Accidental Innuendo

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    Believe it or not, not everyone is trying to get crap past the radar. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar, there's only a single entendre, and what was meant to be innocent is portrayed completely sincerely.

    That doesn't stop the infantile among us from occasionally finding things to snicker about.

    They were trying so hard. Haha, "hard". It was obvious that nothing dirty was intended, not even in the "wink wink, nudge nudge" sense. And yet... thanks to poor word choice, unusual inflection, bad object placement or some other factor, what was obviously meant to be taken at face value takes on some sexual Subtext. Suddenly, an innocent comment about cute little kittens sounds like something out of bad lesbian erotica. It clearly wasn't intentional, but it can cause a viewer to stop in his or her tracks, trying to stem the giggles. It can sometimes be hard to tell if you're dealing with this trope or a case of Getting Crap Past the Radar, especially if you're dealing with a Stealth Parody.

    The reason for this phenomenon is, of course, the fact that Freud Was Right. Ho Yay happens when this phenomenon overtakes an entire relationship. Contrast Innocent Innuendo, when this is purposefully invoked, Accidental Pun and That Came Out Wrong, if the characters also catch the dirty meaning and the victim scrambles to explain himself. See also Have a Gay Old Time, when this happens due to changes in word use.

    Verbal variations of this tend to be followed up with That's What She Said.

    Examples of Accidental Innuendo include:


    • A 2000s-vintage Play-Doh commercials end with the disclaimer, "fun to play with, not to eat!" Obviously it means what it means, but if you take it in another context with another certain act....
    • This...special commercial for a fish deboning tool... The Wunder Boner
      • Also, this commercial for Johnson boats.
    • Vince Offer. Slap Chop. "You're gonna love my nuts."
      • I don't think that was accidental.
    • In almost every Danimals yogurt commercial, the monkey character gets a load of yogurt (shot out of a rather phallic container) splattered all over his face, which he happily licks off and declares it "fruity-licious".
    • This commercial for..... nuts
    • "What pops and sprays for fun that stays?" Pixos! It's some sort of kid's art thing.
    • A Best Buy commercial offering a free "hook-up" if you buy an HDTV from them.
    • This ad for the Dyson vacuum cleaner features the rather effeminate-voiced James Dyson extolling its superior "suction". Craig Ferguson has taken to having fun with the ad in his monologues on The Late Late Show.
    • Mr. Bucket. "Balls pop out of my mouth!"
    • A certain car dealership has the slogan "He just wants to get you a loan." [1]
    • The Wet Banana. It's slippery, wet fun for the whole gang!

    Narrator: "Could that be Mom on the Wet Banana?"


    Anime and Manga


    Cabernet: "If I win, it'll be proven that I tasted [Ash] correctly, right?"
    Brock: "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, and these men are gonna do it with or without a beautiful girl at their side!"

    • In Death Note, when Misa meets Light, she tells him "I don't care if all you do is use me," referring, of course, to using her as a weapon. Still, that's not the first thing that pops into anyone's mind.
    • In Ouran High School Host Club Honey questions if Mori has been "Using him all this time" and if he's been "Rented for him"
    • "Having these balls makes me feels something that resembles joy I think. I want to caress them..."
        • "I hope my body can take it."
    • In School Rumble, Harima talks about his cousin Itoko to Yakumo and says something like "Of course I love her, she's my cousin". However 'itoko' also means cousin in Japanese, so Yakumo is hearing "I love her, she is MY Itoko". Yakumo is asking why Harima is living in Kusakabe Sensei(Itoko's) house. Harima, being the honest person that he is answered "She is my Itoko". Itoko is the Japanese of cousin. So he basicaly said "She, is my cousin" or "She is my Itoko". It takes a "What ?" and rehearsal to make Yakumo understand the meaning
    • In S-Cry-ed Asuka Tachibana tends to talk about his balls a lot. Well, his floating green ones, anyway.
    • In the manga of Fullmetal Alchemist during Mustang's fight with Lust, he makes a comment/threat about making her go down on her knees.
      • This is especially funny given that TravisWillingham and LauraBailey are now married.
      • At one point in the manga, Alphonse's armor is temporarily possessed by Pride. The official FUNimation sub has him saying "The homunculus Pride came inside my body," and remarking how it made his soul feel "icky" when he later tells Hohenheim what had happened. It really doesn't help that Pride himself is essentially a tentacle monster.
      • Father wants Hohenheim to be part of his body, and is quite aggressive about it.
      • Edward defeats Pride by transmuting himself as a Philosopher's Stone and "forcing his way inside" Pride. Note that both Ed and Pride are having an Out-of-Clothes Experience for this scene.
      • In the English dub of the first anime, there's Al saying that he doesn't remember what Ed's skin feels like, and a line about how Winry should care more about Ed's "human parts". Someone actually asked Vic Mignogna about this line, wondering what Ed meant by his "human parts", to which he replied "What was I thinking? I want to know what YOU were thinking!"
    • Unwittingly or not, the early Ranma ½ English dub pulled a really nasty one in the episode introducing Kodachi: after cadging an extra scoop of ice cream, female Ranma goes down the street, licking it happily, while thinking to herself, "When it comes to eating out, being a girl's the only way to go!"
    • Fushigi Yuugi merits a place here as well.
      • Miaka, trapped in an illusion, finally gets the pseudo-guy of her dreams and kisses him. She tells her friends all about this, but before actually saying that they kissed:

    Miaka: That's not all we're doing either!
    Friends: Hmmmmmm?


    Oh, don't worry, we love children very much. We'll take good care of you. Heh, heh, heh.

    • There's a particular scene in the anime of Fruits Basket where Tohru is sick and Hatori needs to give her an injection of some sort. Shigure makes comments about the size of Hatori's needle, and Momiji says something along the lines of "You have to stop if she says it hurts!" The entire scene is just one giant innuendo.
    • Angelic Layer, (English dubbed):

    "My hands are small. That's why my rice balls are so tiny!
    "It's Sunday. So no one's around...(after quite a bit of grunting)...Finished."

    • In Naruto Suigetsu once implied that Karin (who has an unhealthy obsession with Sasuke) had previously did... "something" to Sasuke before. Whatever this "something" may be. Like with some of these other examples, it's not certain if this was a genuine accident or more of a case of Getting Crap Past the Radar.
      • Kimimaro to Juugo:

    'Yes. I'm going to absorb the enzyme from your body into my own.

    • Gunsmith Cats: Rally Vincent had to drive Bean Bandit's car once while sitting in the unconscious Bean's lap. She calls it "The worst ride I've ever had!"
    • In the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, there is definitely some questionable statements Jounouchi makes to Yuugi. One humorous lampshade example being when Yuugi mentions that their digital pets have the ablity to mate and gain strength from each other (which is awkward in the first place) to which Jounouchi responds, "Yuugi and I must mate at once!" Honda comments in frustration that people overhearing might get the wrong idea.

    Comic Books

    • Almost anything in Superdickery's Seduction of the Innocent Index is either this or Have a Gay Old Time. Examples include but are not limited to Giant-Size Man-Thing, how Batgirl prefers to watch and that Superman can do Batman.
    • Scrooge McDuck and Carl Barks (in commentary outside the comics) refer to Magica de Spell as a "slinky sorceress." They must mean the first definition, right? Although the other definition works, too...
    • One Chick tract has a character "trapped in a dungeon of bondage."
    • This Spider-Man cover. Whoa Petey, cold shower much? It's supposed to be his knee, but damn, bad placement. Made worse by the two Jail Bait girls in the background.
    • The Far Side had a cartoon of a triumphant dog howling over its freshly killed prey - an overturned car, with the caption "When Car Chasers Dream." According to Gary Larson, he was attempting to show his work by drawing a protruding piece of machinery right where the dog's crotch area happened to be. Much angry reader mail followed, including a comment from a friend of "Holy Crap! The dog's humpin' the car!"
    • In the Sin City story "Hell and Back", Wallace is in a car chase with Blue Eyes in the passenger seat. When the bad guys are about to open fire on them he tells her to get her head down, so she, well...
    • On more than one occasion during The New Teen Titans era, Nightwing would let Jericho, whose power was to possess people, possess him with the words: "Joey, get inside me!"
    • Mickey Mouse, you raunchy cad!
    • The entire "fight" between X-23 and The Punisher in Red Hulk #15 [dead link] and 16 [dead link] . Considering how out of character and sub-par they're both fighting coupled with a lot of one liners, double entendre and the general Foe Yay vibe, especially the fact that X-23 is sitting on a pool table with her legs spread facing him, led many fans joke that it was actually just rough foreplay and they got it on after words.
    • And speaking of X-23, she and Jubilee had this little moment together in X-23#10. If you didn't actually read the issue, that scene would really make you wonder... where that wound came from?
    • This page compiles old Batman comics which use the word 'boner' to refer to a mistake. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Big Johnson Bone, from a prequel to Bone, Stupid Stupid Rat Tails. Think about his name a bit.
    • In Gold Digger, Julia Diggers' longtime friend Karia is referred to as the "Queen of Oblivious Innuendo," since she never figures out that the phrasing she uses when talking about their martial arts sparring often sounds like she's describing lesbian sex. She's a bit irked when she speaks of some maneuver, and Julia can't stifle a snicker. It's particularly funny when she describes knocking her opponent down and pinning her—a standard sort of procedure for winning a fight—as "going down on you."

    Fan Works


    Romsca: (shuddering) I've 'ad just about enough o' this. Does this author even know wot 'e's sayin?
    Lyulf: Lessee wot we got so far... 'e seemed like a paedophile, 'e's already in bed wid 'is mum, 'e did unspeakable things ter Arnold, Rajh is his secret gay lover...
    Ara: ...and now he's necrophilic towards his dad. Lovely. I don't think even Freud could have thought that one up.


    Beyond: Don't poke it!


    Kyon's sister: (excitedly) What's going on? More undercover work?

    • This [dead link] little piece of Pokémon fan art has one female Pikachu tickling another, but the position makes it look like sex.


    • A misplaced pause in the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie has Splinter responding to the question "What were you doing up on the roof?" with "Coming. a decision."
    • "Thank Heaven for little girls! For little girls grow bigger every day..." Due to the changing times, it's easy to feel a little bit of a twinge when that number plays at the start of Gigi.
      • Played even closer to the trope, when Gerard Depardieu chooses this song at a vacation spot karaoke contest in My Father the Hero. When his daughter has been mistaken for his lover.
      • Also used in Wag The Dog.
    • There are multiple "Top 10 best innuendo lines in Star Wars" lists all over the internet. None are intentional innuendo.
      • Some samples: "You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought!"
      • "Luke, if you go that fast, can you pull out in time?"
      • "They came from behind!"
      • "Pull out! You're not doing any good back there!"
      • "(pant) I can't... (pant) it's too big..."
      • "In time you will learn to call me 'master'."
      • "Look at the size of that thing!"
      • "Judge me by my size, do you?"
        • For Episode II, they even made a poster with Yoda on it that says "Size matters not", although that might have even been an intentional innuendo.
      • "Get in there, you big furry oaf! I don't care what you smell!"
      • "I have felt him."
        • Strange that I have not."
      • "Back door, huh? Good idea."
      • "Hurry up, Golden Rod, or you're going to be a permanent resident!"
      • "It's possible he came in through the south entrance." I can do this all day.
    • This article has a few from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
    • The Lonely Goatherd from The Sound of Music. Especially the line "lusty and clear from the goatherd's throat heard".
    • "He's Large" from the live action Popeye movie.
    • At the risk of ravaging people's childhood memories, this song from Pete's Dragon is now incredibly creepy.
      • "We don't match in size but we fit so neatly"
    • The Sylvester Stallone film Oscar gets two good in-film moments from linguist Dr. Poole (Tim Curry), both involving linguistic terms - the first comes when he comments on Lisa's (Marisa Tomei's) "nicely rounded diphthongs", only to have have Snaps (Stallone's character) reply that they're "what got her in this jam [Lisa's fake pregnancy]." He later comments on another (male) character's "dangling participle", and the character responds by turning around and checking his fly. Then again, this is Tim Curry (and might explain why he liked the role so much)...
    • The Goonies. "One-Eyed Willy", the legendary pirate.
    • In the original B&W Invasion of the Body Snatchers, hero and heroine are fleeing the alien pod people, and stumbling around from exhaustion (because the aliens get you while you sleep). At one point they're lying side by side, hiding in a ditch from their pursuers, and the woman blearily—and hilariously—stammers out "We'll never make it without sleep...", her lips and body suspiciously close to the man's.
    • In New Moon, Edward is a real bastard:

    Bella: (exasperated) I'm coming!
    Edward: I don't want you to come!

    • Sherlock Holmes: "Gently, gently Watson. Be gentle with me!"
    • The new Yogi Bear movie got unexpected press at gay entertainment website After just for the unintentionally hilarious tagline "Good things come in bears." Bears, of course, meaning something different in the gay community... Not to mention this poster, which really did not help.
    • The movie RED has the tagline, "There's no substitute for experience." Of course they were referring to fighting, but it did costar Helen Mirren...
    • The movie The Eagle is a film about a Roman soldier and his male slave, with maybe five minutes of screen time where a woman is actually in the movie, and no female love interest for either of the main characters, so Ho Yay seems a given. But special mention goes to the line, "Put your weight on him, slave!"
    • Ending of the first Narnia film, anyone? When the four kids fall out of the wardrobe:

    Old man: What were you all doing in the wardrobe?
    Boy: You wouldn't believe us if we told you, sir.
    Old man: (weird grin) Try me.

    • The Harry Potter movies have some that aren't in the books below:
      • Half Blood Prince: Snape slamming Malfoy against the wall followed by Malfoy saying "I don't need protection!"
      • Deathly Hallows: "Engorgio!" "Reducio! Reducio!" "What are you doing in there?
    • This scene in Commando when John (Played by Ahnold) convinces the villain (who honestly looks like Freddy Mercury if he was a member of the village people) to let go of his daughter.

    John: "You don't want to pull the trigger. You want to put the knife in me and look me in the eye and see what's going on in there when you turn it. That what you want to do, right? Don't deprive yourself of some pleasure. Come on, Bennett, let's party."
    Bennett: "I don't need the girl!"


    I look around
    And once again I’m on my own
    My man ain't here
    He’s gone and done me wrong
    No one’s gonna stop this girl from having fun
    I throw my hands up high and have a party for one




    Nathaniel: I tried last night and you were gone. Who was it? Which magician were you seeing?
    Bartimaeus: Don’t get so worked up. It was a brief encounter. Nothing serious. It’s over.
    Nathaniel: Nothing serious? Think I’m going to believe that?
    Bartimaeus: Calm down, Mr. Jealous. You’re making a scene.
    Nathaniel: Who was it? Man or woman?
    Bartimaeus: Look, I know what you’re thinking, and I didn’t.


    Murtagh: I will not expose myself to your probing!
    Narration: When they finished, Eragon flopped on his blankets and groaned. He hurt everywhere – Brom had not been gentle with his stick.

    • Harry Potter "...could see Draco banging his goblet on the table. It was a sickening sight."
      • The Italian translation managed to keep the double-entendre.
      • Prisoner of Azkaban opens with a scene in which Harry secretly plays with his wand in bed, and has to tell his aunt that no, of course he's not playing with his wand. As Cleolinda Jones put it "Ummmm..." "I KNOW!"
        • It's even more dodgy in the film version, when Harry's Uncle Vernon keeps bursting into the room to find out what's going on. Vernon is, of course, played by Richard Griffiths, AKA Uncle Monty.
      • The name of Nymphadora Tonks. "Tonker" being a word popularized by Discworld for a certain part of the anatomy, and "Nymphadora" sounding terribly similar to the word "nymphomania".
      • "People may be forced to conclude that Grindelwald simply conjured a white handkerchief from the end of his wand and came quietly."
      • "He pushed the door ajar and peered inside - and a horrible scene met his eyes. Snape and Filch were inside, alone. Snape was holding his robes above his knees."
      • "Does he still think I entered myself?"
      • There are at least two online lists of accidental innuendo in the books as put together by fans.
      • "Was ... was it you-know-what, darling? Did he use his - his thing?"
      • "I know you did Mark Evans two nights ago --" "He was asking for it," snarled Dudley.
      • The chant "HE GOT OFF, HE GOT OFF, HE GOT OFF!", especially since Mrs. Weasley is wiping her face as they're chanting.
      • Lupin let go of Black and turned to her. She had raised herself off the floor and was pointing at Lupin, wild-eyed.

    "You-- you--" "Hermione--" "--you and him!" "Hermione, calm down--" "I didn't tell anyone!" Hermione shrieked. "I've been covering up for you--" "Hermione, listen to me, please!" Lupin shouted. "I can explain--"

      • "...when it [The Room Of Requirement] appears, it is always equipped for the seeker's needs. Dobby has used it, sir," said the elf, dropping his voice and looking guilty, "when Winky has been very drunk."
      • Malfoy was screaming and holding Harry so tightly it hurt. Thank you, J.K.R.!
      • Describing Viktor Krum's wand: "Rather thicker than one usually sees... quite rigid... ten and a quarter inches...". Then, of course, there's

    "...You treat it regularly?"
    "Polished it last night," said Cedric, grinning.
    Harry hooked down at his own wand. He could see finger marks all over it. He gathered a fistful of robe from his knee and tried to rub it clean surreptitiously. Several gold sparks shot out of the end of it. Fleur Delacour gave him a very patronizing look, and he desisted.

      • In Chamber of Secrets, Percy's non-explanation to the trio about how Ginny walked in on him masturbating masturbating masturbating kissing his girlfriend.
      • The quote is: "Well, er, if you must know, Ginny, er, walked in on me the other day when I was - well, never mind - the point it, she spotted me doing something and I, um, asked her not to mention it to anybody."
      • "[Harry] contented himself with scrawling a note to Ron: Let's do it tonight. Ron read the message, swallowed hard, and looked sideways at the empty seat usually filled by Hermione."
      • "...another person was panting and coughing and staggering around. Hermione had come again, as she had come when the snake attacked..."
      • "Snape!" ejaculated Slughorn, who looked the most shaken, pale and sweating."
      • "You mean we're not allowed to use magic!" Ron ejaculated loudly."
      • "All the girls around Cho began doing it."
      • The Finnish translation is about as rife with this as the originals, but special mention goes to The Goblet of Fire, since the Finnish word for "egg" (as in golden egg, an important plot item) happens to be a synonym for the male... "wand".
      • A great deal of Accidental Innuendo consistently surrounds the Chamber of Secrets. The fact Harry enters the big cavernous, chamber with a wand and a sword. To top it off the only time anyone goes into the chamber it is one of the Official Couple (Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione).
    • The Redwall series:
      • The Long Patrol:
        • "Gurgan Spearback pressed his long pole against the water. It sprayed out either side of the butt [...] They stepped out of his way and he pounded the pole home into the hole with several powerful thrusts. Water squirted everywhere from the enlarged aperture, soaking them."
        • The squirrel Arven talks to the hare Pasque about the sword of Martin; "D'you see that sword? Did you know that it has the power to make pretty hare maidens happy?" Oops.
        • "I'll take 'em somewheres nice'n'quiet where I'll do that pair 'ard'n'slow afore dawnbreak."
      • Salamandastron: "'This is the way ter do it, mucker,' Dingeye breathed excitedly. 'Now lerrit go straight. It should go right across the 'all, across the passage an' right up the stairs.'"
      • Pearls of Lutra: A female corsair captain declares that the pirate alliance should "get wood free, whenever we needs it!", and one character sings a rather more romantic-sounding lament than probably intended to her deceased friend.
        • "The high warm sun shone down on Cluny the Scourge. Cluny was coming!"
        • The moles, thanks to their Funetik Aksent, pronounce "came" as "cummed" on occasion.
      • Outcast of Redwall: Zigu, when encouraged by his second-in-command to challenge Swartt to a duel, asks "Tell me, why should I 'take 'im', as you so crudely put it?"
    • Welkin Weasels is full of this stuff. The worst part is probably the food fight in Castle Storm, which is actually described as a "delightful orgy", complete with one participant having "cream dripping from his whiskers" ... It doesn't help that the sea walls are constantly referred to as "dykes".
    • The book Silverwing includes a bit about "A squirrel, storing nuts in the crotch of a tree."
    • Bizarre Books: A Compendium of Classic Oddities contains a chapter full of real, published books with titles such as Scouts in Bondage, Cock Tugs, Shag the Pony, Some Account of my Intercourse with Madame Blavatsky from 1872 to 1884, Fishing for Boys, and Drummer Dick's Discharge.
    • Everything G. Manville Fenn ever wrote. Ever.
    • Warriors:
    • From Huck Finn "and [Jim] would always call me honey, and pet me and do everything he could think of for me, and how good he always was".
    • "The Octonauts and the Only Lonely Monster". Does that scream "naughty tentacles" or what?
    • In the futuristic Mary Suetopia of Marge Piercy's novel Woman on the Edge of Time, the weapons they use are called "jizzers". So there they are, on the front lines, firing off their jizzers at approaching cyborgs.
    • "... but his man parts were those of a giant." That is, the human-looking parts of a centaur in Lynn Flewelling's Luck in the Shadows. Still, it's hard to get the words "hung like a horse" out of your head once you've read that sentence...
    • This gem from The Phantom Tollbooth:

    Tock: Oh, I don't just watch Lethargians, I watch boys too...

    • Lord of the Flies contains quite a few of these. For example: "His grey shorts were sticking to him with sweat. Ralph glanced at them admiringly, and when Jack saw his glance he explained."
    • Entire chapters of Moby Dick are devoted to this. (Most infamously the one about squeezing the sperm.)
    • One of the Biggles books is called Biggles Takes It Rough. Biggles also once had a plane called the Willie Willie.
    • To some people, Timothy Zahn's frequent use of hands in names and titles seem like masturbation references. Mara Jade is the Emperor's Hand, and she wasn't the only one. Thrawn had a secret hand, which in turn was part of the Empire of the Hand. Five deserting stormtroopers became the Hand of Judgment. Then there's this bit from Allegiance, where Mara Jade speaks to Darth Vader. Without context it certainly doesn't sound like she's talking about commanding stormtroopers.

    Mara Jade: "You have the entire Five-Oh-First." [Also known as Vader's Fist] "You certainly won't begrudge me my Hand of Judgment."

      • Also: the music they play in the cantina is apparently called "jizz music." Hasbro apparently just refers to it as "jazz" nowadays.
    • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

    "At lunch, a bunch of girls came up to Rowley and started kissing his butt."


    Oh, the joy of being able to cram large pieces of something sweet and solid into one's mouth!

    • Ax, in one of the later Animorphs books had a line that was something like this: "I am not a horse. But I do resemble one in some ways." that sent some fans in the 'hung like a horse' direction.
    • In the Belgariad, Asharak's words to Garion as he's trying to mind control him (again) could be taken to mean something else out of context:

    Asharak: It won't do any good, Garion. I had you once, and I can take you again any time I want to. You're not strong enough to refuse me.


    Star watched us. When I was forced to admit that a hundred feet short was as bad as no line at all, she said thoughtfully, "I wonder if Aaron's Rod would help?"
    "Sure, if it was stuck in the top of this overgrown ping-pong table. What's Aaron's Rod?"
    "It makes stiff things limp and limp things stiff. No, no, not that. Well, that, too, ..."


    Live Action TV

    • In an episode of MythBusters, the team are trying to see if a man can really fly a distance strapped to some fireworks. After the three team members each design a prototype rocket system, one of them enthusiastically declares to the female team member "Well, let's go see if you can put this rocket where your mouth is..." as they decide to test them out.
    • When Double the Fist has its timeslot publicly announced, Doug Bayne (Mephisto) suddenly realised that the title sounded like that of a gay porno flick.
    • "Shoot me, stuff me, mount me."
      • Think that's bad? Howsabout this little gem from "Never Kill A Boy on the First Date"?

    Giles: I'm not saying that your methods are without merit, it's, uh, y-you're spending too much time and energy. It should simply be: plunge, and move on. Plunge and--

      • Dawn does one of these that may have been purposeful in Season 8. After Xander is forced to ride Centaurette Dawn (causing her to get soaking wet), this exchange happens:

    Xander: How're you feeling?
    Centaurette!Dawn: Like I was ridden hard and put away wet.
    Xander: AGH! Dawn, that's dis -- oh. No. It's just true.

      • In one episode, Buffy and Riley are having sex in a haunted house and fuelling demonic energy outside their bedroom. When the other characters are talking about Buffy and Riley performing the act despite all the craziness in the rest of the house, Giles asks "Oh really, in the middle of all that, do you think they were keeping it up?"
      • This is a huge thing with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to the point where it's often lampshaded. (Spike: "You're going to pump me for information again?" Buffy: "What else would I want to pump you for...I really just said that." and Dawn's "It was like a meat party in my mouth! ...Okay, I'm fourteen, and even I know that sounds wrong.")
      • An interesting example that is actually related to the plot: Buffy and Riley are fighting a demon and a vampire in the graveyard, and Buffy says, "You get fangs, I'll get horny. I mean-" Relevant not only because of the double entendre, but because the only other relationships that Buffy enters into are with vampires: maybe if Riley had "gotten fangs," i.e. become a vampire (instead of just letting them creepily suck his blood), she would indeed have gotten horny.
      • Similarly is Buffy—before their relationship begins in "Smashed"—mistaking something Spike says for innuendo e.g. "rough-and-tumble" or "grunt work"—hinting that despite Buffy's denials she has begun thinking about Spike sexually. Later when she is secretly having sex with him, the Scoobies keep making comments that remind Buffy of what she's up to, e.g. "We know you've been all tied up." and "You've been going at it too hard, slinging the doublemeat and pounding the big evil."
      • There's also the explanation of The Gentlemen and what they want in Hush. First, when Xander misinterprets Willow's gesture toward her heart to mean that the Gentlemen want breasts. Then, when Buffy makes a stabbing gesture that's...well...more of a solo adventure.
    • In the Angel episode "Guise Will Be Guise", Wesley has been hired as a bodyguard for and subsequently slept with a young woman named Virginia. A confused Angel, thinking he's talking about the state, asks, "You were in Virginia?" Cue visible embarrassment from Wesley.

    Wesley: (mumbling) ...that's not the point.

      • Also when Illyria says that she no longer has intercourse with Wesley, then has to explain to a startled Spike that Wesley is no longer talking to her.
    • In Firefly, there is actually a lot of this in many of the scenes between Simon and River. For example, in the pilot, Simon is leaning over River in bed, with the kind of intimate lighting one would associate with something....else. There's a similar scene in "Ariel", which also has Simon telling River to "lay back" on the bed and then, ahem, injecting her with a needle. Not to mention the candlelit dinner scene in "Safe" and River spying on Simon and Kaylee making love in the movie.
      • This goes beyond accidental in a deleted scene when River asks Book to marry her and Simon, and tries to convince Simon by putting a pillow under her shirt and claiming she's in the "family way"...
      • Its terribly, terribly easy to infer this with many of the Operative's lines, which can be interpreted as one-way attraction toward River. And not to mention the way he just stares at her hologram at the beginning of the movie...
      • In Shindig the sign "Management not responsible for ball failure" (and a corresponding Mandarin translation) is shown after a holographic pool table flickers after a malfunction. Think about that for a moment
      • "No trouble, little crazy person. We're gonna go for a nice shuttle ride...." The way Jayne speaks that line just resounds with "come inside my van" connotations....
    • In one episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Derek shoves Cameron up against a wall, leans in close, and sticks his pistol up against the bottom of her jaw.
    • Star Trek: The Sexed Generation compiles just about all such instances of this in Star Trek: The Next Generation. A few of them do directly refer to sex, though, but are by and large outstripped by the sheer amount of the accidental mentions.
      • Missing from that video is when an alien asks to check out the holodeck, which he's heard is used for officer training:

    Picard: It's also used for other things. Perhaps Commander Riker and Counselor Troi can demonstrate for you.

    • Doctor Who:
      • From one of the Fifth Doctor serials, we have this spit-take inducing line:

    The Doctor: Nyssa's skirt... There's blood on it!

      • Fifth Doctor serials seem to have a knack for this. "The Visitation" gives us this exchange...

    Tegan: Hurry up!
    Adric:[2] It's stiff.
    Tegan: You were boasting your strength a minute ago. Get on with it!

      • The sonic vibrator Nyssa builds in the same serial may also deserve mention. Made worse by Adric's line, "I don't see why you wanted to work in here (her bedroom)."
      • Yes, Jamie, it's a big one.
      • Three words: Tissue Compression Eliminator. So phallic the cast and crew were falling over laughing.
      • Not to mention the fact that the title "companion" carries some Lampshaded immediately when the Ninth Doctor first used the term to refer to Rose. The policeman questioning him immediately asked if it was sexual.
    • Raymond Fowler. Oh, dear God, Raymond Fowler. Take this example from "Kids Today", in which he fondly describes his childhood Mechano sets, much to Habib's amusement:

    Fowler: They'll never know the joy a young lad can have sitting alone in his room... with his tool in his hand, tightening his little nuts.

      • "The Immunity Syndrome" has this exchange:

    Kirk: When do you estimate penetration?
    Spock: Slowing now. Contact in eighteen point three seconds. Brace yourselves. The area of penetration will no doubt be sensitive.
    (They're referring to passing through the barrier between them and the Monster of the Week.)


    Merlin: Go on Arthur...faster...move it...climb!

      • One can only imagine the faces of the guards outside Arthur's room listening to this exchange. Merlin was holding onto a rope that allowed Arthur to escape from his room. Unfortunately, the rope wasn't long enough and Merlin was forced to drop Arthur halfway down.

    Arthur: (muffled) What are you doing...the rope!
    Merlin: panicking) THERE IS NO MORE ROPE!
    Arthur: (straining) Merlin...
    Merlin: (groaning) Oh...I don't know if I can hold on any longer!
    Arthur: (even more strained) ...don't let go of the rope!
    (Merlin groans until there's a startled shout and then a thump)

      • Not just Arthur and Merlin.

    Lancelot: Do you submit, Sire?
    (Guards restrain Lancelot. Arthur gets up, apparently angry, and grabs his sword.)
    Arthur: On your knees.

      • Also quite prominent in the season 3 premiere, with Arthur's quip of "aww is your little bottom sore?" after Merlin complains he's been in the saddle too long.
    • Occurs in the memorable Chained Heat episode of Hey Dude when the handcuffed Brad and Ted are forced to sleep in bunk beds. "What do you want -- top or bottom?"
    • The Fraggle Rock episode "A Tune For Two" has this interesting exchange:

    Gobo: (trying to write a song) Help me think of a word that rhymes with "treacherous."
    Wembley: Um, uh... lecherous! [3]
    Gobo: Wembley, "lecherous" isn't a word.


    Sam: I want to do bad things to that chick.
    Freddie: You should.
    Sam: I will.


    From Freak the Freak out
    I scream your name!
    it always stays the same.
    I scream and shout!


    Rocky: They (the Power Rangers) really reached out and touched me.
    Ms. Applebee: Actually class, they really reached out and touched young people all across the world.

    • From one of the earlier seasons of 24

    Ryan Chapelle: Alright everyone, fall back to B protocols, have all units on the ground prepared. Wherever Bauer lands, I want to be on top of him.

    • The Tonight Show segment Headlines, takes real newspaper clippings that have funny meanings, and some of these include accidental innuendo. This either happens because of a typo (i.e A menu that features a Triple Pecker Sandwich) or they simply didn't think about it, or hoped no one would notice (i.e A slogan for a hole digging company "Your Hole is Our Goal")
    • Supernatural, season 2, "Everybody Loves a Clown": a creature is killing parents, and their children are saying that a clown did it. Dean brings news of the latest deaths to Sam, who tries to complete Dean's sentence:

    Sam: More murders?
    Dean: Two more last night. Apparently they were ripped to shreds. And they had a little boy with them...
    Sam: (interrupting) who fingered a clown.
    Dean: (Gives Sam a strange look.)
    Sam: What?

    • Babylon 5: "You didn't have to pull out of me so fast. You hurt me." Lyta to Kosh 2 as he pulls *ahem* part of his soul out of her. Psychically. The whole scene plays out as though Lyta were comparing her current, abusive lover to her former, caring one.
    • The name of the eponymous glee club in Glee is named Nude Erections New Directions. The idea for this came to the glee club coach while he was in bed.
      • Another group has the name "Aural Intensity". "Oral" could refer to hearing, as in it's intense to hear Aural Intensity's singing, but it ends up sounding like something else.
    • Battlestar Galactica has an in-universe example (season 3, "Dirty Hands" {smirk}). When President Roslin's ship gets damaged, Admiral Adama offers her accommodation on the Galactica:-

    Adama: If the quarters become cramped, you're always welcome in one of my beds...
    Roslin: (Smiles)
    Adama: a manner of speaking.


    Jack: Jenna, I wanna Tupac you.
    Jenna: Okay, but I have to pee first.

    • The game show Lingo was prone to several of these, mostly centered around the show's Lingo Balls. Co-host Shandi Finessey often made comments like "Okay, guys, let's have a look at your balls."
    • In LazyTown‍'‍s "You are a Pirate" song there's a line about "precious booty" within the song.
      • Then there's the scene during "Master of Disguise" where Robbie sneaks up on Stingy, a 6 year old boy, while singing "You walk right by me, not knowing that I'm slimy!" complete with a creepy predator esque expression on his face.
      • Also in 'You Are a Pirate', there's a line 'Hang the black flag on the end of the mast!', but it's said so fast you can't hear the 'l' in flag. Ehhh......
    • Minute to Win It: "I just rocked the house with your mom."
    • Even a panel show where Double Entendre and This Trope Is Bleep are the name of the game, Match Game managed one at least once. After a contestant gave the answer "breasts", Gene prompted one of the panelists (Fannie Flagg) with "'Breasts' seems to be the answer. Fannie, let's see yours."
    • Fear Factor hosted a game where a woman was forced to eat live cave spiders, but when she was afraid to do it the host started yelling for her to, er, "Just put it in your mouth! Come on, it won't bite!"
    • In Stargate Atlantis, Jack O'Neill assures Dr. Weir that she and her team will remain in Atlantis as, in his words:

    O'Neill: Since you saved Woolsey's ass, and you did a fair job on mine...

    • In How I Met Your Mother, the Show Within a Show Space Teens that starred a teenage Robin is rife with these. It's meant to be an educational kids' show to teach math - and involves math problems about things like pet beavers eating wood. The rest of the HIMYM cast quickly start to point this out and crack jokes as they watch.
    • This. Need I say more?
    • An in-universe example occurs in the Young Blades episode "Enchanted," when Ramon is off having sex and Duval asks where he is.

    D'Artagnan: Maybe he's onto something.
    (Suppressed laughter by Jacqueline and Siroc.)

    • A lot of segments on The Soup Lampshade this in various shows (often overlapping with Hurricane of Euphemisms). One example in the segment "What the Kids Are Watching" had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode in which the gang finds a "Triangle Bush" in the park, pushes the "Mickey Marker" button on it, and causes fireworks to shoot out of it. As Joel said, "Disneyland is truly the happiest place on Earth!"
    • Also frequently highlighted on The Soup is Gold Rush Alaska on The Discovery Channel. They dig through glory holes with large phallic machinery for crying out loud. They also like to talk about Man Woman Wild, and the host named Myke Hawke.[4]
    • A running joke in the 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory involves Sheldon dropping these constantly.

    Sheldon: I want to build a road, but I need wood. Either of you fellas have wood? (Raj and Howard giggle) I don't understand the laughter. The object of Settlers of Catan is to build roads and settlements. To do so requires wood. Now, I have sheep, I need wood. Who has wood for my sheep?
    (later) And now that I have some wood, I will begin the erection of my settlement.
    Howard: (aside, to Raj) Okay, he's got to be doing this intentionally.

    • In one episode of Sesame Street, there is a skit of Elmo, dressed in a pith helent and vest, talking to the audience about exploring. Upon seeing Susan, he says "Let's explore Susan!"


    • Rascal Flatts has a song called "Bob That Head". Not surprisingly, this song has been the subject of derision, mainly in the form of fellatio jokes.
    • This being The Decemberists, it's dubious as to whether the following innuendo really was accidental, but context (the song "Culling of the Fold") suggests it may have been:

    You take him by the teeth
    Get him down on his knees
    With your hands all shaking
    That'll teach him how to take it

    • "Pack Up Your Troubles" has a couple of instances of accidental innuendo. One of the lyrics is, "While you've a lucifer to light your fag, smile boys, that's the style...". Of course, in modern-day America, "fag" has completely different connotations to what the song means ('fag' meaning 'cigarette'). Also, if your head is far enough in the gutter, "Private Perks", especially out of context, can have some connotations that could fit under this trope, or double entendre.
    • It's a common joke among Iron Maiden's fan base that "Tailgunner" is an ode to gay sex.

    Nail that Fokker, kill that son
    Gonna blow ya guts out with my gun
    The weather forecasts good for war
    Cologne and Frankfurt, have some more

      • It doesn't help that Bruce got the name of the song from a porno film about anal sex.
    • The 1961 song "Quarter to Three" by Gary U.S. Bonds had an exhortation to "blow, Daddy," which was widely snickered over by teenage boys back then.
    • The song "Happy Sensations", popularized in the Ape Escape series of video games, can be interpreted as such. (Just look at the title!) Lyrics include "my heart is pounding", "I'm jumping in", "loving this feeling", and to make things worse, at times you can hear a cartoony "boing" sound effect in the background (remind you of anything?)
    • Pearl Jam wasn't named after semen. The bassist came up with "Pearl", and then they saw a Neil Young show of endless jamming...
    • AC/DC were allegedly named after a label on a sewing machine. Riiiiight.
      • How could Alternating Current / Direct Current be construed as something sexual?
        • It's a slang term meaning "bisexual"
    • From the title song of Beauty and the Beast: "Barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly." Ummm. Disney should not be putting people's minds into the gutter..
    • Contrary to popular belief, Pink Floyd is not a phallic reference. It was named for Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, two of Syd Barrett's favorite blues musicians.
    • Jonathan Coulton realized after writing it that his song "Drinking with You"—a sweet song about, well, going out drinking with someone you have UST with—could be construed as being about date rape. He put a comment in the song's info on his website how he'd realized the undertones, but that was assuredly not his intent and the song's sweet tone was meant to be sincere.
    • The Marshall Tucker Band's "Long Hard Ride" is definitely about a horse.
    • The fact that a flamboyantly gay singer named his band Queen is purely coincidental.
    • The song 'Girl With One Eye' lyrics make hints at lesbianism by the use of slang and what could be thought of as lesbian sex acts.Of course considering who the artist is this was definetly on accident.
    • "Lollipop lollipop, oh lolly lollipop, lollipop lollipop, oh lolly lollipop, lollipop lollipop, oh lolly lollipop...*pop*"
    • "We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friend's behind"
    • Nine Inch Nails in "Ruiner": "How did you get so big? How did you get so strong? How did it get so hard? How did it get so long?"
      • Also, the song "Vessel" opens with "I let you put it in my mouth/I let it get under my skin".
    • REM once did a song inspired by the "last call return" feature on phones. However, given that the song's title contained both an Unusual Euphemism they had used before ("Star", also used by the Rolling Stones), while the other was a euphemism for a particular sexual act "69", some people no doubt wondered why the title had nothing to do with the act...
    • The song He Touched Me.
    • The Kidz Bop rendition of Cascada's "Evacuate the Dancefloor" replaces "Can't stop 'cause it feels like an overdose" with "Can't stop 'cause it feels like it's getting close".

    New Media

    • Don't forget those wonderful, wonderful URLs that somehow didn't get noticed soon enough.
      • A Dutch example: one internet company tried to promote switching from any other company to them. Their slogan: "Overstappen is niet eng" ("Switching isn't scary"). Their URL:, which with the words squashed together can and will be read as "Overstap penis niet eng" ("Switch to penis not scary"). It took them a few months to catch on, after which they verrrrry quickly changed their ads and URL.
      • or a classic literature page on
    • The Childcare Action Project review of The Dark Knight includes a discussion on teaching children right from wrong...which features the terms "rod", "thrust", "beat", "discipline" and "sheep".
      • Also, the "sexual immorality" section references "word for rapist," presumably for when The Joker mentions a "gangbanger." Moral Guardians have the dirtiest minds.
    • A story on Watt Pad (An iPhone/iPod touch app meant for literature) called "Dinner with Vampires (Did I Mention I'm a Vegetarian?) features an in universe example. The main character Violet spills some vodka on her shirt in front of Kaspar, one of the vampires. She says "Why is it that I always end up getting wet around you?" she later realizes the double meaning.
    • 3 Year Old Corn-Hole Prodigy


    • The 1963 bicycle safety film One Got Fat is known for this line regarding Slim Jim's packed lunch: "Slim knew his big sack would be hard to handle..."

    Tabletop Games

    • The Player's Guide to Eberron. An image of an Aerenal elf featured a skeleton-effect Breast Plate that looked very much like the elf was being groped by a skeleton.
    • In board game The Settlers of Catan, expect "wood for sheep" jokes to show up. Often.
    • Dungeons & Dragons. The Rod of Lordly Might. 'nuff said.
      • A Rod of Viscid Globs can only shoot three times a day.
      • There's also the Rod of Wonder (works at will) and the Rod of Extend (Spell) and Rod of Enlarge (Spell), which also work three times per day.
    • Fantasy Flight Games' urban-fantasy RPG Fireborn features characters who are reincarnated dragons; their special abilities are powered by "karma." Karma's corrupted opposite is "taint." Cue gamer snickering.
      • Even worse, in the official introductory adventure The Fire Within, the concept is introduced with the following verbatim dialogue:

    "Why did you attack us?"
    We smelled the taint of the Opener of Ways upon you. ...
    "What do you mean, 'taint'?"
    Do you know the thing you call upon when in most dire need? That has many names. Fate, fortune, karma? The opposite of that, it has but one name. Taint. ... The Opener of Ways loves taint.
    "What are the effects of taint?"
    ... As for us (he gestures to himself and his fellow fairies), it warps us, changes us. ... For you, I do not know.




    "Two whole people, who believe in you
    Deep enough, and strong enough,
    Believe in you
    Hard enough and long enough
    There's bound to be some other person who
    Believes in making it a threesome"


    "Now a pussy's good for maybe six or seven at the most... and I'm sure they can't compare as far as taste!"

      • Made even more hilarious by the fact that the entire song is just a Hurricane of Puns, and yet this one was completely unintentional (it was referring to actual cats, and how much meat you can get out of them).
    • One of the major settings of Tannhaeuser is the "Venusberg," the hill of Venus. Richard Wagner was aware of the potential for gynecological jokes and refrained from making it the title of the opera.
    • Jesus Christ Superstar, during the Last Supper.

    Why don't you go do it?
    You want me to do it!
    Hurry, they are waiting
    If you knew why I do it...
    I don't care why you do it!
    To think I admired you
    For now I despise you
    You liar - you Judas
    You wanted me to do it!




    • Elmo loves balls!
    • Is there no one else who finds the fuzzy, vibrating 'Tickle Me Elmo hands deeply disturbing?
      • Made even worse for one commercial building up suspense for a new model Tickle Me Elmo where they censored Elmo's body with blurry boxes.
      • "Tickle Amy.
    • The vibrating Harry Potter broomstick. This (NSFW) was based on an actual product.
    • The "Berry Beachy" line of Strawberry Shortcake dolls.
    • "I'm Mr. Bucket, put your balls in my top, out of my mouth they will pop."

    Vanity Plate

    • DiC Entertainment. Admit it, you snickered every time you saw it, even after they added the voiceover. (And as this edit (NSFW) shows, many are still snickering.)
      • Actually, the voiceover made it worse. With it, it can affect you even if you're not looking at the screen. And they did many variants on the voiceover, all with just the one word spoken by a child. Collected here. How many Di Cs was that?

    "A lot."


    Video Games

    • In Beyond Good and Evil, there's a moment where Jade, the heroine, squeezes into a tiny gap to get to a cut-off area. Her sidekick, Double H, says, in response to the fact that he's too darn broad-shouldered to make it through: "Too tight for me! I'll cover your rear."
    • In the first Broken Sword game, the main character walks around with a manhole cover opening doohickey. Showing it to people will occasionally result in dialogs like

    George: "Did I show you my tool?"
    Consierge: "Oui, monsieur. Just like mine. Except, of course, that it is much smaller."

      • and

    George: "I already showed you my tool, didn't I?"
    Museum Curator: "Oui, monsieur. Most impressive!"

    • The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time's Fishing Hole man. Specifically, what he says when you visit the hole with a Rumble Pak in your controller. "Today, you can feel the vibration, young man!" Errm... Come again?
      • Also from that game: if you go to the Kakariko Graveyard, look inside the gravekeeper's hut and read his diary, it will say, "Come into my grave to receive my stretching, shrinking keepsake." Yeeeeaaaaah...
      • A more infamous line in the original version: If you show the spooky mask to the head carpenter as a kid "Hey, you have some good, quality wood there, kid!" In the Nintendo 3DS version, this line was rewritten so he explicitly refers to the mask to make it clear he's actually talking about wood.
      • Spirit Tracks seems to crank this up a notch. There's Chancellor Cole and Byrne running off with Zelda's soulless body, with Zelda wondering what they're going to do with it. And the gratuitous usage of the word tap. "Tap me if you want to get back on the train" indeed.
      • COME!
      • In the beginning of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, there is a Kokiri boy trying to pick up a rock...or, at least, that's what he's supposed to be doing. Unfortunately, he looks more like he's humping the rock instead.
    • In Pokémon Gold and Silver, there's a juggler who says, "Whoops! Dropped my balls!" when you defeat him in battle. It caused endless snickers from fans throughout the fandom. In the remakes, this line was replaced with "Whew! That was a jolt."
      • The same games as above also had a Trainer in the Burned Tower named Firebreather Dick (Firebreather Trainers are shown as fat men spewing out flames like a circus firebreather with the aid of an ignited stick and dressed like clowns in the originals and instead wearing Magmar-inspired clothes in the remakes. This one happened to be named Dick). Nintendo slightly modified this in the remakes as well by instead using the name Dick is short for, Richard.
      • Speaking of Pokémon, Professor Oak was so happy when you beat the Elite Four that he came... and unlike the remakes of Gold and Silver, the remakes of Red and Blue/Green didn't change the line.
      • And speaking of balls, there sure are some great ones in that series.
        • Not to mention the Heavy Balls and Love Balls.
      • In Platinum, you can buy a furniture piece called the "rack". On TV, they will say that you have a "nice rack".
        • Get enough furniture and eventually certain NPCs will invite themselves to your villa. It's funny the way a few of them seem to be waiting right next to your bed.
        • The wild Regigigas can't get it going because of its Slow Start!
      • HeartGold and SoulSilver's first NPC in the first town apparently likes your bag. A lot.
        • Later in the game, you meet Whitney at the Pokéathlon Dome, who offers to buy you an outfit for the sport. In the Japanese script, she wonders out loud if you were an S or an M, then decides that you're an M and forces you into an outfit of her choosing.
        • Also, Dewgong's Pokédex entry in Gold and HeartGold Versions states that "The colder the temperature, the friskier it gets."
      • In the first gym in Black and White version (based upon a restaurant), a trainer that's a waitress tells an analogy about serving food and battles, then begins the battle, but not before saying "I'm your next course!"
      • Anytime anyone talks about breeding Pokémon (especially Brock, in the anime, whose oft-stated ambition is to be "the best breeder ever!").
      • This troper's favorite some from a fisherman trainer in Emerald. Before the battle, he brags about his fishing and then after the battle, says, "Don't tell me yours is bigger!"
    • Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days: Axel refers to ice cream as "the icing of the cake", Roxas enjoys "having ice cream" with Axel and Xion, and complains that having ice cream alone isn't the same because "all he tastes is the salt, and his hands get sticky".
    • Full Throttle: During the demolition derby, Ben and Maureen have to stage a seemingly fatal accident by getting in a head-on collision. Getting Ben's car over the field to her car takes some time, so at one point an impatient Maureen will say: "Ben, get here and nail me!".
    • Paper Mario: In the first game, there's a little (male) star kid called Twink.
    • While deciding whether or not to recruit Nessiah after defeating him in Yggdra Unison, he says "Please do whatever you like with me." The fact that you're technically holding him prisoner when he does doesn't help the yikes factor one bit. (Don't say that! You're cute, so there are people who'd definitely take advantage!)
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy had early fan translations translating Kefka's intro quote to Tidus as "go play with your ball", and variations of such, meant to refer to Tidus playing blitzball. The english version of the game replaced this with "go back to the beach", same idea without the innuendo. Then, we come to Firion - Kefka's quote to him in the Japanese game was to say he was sweaty, due to all the weapons he carries around. In English, we get "eeeeeew, aren't you hot?" instead.
    • Blackight: Retribution"" has a method of naming weapons based on their components. Sounds harmless enough, but one configuration of the assault rifle was the Forceful Extended Violator. However the naming system has been modified to prevent this.
    • Okami has a fisherman who, after a good run, proudly declares "I can feel life itself pulsing through my rod!"
    • Its a common file name in all of Sierra's adventure games, but an accidental innudendo is caused if you realise that the VGA version of Leisure Suit Larry has a device driver with the name "STD". (This filename is actually short for "standard" (in C and C++, a library that handles multiple standard C features is called cstdlib, for C standard library) since VGA is the basic resolution on most x86 computers, still often used today to safely use a computer with a bad driver without the driver being active. However, considering the game in question, it can be misinterpreted as standing for something unrelated to computers.)
    • Bump 'N Jump.
    • Almost every line in Star Fox 64 can be seen as an innuendo when taken out of context.

    Peppy: Slippy! You've got a bogey on your tail!
    Peppy: Shoot the tentacles to open the core!
    Pigma: I'll do you fast, Peppy old pal!


    Daisuke: "...Are you stuck polishing the balls again?"
    Kou: "Yeah, while they go to their parties, I get to stay here and play with balls. I loooove them balls. ...... Man, I wanna go party, too!!"

        • Daisuke and the main character only react with embarrassment after Kou exclaims that he wants to party, unaware of any innuendo.
    • "The sea shall run white with his rage!" The guy is The Milkman, just for context's sake.
    • The number of times Tails has said "I can do it!" or "We all did it together!" throughout the Sonic the Hedgehog series makes it seems like it's not an accident anymore.
      • The lyrics of Seven Rings in Hand can easily be interpreted as masturbation jokes. "No such thing as fate for those who speed"? "So many things need a push or pull to begin"? "Wild with just one single hand"?
      • Even worse is What I'm Made Of....

    "I don't care what you're thinking as you turn to me!
    'Cause what I have in my two hands is enough to set me free!
    I can fight the feeling to resist it over time...
    But when it's just too much to take, you sneak up from behind!"

    • In Punch-Out!! for Wii, when Soda Popinski gets back up, he takes up a bottle... and it looks somewhat like he pulls it out of his ass.
    • Lumi's scream of "It's too tight!" during the tutorial first level of Wheelman.
    • In Harvest Moon for the SNES getting the best ending requires that you pick up and set down your dog 100 times. You can do this all in one quick session, just don't face northward.
    • World of Tanks doesn't seem like the kind of game to have this - after all, it's about tanks blowing each other up - but then when you hear Penetration!...
    • You can get something along these lines while romancing Garrus in Mass Effect 2. When asked about the pacing of the relationship, he has this to say:

    Garrus: "You know me - I always like to savor the last shot before popping the heat sink. (Beat) Wait... that metaphor went somewhere horrible."


    "I love nailing asari. So ageless and superior—then you get them, and they squeal like schoolgirls."

    • The Sega SG-1000 had a game titled Dragon Wang. This review complements the dubious-sounding name with a Not What It Looks Like screenshot.
    • Ring King for the NES. The in-between round animation. Doesn't help that no one can seem to explain what is supposed to be depicted.
    • There's this short dialogue from Time Splitters: Future Perfect:

    -Sergeant Cortez and Jo-Beth come across a creepy tunnel leading straight down-
    Jo-Beth: "You first..
    Sergeant Cortez: *Noticing Jo-Beth's short skirt* "OK.

    • Mario Party 3 had this for Bowser of all people. Normally, when you step on his space on the board, his intro would show him dancing happily. However, there were rare occasions where Bowser's intro showed him lying on his side with his head leaning on his hand while his other hand is on his side and has one leg crossed over the other. This makes Bowser look like he was ready to have sex with the player instead of playing his usual pranks.
      • The original Mario Party had Peach (unintentionally) have a rather suggestive-looking animation for whenever she tried to hold onto an item during "Crane Game". The Runaway Guys were quick to notice.

    Jon: Hump that chest, Peach! Hump that chest! You show it who's boss!

    • The original Breath of Fire had an item called a "C.Nut". Myep.
    • Little Red Hood has this in the ending:


    • Somehow, there's some accentual innuendo in an education game of all things. Mario's Early Years: Fun With Letters has a "Sentence World" where kids are encouraged to fill in the blanks with objects on the screen to correctly complete the sentence. Proton Jon and a friend of his did a Let's Play of the game and when they saw the sentence "The Princess has a big ____", hilarity ensued. It can be seen here around the 8 minute mark.
    • Oh, education games are not immune. On The Secret Island of Dr. Quandary, after you release Sir Pillory from the Num Lock stockade, if you approach the stockade again, he cheerfully offers to get locked up in it again, "just for fun".
    • Golden Sun games have the Hard Nut rare items which permanently raise a character's defense stat. If the main character finds an item they don't have inventory space for, they give it to the first character who does. Thus, "(protagonist) got a Hard Nut! (protagonist) gave a Hard Nut to (another character)."
      • Of course, in the first game, this was used to set up an actual innuendo: "Jill gave Isaac a nice surprise! Isaac got a Hard Nut!"
      • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn made this one even more funny by removing the capitalization on items like the hard nut. "Matthew got a hard nut!"
    • Chill Man is colored a distinct yellow in Rockman 6: Unique Harassment. A lot of urine-based humor involves human piss inside snow, known better as yellow snow.

    Web Animation


    Strong Sad: Hello? Is somebody down there?
    Strong Bad: Go away, Strong Sad! The Cheat and I are down here shenanigan-ing each other in the dark alone by ourselves.
    Strong Sad: Uh, are you sure you wanna go on record with that explanation?
    Strong Bad: Of course! I don't see how that could possibly be taken out of context!

      • Also seen in the cartoon Which Ween Costumes?, where the gang dresses up in Decemberween-themed costumes as they normally would in a Halloween cartoon (due to a hiatus, there was no Halloween cartoon in 2010).

    Strong Bad: I think we may have gotten our... 'Weens crossed.
    Strong Sad: Can you please never say that again?!




    T i am your general fucking practitioner and doctors orders are to shut up and burn down my goddamn office
    T ill break your brittle ass like a graham cracker and well roast smores over the flaming debris have i made myself clear
    A aH, hAHA, yES, aND,
    T dude
    T gross

      • We also have this conversation with Jake and Jane. Jake immediately assumes she means that kind of dream.

    G I had a really wild dream last night.
    G And you were in it.

      • Later, John and Jade send a message in a bucket, to a group including several trolls. Buckets are used in troll reproduction such that they are extremely sexual objects, resulting in several phrases in the letter being quite... interesting. Karkat is actually driven to a mix of tears and Heroic BSOD.
    • From Plus EV: Clancy wants to point out that backdooring cowboys is one thing he won't do, here.
    • In Dubious Company, Raque is trying to frame Mary and Sue as spies by convincing them to search for their missing friend in the Queen's bedchamber. Raque then tries to get the Queen to go there and "view the twins". The Queen is flattered but declines.
    • Grace of El Goonish Shive is occasionally prone to this:

    Raven: "As if [being 18] makes you an adult."
    Grace: "Legally, it does! You can do all sorts of stuff with me!"
    Raven: "You really shouldn't phrase it like that..."


    Web Original

    • Done a lot by Chuggaaconroy during his Let's Plays, which is especially funny because he has many very young fans who would never even notice - if he didn't stop to dwell on the innuendo he'd just made every single time.
    • Most of the innuendo made by the Freelance Astronauts is quite intentional. However, during the F-Zero GX LP, we had this:

    Maxwell Adams: It's really great when you get to the end of the mission, and you lose because the hit detection on the exit... shaft...


    Marik: That's not the first time I've shot in a guy's face.
    Bakura: (begins laughing loudly)
    Marik: Why are you in such a giggly mood, Bakura?

      • He also loves a good manhole.

    Marik I can't believe on my first day as a vampire, I sucked off a hobo. (cue Bakura bursting into laughter)


    Film Brain: This is you. And you're screaming to all the other peas, “Oh, save me! Oh, save me! He's going to eat me!” But I've already eaten the other peas. Om nom nom nom! Hahahahahaha!
    Luke: Wow, that's a lot of peas. And I'm just full of them.
    Film Brain: That's right.
    Luke: I am totally full of pea...ness.
    Film Brain: You've got it.
    Luke: So, what are you going to do?
    Film Brain: I WILL EAT YOUR PEANESS!!!
    Everyone else looks back disgusted
    Film Brain: Oh, n-no no no no! I didn't mean that! I didn't mean that! It's just---
    Angry Joe: Yeah, whatever! You go to the back!


    <mage> what should I give sister for unzipping?


    Western Animation


    Dr.Carver: Dr.Carver's...
    Soldiers: NUTS! (show a giant blimp shaped know.)

      • It's obvious that they meant to do the 'nuts as in crazy' joke, but they unintentionally did another joke altogether. Dr. Carver IS short, so maybe he's compensating for something. Just watch.
    • In the final episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ty Lee says, "The girls and I really bonded in prison!" Uh...

    Mai: I don't need protection.
    Zuko: Believe me, she doesn't.

      • Aang's comment to Sokka in "The Warriors of Kyoshi" made sense in context, but on its own...

    Aang: Where we're going, you won't need pants!

        • This is made almost into a foreshadowing-style Double Entendre considering that Sokka met his future girlfriend Suki on the island.
        • Consider that that specific episode had Sokka got up in a dress (warrior's uniform) and makeup.
      • Grey DeLisle, never, never, never joke about a Well, Excuse Me, Princess! having her boyfriend "totally whipped".
      • Not to mention Sokka's Fire Nation alias: "Fire. Wang Fire."
      • In "Nightmares and Daydreams", Aang's cover-up when he comes out of his hallucination about kissing Katara:

    Katara: What were you dreaming about?
    Aang: underwater?

      • The entirety of the episode "The Drill". Okay, so this massive long metal thing is attempting to breach "the impenetrable city" for the purpose of allowing soldiers to pour in and conquer it, only for Our Heroes to build the pressure inside of it and cause it to collapse, spewing thick, sticky wet stuff onto everybody. Nope, nothing suggestive at all.
      • Like everything else in this show, this got Lampshaded too in the episode "The Library":

    Professor Zei: Oh, it's breathtaking. The spirits spared no expense in designing this place! Look at those beautiful buttresses!
    Sokka + Aang: *chuckling together*
    Professor Zhei: What's funny?
    Aang: Nothing, we just like architecture.

      • Of course, Jun had to appear on this list:

    Zuko: Your beast trashed my ship. You have to pay me back!
    Jun: Love to help you out, but I'm a little short on money.
    Zuko: (grabbing her wrist) Money isn't what I had in mind...
    Fans: (double take)

      • In "Return to Omashu," when Azula attempts to recruit Ty Lee for her mission:

    Ty Lee: But the truth is, I'm really happy here! I mean, my aura has never been pinker!
    Azula: I'll...take your word for it.

      • In "The Firebending Masters", Sokka starts saying to Zuko and Aang , "Hey jerks! Can I watch you two jerks do your jerk bending?"
      • The very term "bender" invokes this in viewers all over Britain.
    • The Absent-Minded Professor Von Schlemmer had a moment of the sort in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Robotnik has him tied up, and he asks him what he can do to get Von Schlemmer's invention to work. He replies "I'll never tell you...unless, of course, you fiendishly torture me." Er...
    • In an episode of Kim Possible, her sidekick Ron was named Homecoming King, along with Bonnie. As part of his duties, he made an appearance at a local fire station, wearing a full uniform and holding a hose. As part of a photo opportunity, Bonnie held onto Ron. At which point Ron unleashed a torrent of water from his fire hose.
      • I don't know what I should make of it, but the only person who gets hit by the water is Kim Possible herself. She gets soaked.
      • This series runs on Freud Was Right in the eyes of the fans, and thus is full of these, much as the creators would like to deny.
      • Kim also offered a pre boyfriend Ron the ultimate ride (she was talking about extreme bobsledding.) The Fanon quite enjoyed that one.
    • In Fairytopia, the villainess, during her Villain Song, offers to make the heroine "her consort." Sure, it can just mean "associate," but since the "spouse of a monarch" meaning is more common and it was in the middle of a We Can Rule Together speech, well...
    • In Bolt, Penny's father declares that he has "altered" Bolt. To "alter" an animal can also be a euphemism for neutering it.
    • An episode of Squirrel Boy is called the Rod squad... because the "leader" of the team is named Rodney.
      • And, ironically, there is a girl on that team.
      • Intentional or not, there are no nut jokes in this show.
    • In the Simpsons episode, E Pluribus Wiggum, the Mayor says to a crying food mascot, "No one likes weepy meat."
      • Which is followed almost immediately by Homer saying, "Where will I ditch my kids in a pit of dirty balls?"
    • SpongeBob SquarePants: "It will be just like a sleepover! Only we will be sweaty and covered in GREASE!" There's a LOT more where that came from.
      • The entire episode of "The Smoking Peanut".
    • One shouldn't forget an iconic Looney Tunes short in which Elmer Fudd was hunting the wabbit with the aid of his "spear and magic helmet!"
    • You could say Beavis and Butthead make up their own accidental innuendo to anything remotely sounding mildly dirty.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog: "Nasty as a one-eyed snake, sugah."
    • In the original Transformers show, Megatron would turn into a gun to be wielded by another Decepticon, usualy Starscream. The implications are staggering.
      • In case your mind wasn't dirty enough to get it at first: Starscream holds Megatron in his hands, then pulls Megatron's trigger, making him shoot out.
        • And to FURTHER add to this, the original Megatron toy had his trigger for his crotch.
    • In the Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy episode, "The Ed-Touchables" lines like, "There's a serial toucher on the loose!" has some very unfortunate implications if taken out of context.
      • Double D's name alone can be an innuendo.
      • In universe example; In The Movie, we had the sextant.
      • In 'An Ed in A bush', Sarah told Ed this:

    Mom says to come out of the closet Ed.

    • Ben 10 Alien Force has Kevin uttering the line "I don't know if I can pound your Grandma!" of course he means he's unsure he can fight her ...but still.
    • In an episode of Doug, Roger says to Doug, "Don't make me ride you around the room!"
    • The Year Without a Santa Claus:

    Officer: I pulled you over for riding a -- riding a -- what's that thing?
    Jingle: This is Vixen.
    Officer: Riding a Vixen the wrong way down a one-way street.

    • The Thomas the Tank Engine episode "Pop Goes the Diesel." Diesel is trying to shunt some very old freight cars that refuse to move. He growls and starts jerking the freight cars, who begin moaning. A very characteristic moaning that's especially suggestive in the American version narrated by George Carlin.
      • Emily's very proud of her big, um, "wheels".
    • Gaston's Villain Song in Beauty and the Beast includes the line "You can ask any Tom, Dick, or Stanley/ And they'd tell you whose team they'd prefer to be on!" So, Even the Guys Want Him?
      • "And every last inch of me's covered in hair!"
        • I don't know if it's all unintentional, though. That wink Gaston gives while singing says far too much...
      • At least one person didn't even know they were trying for a more innocent interpretation. I always just thought that was obvious and nobody had a problem with it. The girls singing about Gaston's manliness and the guys singing about Gaston's manliness sound pretty much the same—lots of the praise in the song is centered on physical beauty and it comes from both girls and guys. I mean, lines such as "For there's no one as burly and brawny!", and "There's no man in town half as manly, perfect, a pure paragon!" are pretty similar. Of course, the phrase, "Every guy here'd love to be you Gaston, even when taking your lumps" and describing him as "slick" may qualify in their own right.
    • In The Trap Door, Berk uses the word 'bonking' as a term for hitting monsters. Considering the other meaning of 'bonking'...
      • Also, 'I'm gonna stick this implement right up 'is tube!'
      • The episode Moany Boni, where skull Boni got a body, was full of this stuff. 'Berk, look at my body!' 'Hello, Boni, I like your body!' and, when Boni sees a clone of his skull self in his alcove, 'There's a very rude head in my hole!'
    • Cody has bread in his pants for Gwen. Later, he pulls her bra out of his pants. This does NOT make sense in context.
      • "Playing with the Princess Courtney doll is more fun and less dangerous than playing with the real Courtney, guaranteed!"
    • Coraline: "Mothers don't eat daughters, do they?" (Only in Fanfiction and Rule 34, we hope.)
    • The Nightmare Before Christmas: The song "What's This" has quite a few passages that, when listened to in the proper state of mind, sound like they're describing something completely different.

    "I've never felt so good before
    This empty place inside of me is filling up!
    I simply cannot get enough!
    I want it, oh, I want it
    Oh, I want it for my own!"

      • "In here they've got a little tree! How queer!"
      • It gets worse during "Making Christmas". Jack seems to get a little too excited. The lyrics make it worse:

    I can't believe, whats happening to me. My hopes, my dreams, my fantasies! *giddy, high-pitched laughter*

    • Bakshi's The Lord of the Rings features a decidedly worrying depiction of the bit in the book where Merry and Pippin try to persuade the orcs to untie them by impersonating Gollum to trick the orcs into thinking they have the ring. Their facial expressions really do not help.

    "You won't get it that way. It isn't easily found."
    "It's no good groping in the dark. Ugluk will be back soon. Nothing for Mordor, nothing for poor Grishnakh. Gollum. Untie us, my precious."

    • Played with on South Park when Cartman starts a Christian rock band. His lyrics talk about stuff like wanting to please Jesus and feeling His salvation all over his face, or thinking that Jesus looks kinda hot up on the cross.

    Executive: We were looking over some of your lyrics, uh... "I want to walk hand-in-hand with Jesus on a private beach for two./I want him to nibble on my ear and say 'I'm here for you.'" It seems you really love Christ.
    Cartman: Yes, we sure do.
    Executive: No, but it appears you are actually... in love with Christ.
    (akward pause)
    Cartman: Well, what are you saying? That you don't really love Christ??
    Executive: Well, uh, of course I do. I mean, I just--
    Cartman: Well, what's the difference?! You love Christ, you're in love with Christ, I mean, uh, what the heck is this??
    Executive: Uh, we'd just like to make sure the bands we sign are in it for God, and not for the money.
    Cartman: I resent that, sir! I have never in my life done anything just for the money! If I'm lying, may the Lord strike me down right now.
    Butters: Uh, oh...

    • The Super Mario cartoon gives us these two jewels. Repeated over and over for your pleasure.
      • Please tell me that "two jewels" line was intentional.
    • Guess with Jess has it happen with one of the songs that were released on an MP3 album that's only available in the UK. Unless, of course, you use various trickery to get an online store into letting you download it, the easiest being a prepaid iTunes card and a UK iTunes account.

    "This one man band's gonna blow this fan!" / "Blow, one man band, blow your fan!" *sputtering noises*'.

    • In the comic book adaptation of The Amazing Chan and The Chan Clan episode 1, Henry thinks "Stanley's getting hot for action-and so am I!". He meant they were getting eager to catch the crook, but such words are way too easy to take out of context.
    • In the Rankin/Bass Productions cartoon Rudolph's Shiny New Year, the title character and his friends search for Happy, the baby New Year. There is much discussion, therefore, of "little Happy." And in the last couple of scenes, which take place as a clock strikes midnight, there is quite a bit of talk of how many "bongs" they have left to go.
    • Given how much the writers of The Penguins of Madagascar enjoy Getting Crap Past the Radar and loading the show down with Ho Yay, this may not actually be accidental, but the slang term isn't widely known outside the fanfic community ... a wildcat known as the Red Rhodesian Slasher?
    • "Mama Mirabelles Tierkino", a German educational series about animals (the target audience is 0–5 years old), had one whole episode about tails. The problem is, that "tail" is a pretty common expression for... You Know What I Mean in german. So there was one episode about animals talking about how long there tails are and what great things they can do with their tails.

    "A tail is a wonderful invention"
    "Show your tail to everyone in our great "Tail Parade"

      • Can be seen here ( in german)
      • For the very same reason, one episode of My friends Tigger and Pooh achieved memetic status in France.
    • Brought to you by the 2010 Pound Puppies cartoon: "Secret but[t] fun!"
    • Disney's Aladdin has a famous example of unintentional innuendo in the song "A Whole New World."

    I can open your eyes,
    Take you wonder by wonder;
    Over, sideways and under
    On a magic carpet ride.
    A whole new world!
    A new, fantastic point of view.
    No one to tell us no, or where to go,
    Or say we're only dreaming.
    Unbelievable sights!
    Indescribable feeling!
    A whole new world!
    Don't you dare close your eyes.
    A hundred thousand things to see.
    Hold your breath -- it gets better!

      • Well at least the song has a happy ending. At the end, they hold hands as literal fireworks are shown going off...
    • A visual version happens in the "Over the Barrel" episode of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. In one scene Rainbow Dash's wings are folded but after Pinkie Pie comes out dressed as a showgirl, they are wide spread. Previous episodes showed that this sort of reaction from her (one moment they're folded and then next they're spread) is a sign of excitement. Considering Rainbow Dash has considerable amounts of Les Yay and is often thought of as be fans to be a Lesbian Jock, it's been thought she was.. Excited when Pinkie came out.
      • There's also the episode "Lesson Zero" where a frazzled Twilight tells Rainbow Dash it's okay and to tell her about her feelings. Her feelings of anger towards Applejack, that is. Why? What were you thinking?
      • Not to mention Pipsqueak's "Scary, but(t) fun!" at the end of Nightmare Night. (See the Pound Puppies entry above.)
      • The show in general is a goldmine of accidental innuendo, and it is hard to tell what is completely by accident and what might not be. YouTube users like kyrospawn and EpicGteGuy are known to take MLP:FIM clips out of context for a variety of purposes, but one of them is to highlight how sexual they seem out of context.
      • Same deal for screencaps; after any given episode airs, it's common to see tons of freeze frames that look really dirty out of context.
    • Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? has got wa-a-a-a-a-ay too many instances of characters saying things like, "Let's go nail Carmen!" Yes, the actual term "nail" is used.
    • "How deliciously moist!"
    • In Conan the Adventurer, Conan is entering a duel. His opponent says "Let's see if your manhood matches your words!"
    • The theme song for Poppets Town, which is a preschool series, proudly proclaims that the characters "get around in Poppets Town".
    • The 2011 ThunderCats episode "Omens Part One" sees adoptive brothers Lion-O and Tygra act out a longstanding Sibling Rivalry by competing in a racing Chase Fight game, the object of which is to climb a tree and ring a bell while fighting off one's competitor. Lion-O announces that he'll ring the bell, whereupon Tygra replies "And I'm gonna ring yours," smiling and tipping a wink. The series' fans, oblivious to the phrase's usage in sport (Tygra has threatened to beat Lion-O into a concussion), and remembering that Tygra has previously smiled and winked to explicitly flirt, seized on the exchange's oddly sexual undertone to launch a Not Blood Siblings Ho Yay Shipping.
    • A playdate-themed episode of Small Potatoes, another preschool series, contains the line, "We go up to my room and pretty soon we're making noise".

    Real Life


    "Oh, that's it"

    • The slightly goofy, Swedish furniture names of IKEA products have been noted as having this property from time to time. "Diktad" means "made up" or "poetical", but it does make you snigger. Unfortunately, one of their products, a bed, did end up with a name that meant something rather close to "good fuck" in German. Oops.
      • There's also a piece of IKEA furniture known as "Beslut". That's Swedish for "decision", but it has quite different connotations in English.
    • One of the most successful brands of condoms is "Trojan". Now, you wouldn't expect a condom to have unintentionally dirty implications, but.... what the Trojans are most famous for was accepting into their impregnable fortress something that seemed harmless, which then proceeded to release hundreds of enemy agents.
      • Now imagine that a high school needed a mascot, and settled on the Trojans. The yearbook and several other features were later changed to Troyan, whatever that's supposed to be. The teams' names stayed, though, and students are well aware of it. On an unrelated note, a recent[when?] year's school sweatshirt read "Now 99.7% effective."
      • Now imagine a different high school, whose mascot is also the "Trojans", unedited. The swim team's shirts say "Nothing swims past a Trojan."
        • And then in Malaysia, Trojan is a brand of detergent...
      • Topeka, Kansas has "Seaman High School," which fits this trope well enough on its own, but was made better whenever their sports teams played Topeka High, who had the Trojans as their mascot. Of course, there is nothing accidental about the newspaper headlines that read "Seaman breaks through Trojan defenses" or "Trojans contain Seaman."
        • Similarly dirty headlines can be constructed whenever the University of South Carolina (the Gamecocks, or Cocks for short) plays against either Troy or the University of Southern California, both of whom have the Trojans as their mascot.
          • Maybe that's why the USC women's basketball team prefers to be called the "Women of Troy."
          • They're missing out on a literary reference.
        • What about when the USC Trojans play the Oregon State Beavers?
    • The rallying cry of the fans of Austin Peay University is "Let's go, Peay." Go on, say it out loud...
    • there is an IQ test named after it's creator. His name, Woodcock Jhonson. Poor guy.
    • Hockey announcers often fall prey to the Accidental Innuendo, mainly due to sticks being used in the sport. References such as a player "having a long stick" and "stick-on-stick action" are common.
      • American football announcers have it at least as bad, what with the tight ends and wide receivers. And any sport that involves ball-handling. In fact, it might be best to just say sports announcers, full stop.
        • This troper once saw a T-shirt covered in common American football announcing phrases that sound dirty but aren't, which included sayings like "All he has to do is keep pounding it up the middle!" and "He could...go...all...the...way!!!"
      • Baseball gives us the phrase "get good wood on the ball".
    • The major chain store Woolworths released a line of little girls' bedroom furniture entitled "Lolita". Whoops. If it had been anything other than a bedroom set they might have got away with it ...
    • "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux." The Darwin Awards demonstrate that testing this is a bad move.
    • The mineral Cummingtonite is actually named after a town in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.
    • Bad time for unnecessary quotation marks: Please do not allow children to "bang" on piano -- thanks!
    • The US Government's new job plan being referred to as 'Cash for Caulkers'. Say it aloud, or watch Jon Stewart make it painfully obvious.
    • This following post from Rapture Ready: "I don't want to be lukewarm! How do I become hot for God?"
      • Interestingly enough, none of them noticed.
        • A large proportion of the posts on Rapture Ready consist of accidental innuendo. They never notice.
    • This may be the funniest baseball related headline there ever was and it's considered accidental because it's supposed to be pronounced like "cologne"
    • The English nursery rhyme I Love Little Pussy has become rather...controversial in modern times. (It actually ends with "Pussy and I very gently will play.")
      • Same goes for the nursery rhyme that starts, "Ding dong dell/The pussy's in the well..."
    • This has been making the rounds for a (long) while, but the town of Cumming, Georgia has a Cumming First United Methodist Church. Their website was originally located at (and included a subpage describing their organ), until they realized that the Internet is an utterly merciless place. Subsequently it moved to, and it would appear that it is now in the midst of a move to the (finally relatively innuendo-free) Unfortunately, another church in the same town is known as "First Baptist Cumming".
      • Lagrange, NY had an elementary school named after it.
    • This forum has a list of some of the best ones on British TV and Radio.
    • On (The Customer is) Not Always Right: It was a pretty big rack.
    • Cake Wrecks has a "Do You See What I See?" category precisely for unintentionally sexual and/or faecal-looking cakes.
    • The 11 Funniest Unintentionally-Sexual Signs Of All Time
    • Seattle has a streetcar that was once called South Lake Union Transit, but was then renamed. That has not deterred locals from making jokes about "riding it."
    • Sir Terry Wogan exemplifies this trope—well, it's really Mick Sturbs (the author of the "Janet and John" stories) and many of his listeners who've written in interesting letters who do, but Wogan encourages it all and every little bit of that survived his move from breakfast radio on BBC Radio 2 to his new slot in front of a live audience on Sunday afternoons.
    • One Australian corporation, based around the Coffs Harbour Ex-Services Club, has adopted the name "the CEX group". And lo, there was much sniggering.
      • There's also a second-hand electronic entertaininment retail chain in the UK called CeX. Which often have bright-red shop fronts. Yeah.
    • Pitching great Randy Johnson, whose name is 'Randy Johnson. Even better, his nickname is "The Big Unit". One wonders if he wears his Porn Stache ironically.
    • The word wang actually means money in the Malay language. And then there's duit (pronounced do-it), which also more or less means the same thing. There are nasty adult jokes that plays on these...
    • The vanity licence plate "ILVTOFU" was turned down by a local DMV. It was a vegan's expression for liking tofu.
    • Candle salad. As Teresa Nielsen Hayden once put it: You have to have a really clean mind to come up with something like this.
    • A chess game was played in the Liechtenstein Open of 1992, in which Hans-Uwe Kock played against Johannes Sucher. This is how "Kock-Sucher" was possible to be cited in a book on chess openings.
    • The Columbus Blue Jackets revealed a new, secondary team mascot along with their new third jerseys in November 2010. The mascot, Boomer (a person in an inflatable suit shaped like a cannon), was intended to be geared toward younger fans, specifically early elementary age, basically 8 and younger. Unfortunately, nobody in the Jackets' marketing department could see how this would be a problem. [dead link] It might've helped if they'd considered focus group testing that went beyond just the 8-and-under crowd. It also doesn't help that Boomer is a tie-in with the club's third jersey - which the team opted not to wear for its scheduled fifth appearance, after losing their first four games in them, even leading to the team taking the third-jersey schedule off their website.[6]
    • This image of Hurricane Rita in 2005.
    • Judy Blume's Fudge Box Set.
    • From the New York Times dining section: "The Domaine de Chevalier 2007, still in oak barrels, trumpets its presence with an explosive burst of pure sauvignon blanc fruit and a beautifully opaque texture that invites repeated sips in an effort to penetrate the wine's mystery. The 2006, not yet bottled, is rounder and less flamboyant..." [1] Trumpets its presence with an explosive burst? Invites repeated sips in an effort to penetrate its mystery? Is this wine having an orgasm or something? Seems like a bit much... I'll take the rounder, yet less flamboyant, 2006, thanks...
    • This. Full stop.
        • At a guess: because George's wife saw the paper.
      • It's a talent.
      • It's the font that seals the deal. And those little hearts around the border!
        • It's one of those rare innuendos that just keeps getting better, the further along you read and the more you reread.
      • It's the apology that takes this from amusing to riotous.
    • Georgia O Keefe's flower paintings.
      • It should be noted that the flowers are essentially plant sex organs (or contain them at least), so it isn't innuendo at all...they are paintings of genitalia.
    • One of the desserts at Outback Steakhouse, an ice cream-covered brownie, is called "Chocolate Thunder from Down Under". Suddenly, I don't feel like eating after all.
    • Shout Color Catcher slogan: "The Proof is on the Sheet"
    • This Glurge-tastic magnet on eBay. The message: "I've been touched by someone with Autism and it was fantastic!" underneath a picture of a human hand touching a pussy with its finger. Lampshaded by multiple Tumblr bloggers [dead link], including multiple autistic people [dead link] joking about masturbation [dead link].
    • There is a Chinese restaurant in Franklin, Tennessee called China Wang (pronounced Wong).
    • A fairly common reason for this are words that aren't quite Have a Gay Old Time, but still near it. Take the word 'taint', for instance: it is entirely possible, indeed even likely to only be aware of the contamination meaning, but as it so happens it is also a slang term for a part of the human body. The more innocent meaning is both at least equally valid and more widespread, but if you are aware of the slang term...
    • Sex offenders pitch tents
    • Young Boys Wankdorf Erection Relief
    • Depp's 'Chocolate Factory' Has Tasty Opening.
    • Tired Gay succumbs to Dix
    • Butts Arrested in Boob Murder Case
    • In the wake of the Anthony Weiner scandal, there has been numerous unintentional (?) innuendo in newspaper headlines. A few examples: "Obama Beats Weiner", "Boehner Won't Bite On Weiner", "Weiner Pulls Out".
    1. If you don't get it, say it out loud
    2. who's actually trying to force open a window.
    3. adj. given to or characterized by lechery; erotically suggestive; inciting to lust
    4. My cock, for those who don't get it
    5. Freud was of course Austrian, not German.
    6. NHL players are very, very superstitious.