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  • Many of these, but the best episodes in the whole series were the ones with Alec Baldwin as the shady and mysterious Malcolm. Words. Justice. Cannot.
  • The wedding episode where Tim Curry guest stars is just plain hilarious. Especially when he kisses John Cleese on the lips and flirts with the bride.
    • Also-

Tim Curry: It's too bad our father isn't alive to see this.
John Cleese: What?
Tim Curry: Oh, damn, I knew I forgot something...

Mr. Buhl: Miss Adler, though it's clear you know a lot of legal terms, you've yet to use a single one of them properly.
Grace: May I approach the bench?
Mr. Buhl: You'd have to build one first.

  • "Be careful, Karen - they might find blood in your alcohol."
  • "It's Beelzebooze!"
  • One episode features Edward, Karen's Pastry Chef, who ends up having sex with Will and Karen.

Edward: I don't believe in gay or straight. I refuse to limit pleasure. I like to think of myself as pansexual.
Karen: Oh my God, he's been humping my pans.

  • Will and Grace decide to have a baby. Jack and Karen think they're gonna do it the old fashioned way and prepare a bed for them. And they think they can watch.

Jack: Yay! This is gonna be so disgusting!

  • "Karen's wandering the city this time of night? There are thieves, rapists and murderers out there. She might hurt one of them".
  • One Christmas Episode where the gang invite hotel personnel to their room and sing carols just to annoy them.
    • I remember the reason being that they wanted to go caroling but were too lazy to actually get up and do it. The closing scene of the episode involved all of them following some poor sod out the door as they sang. The icing on the cake was Leo hiking his leg in the air.
  • Will, Grace and Sandra Bernhardt sing Midnight Train To Georgia.
  • Jack and Will sing Lady Marmalade.
  • Karen helping Jack at the spelling bee (Eee a mouse, Eee!)
  • Will and Jack throw a bachelor party for one of their straight friends complete with stripper.

Will: Why aren't they excited?
Jack: You're supposed to say woo-hoo.
Will: Woo-hoo!

"Waiting For Tonight!"

  • Jack & Grace sleeping in the limo of the now homeless Karen. She was sleeping in between them.

Karen: Jack, that better be your penis. (turns to the other side) Grace, that better be your penis!

  • The gang delivers a eulogy at Stan's funeral.

Grace: He was a great man.
Will: He was a big man.
Jack: He was a fat man.

  • Will and Jack walk into a place they are not sure is a gay bar, until Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" starts playing.
  • Grace's water bra bursting.

Will: I know I haven't been with a woman in a while but I'm pretty sure their not supposed to do that.