Whose Line Is It Anyway?/Heartwarming

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  • The joy that covers Wayne Brady's face at the sight of Laura Hall is extremely touching. You can tell that she is a joy to Drew, as well.
  • One session of Party Quirks in the UK version had part-time performer Jim Meskimen as a "reminiscing old man" - even after he'd been guessed out, he took a little time to address Clive without breaking character. Maybe it was a jab at Clive's advanced hairline, but for all intents and purposes it worked.
  • In the US version, the infamous "heavily pregnant Colin at the amusement park" session of Sound Effects ended with Drew tossing US$100 bills at Colin and Ryan - who agreed that the two ladies providing the sounds were the ones who'd earned that money, and got up to hand the dollar bills to them.
    • During another segment of Drew giving out $100 bills, Ryan catches one, then gets up and places the bill on the band's keyboard.
  • The Foreign Film Dub session with special guest Sid Caesar led to a few Show Stopper moments, not the least of which was Sid himself giving a symbolic nod to Colin's "garlic press" line, acknowledging the resident Pungeon Master.
    • The standing ovation when Sid Caesar comes out for his guest appearance - it lasted for so long that it had to be cut down for broadcast.
  • Ryan's contribution to the Colin Hoedown, and Colin hugging him afterwards.
  • This session of Whose Line, depicting "a Vietnamese woman bidding farewell to her GI boyfriend at the end of the war". Ryan decides to milk it a little by adding a Reveal of his own... and then one of the prewritten notes takes it to the next level.
  • On the US version's famous "Ice Hole" episode, Ryan and Colin start mocking each other even more brutally than normal.

Colin: I'll tell you what you look like: a big stick with a big nose.
Ryan: *running his fingers through Colin's sparse hair*

    • Ryan then references it at the end of the game.

Ryan: We went 15 minutes tonight. Now the fun begins.

Ryan: And when I said "rug" I meant a rug not a... *makes a toupee motion*
Colin: *makes big nose gesture* And when I said "a stick with a big nose", what I meant was a**hole.

  • During one episode, a woman in the audience is wearing a shirt that reads "Wayne, please sing to me!" Drew does in fact select her from the audience during Duet for Wayne and Chip to sing to. About halfway through the song, Wayne starts to dance with her. The expression of absolute joy on her face through the entire thing is wonderful.
  • From the 100th episode's Scenes From A Hat: After 100 episodes of repeatedly making fun of Colin being bald, the scene drawn is "A brief glimpse into the dreams of Colin Mochrie." Ryan's contribution is himself, Wayne, and Greg, all bald and screaming. Also counts as a Funny Moment.
  • While not a straight example, the "Newsflash" session that started with the green screen showing the studio cam's current view instead of the archive footage intended, leading to Ryan and Chip reaching to the side to make gestures around Colin's head. It's so juvenile that it's adorable.