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"John Cleese is very, very tall. He also has a very Silly Walk."
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John Marwood Cleese (b. 1939) is a British actor. He is most famous for his work in Monty Python, where he played a lot of authority figures. His leaving the show before the fourth season is widely seen to be the moment when it Jumped the Shark. Beyond that, he, along with his then-wife Connie Booth, created Fawlty Towers, co-wrote and starred in A Fish Called Wanda, helped write a Superman Elseworld, made cameo appearances all over the place, and gave a rather famous eulogy to friend and fellow Pythonite Graham Chapman.

He is the straightest Straight Man possible, without having to resort to Asimo or attaching girders to one's back. Except when he's playing a raving lunatic.

John Cleese has performed in the following roles: