used and Ghost goes on to rage.
    • A clip of Rina-chan as Asho Ketchum was played during Radio Graffiti about catching all the Alabama Black Snake.
      • His favorite Pokemon type is Ghost.
    • The Great and Powerful Trixie calls in. Ghost reacts accordingly.
    • Ghetto Capitalist does it again, this time in Radio Graffiti about his video about unseating Lamar Smith and requesting Ghost to follow him on Twitter. To say Ghost was angry would be an understatement; to double the hilarity, his mic died again.
  • February 22, 2012:
    • A lot of pony calls happened that day. Pinkie in particular.
    • "Shut up, alright, I don't have cans, alright, this is just crap on my desk-*crapondesk.wav*
    • The chatroom shoutouts in general, since Ghost had been informed that his microphone was malfunctioning, and had to hurry with them before it broke down completely, so he couldn't double check the names he said.
    • Ghost singing along to a trumpet playing caller by making his best goat impersonation is just too ridiculous to pass up.
  • February 28th, 2012:


  • March 2, 2012:
    • Ghost wanted to leave early, but a collection of splices during an early Radio Graffiti took the spotlight. One of them was a splice of Ghost beating the Engineer.
    • KneeSlappington played a splice of Ghost taking a crap. Ghost acted as expected.

"Uh oh, poo poo!"

    • Another Running Gag of Ghost being a brony featured a splice of him admitting he's a brony. In an extremely rare occurrence, he did throw cans around.
    • "Pinkie Pie" strikes again with singing a song and Ghost manages to Rage Quit.
  • March 20, 2012:
    • A splice was played of Ghost calling Hasbro Security with various My Little Pony-related splicings.
    • Ghost the Hitman Hart. A remix of Bret Hart's theme and Ghost failed to identify the wrestler's theme, calling it "isn't that some wrestling intro to some muscle-bound idiot that comes out in panties?" then unleashed cans.
    • Herbert returns to provide some more hilarity.
    • Suspicious Tumbleweed revealed that she was a brony. Ghost was not happy at all and said "get this fucking mic out of my face!" followed by cans.wav.
      • Fridge Logic: Why did he rage over a woman being a fan of the show? I can understand men but Tumbleweed is part of the target demographic. Are adult women not allowed to be fans either?
      • After unleashing his trillions of beer cans, Ghost even admitted that that was practically Cherry Tapping and that he refused to end the show there.
    • A Ghostler-inspired remix of Der Führer's Face was played, the same from February 28's episode. Ghost's reaction was the same, throwing cans in anger.
  • March 27, 2012
    • One neat splice call:

Ghost's Grandma: I hate to beat my grandson here but...

  • smack*


    • Another one involving the Engineer

Ghost: Just sit there and do your job!
Engineer: Mreahmameyefuckyou!

  • Smack*

Ghost: Ahhh! Aaack!
Engineer: Yaaaay! Yeaaahhh!

    • Hank Hill calls in and reveals he's a brony.
      • With a little bit of Did Not Do the Research as he said his middle name was "Jebidiah" when it's really "Rutherford".
    • Someone calls in and plays the first Pony Thread Simulator over Skype. Ghost muses that it sounds like "Stephen Hawking playing Mario 2".
  • April 17, 2012. Ghost returns again! This time on tax day.
    • A new rage record! Due to BTR technical difficulties, the first 15 minutes of the show was dead air. When he finally got on, he was so mad he already started throwing cans.
    • Ghost gets a call that sounds like Tub Guy but ends up being the "SUCK MY DICK" guy.
    • Ghetto Capitalist calls in and gives special thanks to all the capitalists for paying taxes and feeding him. Ghost raaaaaages.
    • A "trans-testicle" calling herself "Missy" sings a song about anal sex for Ghost. He pukes up cans.
  • The entire 4/20 show of 2012. There were so many of them that it'd take forever.
    • A remix of Ghost singing: "EBT...EBT...I just swipe my EBT..." Ghost responds with "No, let's not...stop, man."
    • 347 calls in for 420 with the predictable results from Ghost.
    • People playing sirens and the theme song to COPS to scare Ghost.
    • The epic rap battle between Debi Daly and Ghost.
  • April 26, 2012
  • April 30, 2012:
    • People calling in with advertisements that Ghost eventually raged over.
    • Someone played a clip of Tara Strong singing Twilightlicious in her Twilight Sparkle voice. The reaction was as expected.
      • Before that, Ghost went on a tirade over the video of Tara Strong saying "I'm a Melting Pot of Friendship" in her Twilight Sparkle voice.
    • Back-to-back cans: Ghost "calling" PETA and TexasStroll providing Ghost with a Stevie B remix to finish off an already-furious Ghost.
    • Ghost showcases bottles.wav
    • Goddamnit I want my shrimp back! *cans.wav*
  • May 3, 2012:
    • A First of da Month remix of Ghost (incorrectly called a splice by the host) played with the predictable results.
    • A caller says his EBT card has Ghost's avatar on it. Can you even imagine Ghost's reaction?
    • Kermit the Frog calls in and wonders if it's still considered clopping if the Ponies are drawn as humans.
    • Tub Guy calls in and puts Karasz Kun in his place.
    • Coodoo17 ends the show with a remix: Believe it or not, Ghost's Walking on Air complete with Ghost throwing cans around.
  • May 4, 2012:
    • A Twitter user got a shoutout with the name "Sellout in Austin." Ghost was unamused.
    • More advertising pranks on this episode. Jimmy Kudos even had an advertisement for Ghost's show.
    • Fat Marshall's splice about Ghost endorsing sperm shakes.

I am the badass of sperm shakes *blender sound* Mmmm hmmm! Awwwwwwwwwww yeah. *slurping*

    • This little ditty:

Ghost and Alex Jones sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G
First comes fearmongering
Then comes gay marriage
Then comes my fruity-ass fruitbowl gay son!


  • May 9, 2012:
    • "It's Springtime for Ghostler and True Capitalist Radio!"
    • The Second Harvest troll calls in and reports he discovered "Johnnie Walker Third Harvest".
    • Tub Guy offers Ghost to double penetrate Karsaskan while eating out the Queen of England.
    • 347 calls in from a Trayvon Martin march.
    • "It's lots and lots of Asian Tiger Shrimp!"
  • May 11, 2012:
  • May 15, 2012 was a beautiful day:
    • Jimmy Kudos made a commercial for the Ghost action figure.
    • Wena played an ad for "KaraszKun Burgers" that made Ghost rage so hard his voice went demonic.
    • Coodoo delivered the killing blow with a Backstreet Boys remix, including a clip of Ghost Tempting Fate by asking "What's next? A Buttstreet Boys remix?"
      • Best part is Ghost showing a surprising bit of Genre Savvy and knowing that Coodoo's call was going to piss him off.

Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That was some pretty good lulz!