Verbal Tic

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"Holy *tik* shrew! Lookit! She's my size -- with *tik* wings! I told you I sensed *tik* insect thoughts! Princess, I think I'm *tik* in love!"
Bug from Micronauts, on Wasp

An exceptionally odd Catch Phrase used to the point it seems more like a bodily emission than speaking. This is often a single nonsense word added at the end of sentences, well past the expected formal variations in speech, eh? It can also be a word, sound, or phrase that shows up in various places in a character's dialogue.

Contrast with Strange Syntax Speaker, where the character is using language rules unknown to others. See also Character Tics, for similar idiosyncrasies applied to physical behavior.

This is Truth in Television too, as this is extremely common in individuals with disorders such as Asperger's Syndrome and Tourette's. Plus, some regional dialects like, totally also have a little bit of this as part of their local mannerisms, eh?

Not to be confused with Verbal Kint.

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