Fur Bikini

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Yes, this is one of the hot good endings.

Quinn: So you'll do it?
Daria: Right after I change into my fur bikini. (Tom smiles at this)
Quinn: Daria!
(Quinn storms out of the room)
Tom: Hmm, maybe you should make it easy. Give the poor kids a break.
Daria: I lied about the fur bikini.
Tom: Damn!

Daria, "Lucky Strike"

A two piece bikini, or some close variant, made of or trimmed with fur (either real or fake), or even feathers. Usually considered extremely sexy.

It's an uncommon, but highly pleasing costume. And unless it's heavily adorned, it's a bit more usable than a typical Impractically Fancy Outfit.

Could count if there is just fur trimming. In this case if the bikini is red, and the fur is white, it overlaps a little with Sexy Santa Dress (or even some Happy Holidays Dresses).

Everyday wear for a Nubile Savage. If you are a Jungle Princess, this is your Ermine Cape.

This trope even avoids a Double Standard, as men can have Loin Cloths, the favorite impractical outfit for northern barbarians across the realms of fantasy.

Sometimes the wearer also has a Feather Boa Constrictor.

Compare Seashell Bra, Going Fur a Swim (when the bikini and fur are separate garments), Bare Your Midriff, Black Bra and Panties, An Ice Suit, Sweater Girl, Fur Is Clothing (in which a Funny Animal has removable fur, which might result in this trope), Sexy Santa Dress, Playboy Bunny.

Contrast "Happy Holidays" Dress, Stylish Protection Gear.

No real life examples, please; We know lots of companies make them, we don't need to know which ones.

Examples of Fur Bikini include:


  • There's a notable variant with the more risqué works involving Petting Zoo People—where their actual fur or hair grows in exactly this kind of shape to cover their naughty bits while exposing as much of everything else as possible.

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • When Giselle of Mystic is trapped in an exotic jungle pocket dimension, she transforms her outfit to a purple fur bikini, despite being low on magic.
  • Tara and Shakira from The Warlord. Although Tara later adopts other outfits, Shakira wears the same fur bikini for the entirity of the run.
  • Shanna the She-Devil, a character from the Marvel Universe, wears one in all her incarnations, even in the X-Men series from the 1990s. It was almost as modest as Jean's outfit.
  • Squirrel Girl wears one in the cover of Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular. However, it should be noted that the fur in question is fake.
  • Zawadi from the 1950s Monster Hunters team in the Marvel Universe.
  • Cavewoman
  • Archie Comics features a healthy supply in the "Archie 1" comics, set in pre-historic times.
  • Empowered as Schrodinger's Catgirl (in an Imagine Spot).



Live-Action TV

  • Veronica Layton in Sir Arthur Conan Doyles the Lost World, although hers is more leather than fur.
  • Following the events of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Beer Bad", in which Buffy is transformed into a kind of cavewoman, Xander laments that she never wore one.
  • Loki's dancers in "Loki's Rapsody" in Jul i Valhal have these.

Newspaper Comics

Tabletop Games


  • Actress Terry Moore wore an ermine one-piece suit to a USO show in Korea. She was almost removed from the show, before the soldiers shouted that she should stay.

Video Games

Web Comics

  • Girl Genius
    • (Barely) worn by a side-plot villain, the Weasel Queen.
    • Suggested as appropriate attire for Zeetha, the warrior woman from a lost tribe (to her shock).

Web Original

  • In Tales of MU, Mackenzie wears a fur bikini as part of her female barbarian costume for a Halloween-esque party.

Western Animation

  1. Done by an artist named Naritaya, who later went pro with the Alice Soft ero-ren'ai game company and removed his art from the web. Mostly.