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Kitty: Cheer up, Snaptrap. Once you're back in jail, you'll have plenty of time to make another soap friend.

  • Also, in another episode:

Keswick: His pies taste like sh-sh-sh-shoes.

  • One of the four people who fell in love with Dudley in his "Tiffany Rose Amber Heather" costume was a girl.
  • When Dudley is distracted on his computer and drooling, Kitty asks if he's "Surfing Meat." His computer displays a large T-Bone steak.
  • When T.U.F.F and D.O.O.M had to share offices, Dudley exclaims this little tidbit:

Dudley: "I'd recognize that tongue anywhere!"

  • In "Snap Dad", Snaptrap starts dating Dudley's mother and says they met at the laundromat.

Dudley's Mom: No grown man should be walking around with ketchup on his shirt.
Snaptrap: Yes...that's what it was, ketchup. Lots and lots of ketchup.

  • A minor D.O.O.M "bear" villain called "Leather Teddy". That is all.
  • Keswick invents goggles that allow the user to see through peoples' clothes. Kitty was not amused.
  • When Kitty shaves herself in "Hot Dog", her regular outfit is gone, and she is only wearing a Fur Bikini. Fan Service, much?
    • Lets not forget that in order to shave herself, she stripped off all her clothes in front of her co-worker and seems to be blatantly nude with her fur providing censoring ala Peter Griffin's fat obscuring his privates.
  • In "Lie Like a Dog"...

Keswick: Well that su-su-su-seems reasonable.

  • In "Mom-A-Geddon" Dudley's mom repeatedly asks for a blitz, which is an alcoholic cocktail.
    • Actually, she was saying "blintz", which is a thin pancake-like pastry similar to a crêpe.
  • "Thunder Dog" has Bird Brain (a booby bird) plan to cause an avalanche to drum up business on his overpriced condominiums named "Rancho Boobamunga Estates".

Kitty: (READING BILLBOARD) "Rancho Boobamunga Estates' pre-avalanche sale? You know what this means?"
Dudley: "I'm stuck on the word boobamunga. (gives a sneaky smile to Kitty)

  • In what is either a Stealth Pun version of this or an Accidental Innuendo, "Cruisin' For A Bruisin" reveals that Kitty uses tuna-flavored lip balm. If you need that explained: The pussy's lips taste like fish.
  • The Hunky Monkeys sing a song about a guy who kisses a guy and believes he's a girl. Um...
  • In that same episode, both The Chief and Dudley say "I LOVE YOU ROBESPIERRE!!!!!"
  • In another episode...

Dudley: I'm pooped! [laugh], I said "poop"!