Anything That Moves

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Buffy: Faith would never do that.
Willow: Faith would totally do that! Faith was built to do that! She's the do-that girl! [...] I mean, please, does Angel come up to Faith's standards for a guy? Let's see, is he breathing?

If they can have sex with it, they will. This character has nonexistent or remarkably low standards within the borders of their species and orientation's NORMAL sexual interest pool. They can be hetero, gay, or bi. This trope doesn't mean they're willing to lay children, animals, or inanimate objects; it means that things like age, personality and attractiveness restrict them much less than the average person. Such a character may get around a lot, but not necessarily; sometimes, it just that their standards are low.

Note: Do not add behavior patterns that don't fall under Rule of Funny. Do not add characters for chasing after aliens or fantastic beings. Don't add characters who don't otherwise fit for just using the phrase "Anything That Moves." Anything That Moves is just a title.

Further Note: If the character would sleep with something outside their species, they probably fall under Extreme Omnisexual, not this.

Not to be confused with Shoot Everything That Moves—though with some people, you never know. The male version is almost always a Kavorka Man or Casanova Wannabe; the female version formidable enough to be off-putting to the less experienced members of the cast, except in anime. Then she's a Lovable Sex Maniac.

Examples of Anything That Moves include:

Anime and Manga

  • Professor Ryoto of Wild Life.
  • Itou Makoto of the School Days franchise has officially qualified for this trope as of the recently release Cross Days sequel in the game series; lets see what he likes to mate with: pretty girls his age? Check. Their beautiful young mothers? Check. Their Seven year old-looking little sisters?. Double Check. Adorable young BOYS who are just as beautiful if not more so than his girlfriend(s)? Triple Check. Thank goodness the only things he hasn't shown sexual interest in yet are farm animals, senior citizens and week-old corpses... yet.
  • Touga (He is mostly into girls, but he also hits on Miki in an early episode, has quite a lot of subtext with Saionji, and sleeps with Akio). and especially Akio in Revolutionary Girl Utena.
    • Kozue could be considered a female example, after sleeping with both aforementioned men, as well as an undetermined amount of nameless background characters. Oh, and let us not forget her car scene with Anthy... In the anime and movie she's also shown to have a thing for her twin brother Miki. She's extremely possessive of Miki to the point where she physically hurts anyone who tries to hurt or "steal" him. In the movie she is shown as being very possessive of Miki, even holding a razor to his throat while they're both in the bathtub together and calling him a traitor when he refuses to divulge details of his personal affairs to her. And in Utena Sega Saturn game Kozue is even seen dating Chigusa Sanjouin, a fellow girl, at one point.
  • Yuki in Gravitation apparently qualified before he started dating Shuichi, but we only hear of it.
    • His younger brother Tatsuha isn't any better. And he's about 16 years old.
  • Futana from Futaba-Kun Change!. She even seems to include her younger brother in the "anything".
    • Especially him, though it may just be teasing.
  • Pamila from Bondage Fairies. Male fairies, female fairies, small mammals, insects, slugs...
  • Moonlight Lady 's Tomomi Harukawa and Kouichi Hayama. Between them, they bone every last person in Kuraki Manor, and even "three girls from the village". The only person they don't sleep with is Gohei Harukawa, the resident "Creepy Old Dude".
  • Speaking of Hentai characters that take the "anything" in Anything That Moves a bit more literally than usual... Linna, the fighter from Sex Demon Queen is introduced having seemingly-consensual relations with a plant monster. She goes on to show interest in men, women, what is by all appearances a little girl...
  • Boys Empire has Umeko, a Hot Mom who manages to avoid getting kicked out of school for being pregnant by causing an orgy that spanned the entire school (sans principal), for starters. Yeah, it's that kind of manga.
  • Bizenghast. According to Word of God, Edaniel's sister Elala was the only person he would not ask to make out with. Onstage, he has asked Dinah, Vincent, and Edrear.

Edaniel:None of this would happen if people would shut up and make out with me. Just once. Which reminds me...
Edrear::Absolutely not, brother.

  • Mu of Otona Keikenchi is this in a huge way, to the degree that both major relationships in the series result from his philandering. In addition, he started when he was about twelve, gets his best friend's girlfriends to cheat on Maru with him, and suffers terribly when he isn't even allowed to masturbate during a 10-day withdrawal for the purpose of proving his feelings for Maru.
  • Subverted in Narutaru - When Norio finds out about Takero having seven kids from different relationships (he's no older than eighteen), he suspects him for being one of that kind of people, and even that he could take "anything" literally and have sex with his Shadow Dragon. Takero Jossed it saying he's interested only in girls, because only they can have children.
  • Souma of Sakura Gari.
  • Blade of the Immortal: Shira, who has no qualms about raping young boys along with women, sometimes borders on this trope.
  • Michio of MW whether the other party wants to or not. It's implied that he has something going on with his dog.
  • Darker than Black: In the second season, Genma makes some creepy comments about Suou being cute, hits on Yoko, but also declares love for Hei. Incidentally, he also talks about wanting to find a woman to hurt him.
  • Belial of Angel Sanctuary. S/he is a... not-so-Ethical Slut.
  • Gauron of Full Metal Panic!. It's pretty much canon that he raped the twins he adopted (who are female in the anime/manga and male in the novels), along with his perverted and obsessive love for Sousuke who he's had a thing for since the latter was eleven years old. (He also revealed to Sousuke in the novels that he had always wanted to kill him and rape his corpse and he pretty much gets aroused while telling Sousuke this.) Basically, the fandom is of the opinion that he would rape anyone. For kicks. Though, the fandom is more justified in his case, considering how every single interaction he has with anyone has rapist vibes to it. He is also shown to get sexual arousal from violently cutting up and killing people as well as choking them.
  • Kaoru from Zettai Karen Children is an utter pervert towards anything with breasts (up to and including her sister and her mother, but as is repeatedly shown, she's not just into women. She's always chasing after Minamoto, flirts shamelessly with Kyosuke, and once complains that she's "still a girl!" and wants to be asked out by a guy.
  • Gantz: Kazuo Kuwabara will screw anything with a wet hole, which includes Nurarihyon in the face when it became a giant woman composed of naked women.
  • Monochrome Factor: Kou, at least in the anime canon.
  • Possibly Gilbert of Kaze to Ki no Uta.
  • Melody of Oblivion: Koko (at least she tries).
  • Ookami San: Momoko Kibitsu (alias Momo-chan-senpai), who hits on both Ryouko and Ryoushi within minutes of her first appearance in episode 5.
  • Mon of The World Is Mine.
  • Just about the entire cast of Ikki Tousen, but Ryofu Housen takes the cake.
  • Bible Black's Kitami. Although she's mostly known for her futa rape, she did have a hetero sex scene with Minase.
  • Ai Kora has Haiji who is identified as pansexual because "I love people for their pure hearts, no matter what gender they are or what they look like!"
  • Head from Star Driver.
    • Also, Madoka Kei. Willing to go for just about anyone, and prepared to use some rather... disturbing methods to accomplish it.
  • Possibly Nyu from Elfen Lied. Her other personalities don't seem to have the same bisexual tendencies, however they're focused on Kouta. Nyu could be a way of projecting their bisexuality.
  • Karin: Kanon. First time we see her, she's trying to wake up her father with a kiss. When her mother tries to stop her, she tries to give her a kiss. And when said mother mentions that Kanon's grandmother is coming over, Kanon clearly starts fantasizing about kissing her. Probably justified, due to her nature. She was Sophia, a slave and martyr to the vampire race for thousands of years, until she was freed by the Power Of Love and reincarnated in a young girl, who is now Kanon.
  • Chintsubu: Kamiya has a reputation for being promiscuous with both genders.
  • The Night When Evil Falls: Meduna.
  • Swordfish of Under Grand Hotel.
  • France of Axis Powers Hetalia is described as being attracted to men, women, and some inanimate objects.
  • Aion from Chrono Crusade. He not only happily seduces those that are willing to sleep with him, but is implied to attempt to rape many of the ones that aren't willing (and may have even succeeded in one case).

Comic Books

  • Bueno Excellente, part of the disturbing and disturbed hero team "Section 8" in Hitman, "defeats evil with the power of perversion." He may have drugged and raped the Green Lantern.
    • He definitely raped Lobo.
      • And married him.
  • Cherry Poptart of Cherry Comics.
  • Daken: Wolverine's son hasn't finished a single episode of his comic[when?] without seducing or sleeping with somebody, usually killing them as well.
    • Interestingly, Word of God is that Daken's asexual; he's not interested in it, personally, but uses sex as a tool of manipulation and emotional torment.
  • One of Deadpool's clients was an aristocrat who was turned on by everything. Deadpool quizzed him extensively on this.
    • If this was the guy whose panty collection was robbed, then it was Agent X, not Deadpool.
  • The Desert Peach, a comic about Erwin Rommel's gay younger brother (no really), has the Peach's boyfriend, Rosen Kavalier, be a guy who'll do anything to anything (although he didn't realize he was into males until he met Pfirsich Rommel).
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier. To be specific, its "Tijuana bible" insert, which relates the continuing... er... adventures of Fanny Hill.
  • Ramba.
  • According to the Midnighter series, everyone will be like this in the future. They don't even have the concepts of heterosexual and homosexual.

Midnighter: So, in the future, everybody just does everybody with no classifications?
Time Cop: That's about the size of it.


  • Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct combines this with Depraved Bisexual.
  • Blue Velvet: Frank Booth, to an incredibly disturbing level.
  • Jay and Silent Bob. Jay at least quotes this trope's title...and Kevin Smith has stated this is true off the record.
  • The titular character in Vixen says she'll have sex with anyone except black people and the disabled. She even has sex with her own brother. She's a classic example of an Anything That Moves character (and is played by bisexual actress Erica Gavin).
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Doctor Frank N Furter certainly applies. He's also a Depraved Bisexual as well.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow is shown on screen to be interested in women, is confirmed by Word of God to be bisexual, and during a scene where he's hallucinating various versions of himself that represent different parts of his mind, one of them is shown making overtures to a goat. Jack is very obviously this trope.
  • Catherine in Not Another Teen Movie is quite obviously bi and it seems the only qualifying factor you must have to have sex with her is be human.
  • Rochester is Plunkett and Macleane's resident bisexual and hedonist. Just short of depraved due to helping the main protagonists.
  • Carla from Better Than Chocolate.
  • Pretty much any female character in any adult movie ever filmed.


  • A number of characters from Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy books fit this trope - almost inevitably, considering Everyone Is Bi and the books centre around a country that, shall we say, puts a high priority on sex. The most glaring example is probably Mavros Shahrizai, who seems to view everyone around him over the age of consent as a potential bed-partner. Also, he's kinky.
    • And then, in the newest book, there is Moirin mac Fainche. So far, in the first book alone, she has gone to bed with a British tribal prince; a stableboy; the consort to the Queen of Terre D'Ange; the Queen of Terre D'Ange; the Prince of Terre D'Ange; a Chinese martial artist; the future Empress of China- when she was possessed by a dragon; and the future Empress of China, when she was NOT possessed by a dragon. She is a busy, busy woman.
  • Moon Boy from Barry Hughart's Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox. At one point the group is threatened by a demon... which Moon Boy immediately seduces. This character also falls under Even the Guys Want Him.
  • The Dornish in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire have a reputation for this, and it's certainly true of Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand.
  • Nearly all of de Sade's characters male and female, the majority of whom, with the arguable exception of Philosophy in the Bedroom, are by any sane standard very sadistic as well.
  • Ramayana: Ravana's proclivity for hitting on anything that moves and kidnapping the wives of his enemies as well as trying to rape the daughters of sages like Vedavati, never mind kidnapping Sita comes to bite him.
  • The Pilfered Princess: Princess Sarah, whose promiscuity is what gets her kidnapped in the first place.
  • In The Golden Globe by John Varley there's a drug that inflicts this. It's banned because male recipients have electrocuted themselves attempting to couple with light sockets. It's administered to a rare straight character so that he'll sleep with his technically male fellow actor playing Juliet. This performance only, Romeo attempts to hump Friar Laurence's leg! It Makes Sense in Context...
  • Ignat, one of the Light Others in Night Watch has the magic specialty of being a Light Incubus/Succubus, which means he's an intensely good seducer. He's a self-absorbed guy with "[the] face of a Hollywood actor and [the] body of a Greek god" and doesn't care much about the gender of who he seduces, so long as he's successful.
  • The Zeltrons are a species of pink-skinned near-human empaths in the Star Wars Expanded Universe for whom this trope is pretty much a societal norm...
  • In Native Tongue - one of Carl Hiaasen's Florida comedy-thillers - a local Glades theme park (run by a scumbag) bought Orky the sexually-frustrated killer whale as an ill-thought-out visitor attraction. Orky attempts pelagic-style loving with pretty much any warm body that enters his tank: these wet and warm bodies include a local TV reporter doing a live segment and the park's roided-out Head of Security (whom Orky found endlessly irresistible...).
  • Fitz, from the Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Adventures. He ogles a surprisingly large range of things that move, including thirteen-year-old girls (he cut it out in both cases after discovering their age), women more than twenty years older than him, the Doctor... He's shagged Human Aliens and a woman possibly a whole foot taller than him, and has a Temporary Love Interest or Girl of the Week in almost every book. And he apparently got off on being stripped and collared by space poodles. He's implied to be bi beyond his crush on the Doctor, too.

Live Action TV

  • Owen Harper from Torchwood, being cruel, destructive and kavorkaish, at least in the first season.
  • In one episode of Extras, Andy Millman gets to meet his odious fanbase in person, one who rejoices in the nickname "Count Fuckula". Why? "Because if I see something, I've got to fuck it."
  • Chiana in Farscape.
  • The Bi-clops (bisexual cyclops) from Krod Mandoon and The Flaming Sword of Fire. Ever since his messy break-up with his girlfriend and boyfriend, he has been sexing and eating anyone he came across. He was seeing a psychiatrist about it for a while, until he sexed and ate him.
  • Scott Ross, the utterly amoral biker from HBO's Oz. Some fans called him "Scott Ross, that ho."
    • Also, Chris Keller.
  • Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell from Prison Break. According to Knepper (who plays him), "He's a raw animal. He'd [sleep with] anything."
    • Bilingual Bonus: Knepper means fucker (noun) or fucks (verb) in Danish.
    • To a lesser extent, Gretchen.
  • The Todd from Scrubs, beginning in season 5. It has long been a mystery if he was gay, with countless references to it, until "My Lunch", where it was eventually revealed that he's just "The Todd". (Meaning the embodiment of this trope)

Todd: What? The Todd appreciates hotness, regardless of gender.

    • Not exactly, as it has been shown that he's more of an "Anything, Regardless of Motion" kind of guy. Hint: The On-Call Room bed-humping scene.
      • Which lead to the great line "Sometimes when I am humping this mattress, I am thinking of that mattress."

Todd: The Todd accepts all applicants, regardless of age or disability.

  • Played straight —pardon the pun— by Samantha Jones in Sex and the City. Throughout the series, Samantha is all about virtually indiscriminate sex, typically with men. However, for a few episodes she becomes involved in a relationship with another woman. She also made it clear that she'd "done the girl thing before."
    • The funniest part is that when she informs her friends that she's in a relationship with another woman, one of them says in disbelief "You're in a relationship?"
  • Kelly the Barmaid from Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. Amongst other things, she has come on to all but one of the main characters on several occasions, and she also has a penchant for the pub's elderly regulars.
  • On Ugly Betty, Amanda has elements of this. This is more a comedic part of her sex-crazed personality than a statement on sexual orientation.
  • An episode of Will and Grace features Edward, Karen's Pastry Chef, who ends up having sex with Will and Karen.

Edward: I don't believe in gay or straight. I refuse to limit pleasure. I like to think of myself as pansexual.
Karen: Oh my God, he's been humping my pans.

    • Karen herself leans towards this trope at times.
  • Noah's Arc: For Ricky, at least anything with a Y chromosome.
  • Brittany Pierce from Glee. Santana spent a lot of time pretending to be this ("I need something warm beneath me or else I can't digest my food"), but she was just trying to avoid admitting she was in love with Brittany.
  • Jerri Blank from Strangers with Candy.
  • Richie from Bottom is an interesting example in that he would shag anyone that would let him and is desperate enough that he wouldn't care about gender anyway, but he is such an antisocial perverted creep that no one has. He seems to mostly go after women, but in the live shows he has repeatedly propositioned and fantasized about having sex with Eddie. Despite this, he still attempts to stay within the Transparent Closet.
  • On Smallville, it was seemingly hinted that Tess Mercer might fit this trope. She repeatedly flirted with Lois (although Lois did not reciprocate). Upon first meeting Lois, who was disguised as a maid at the time, Tess walked up very close to her and asks "So you like to play dress-up, hm?" before rubbing the frills of Lois's maid costume. At the beginning of Season 9, after last seeing Lois when they got in a VERY Fan Service-y fight at the end of Season 8, Tess notes "When we last saw each other, things did get a little...physical......Would you like to pick up where we left off?"
    • In addition, Tess is known to have been in a sexual relationship with Oliver sometime in the past, briefly hooked up with him again because "I had an itch, and I needed you to scratch it," lusts after the (effectively human) extraterrestrial Clark (even telling him in a deleted scene "You have to stop thinking of me as just your boss," with an eager smile on her face), stands stunned and can barely contain herself upon meeting the scantily-clad alien queen Maxima, and in Season 9 beds an (again, effectively human) alien overlord (Major Zod).
    • On Earth-2, the alternate universe version of Tess was sleeping with Clark... who in that reality was her adoptive brother.
  • Played with in The IT Crowd. Hyper-sexual Douglas couldn't seem to care less when his date tells him that she used to be a man. They get into a serious relationship, but it turns out that he misheard her confession. When he learns the truth, he breaks it off immediately.


  • Used in a Getting Crap Past the Radar way in Moliere's play Don Juan. At the beginning of the play the Don's servant, Sganarelle, is telling another (male) servant how the fact that Juan married his employer hardly means he will be faithful and comments something like "he would marry any woman... he would marry your horse and even marry you". From the context, the word "marry" seems to be an Unusual Euphemism for something else.
  • Maureen from Rent. This is the most likely source of Joanne's jealousy issues. Since Maureen left Mark to be with her, Joanne had no way of knowing if Maureen would stick by her through thick and thin or just be another flight of fancy.

Video Games

  • A lot of female characters in Neverwinter Nights module A Dance With Rogues fit this trope - optionally including the player.
  • Excellen Browning of Super Robot Wars hits on Anything That Moves (except the Einsts... maybe?), but leaves it at that except in the case of her Single-Target Sexuality. She typically claims to be straight, but states she would make an exception for certain women. Fanon, however, takes this to Bi the Way territory, occasionally making her the Seme in Les Yay scenarios.
  • Raven from Tales of Vesperia. Not only does he hit on Estelle and Judith he also hits on Yuri. "I've been on pins and needles since we got here, hold my hand!" Of course you could write this off as just joking around but... he really does hit on your entire party regardless of sex, although he does admit that Rita is too young for him at one point, even if he does make the odd joke here and there. The same presumably goes for Karol, since he says nothing of the kind to him.
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind has Crassius Curio, a quest-giver and high-ranking member of House Hlaalu. Insists on calling the PC things like "dumpling" or "pumpkin pie," no matter the gender, and his first order is to see you naked. However, it's largely implied nothing really happens...
  • Legault from Fire Emblem Elibe: Blazing Sword. If you get A support with Isadora he hits on her. If you get A support with Heath he hits on him. Or perhaps he's just got a thing for knights—either way it's possible he wants in both of their pants.
  • In Mass Effect 2, Shepard is able to romance most if not all of the crew. Several of them have rather strong feelings about Shepard as well. Other characters have even broader pools.
  • Pokémon: Ditto is implied to be this. It's never shown of course - Pokémon is G-rated, after all - but the only Pokémon Ditto can't breed with are legendaries sans Manaphy (for reasons of keeping them unique), baby Pokemon, and - for some strange reason - Nidorino and Nidoqueen. Every other Pokemon left with Ditto will eventually lead to an egg, regardless of gender (including the lack of one) or egg group.
  • In Guilty Gear, many of Elphelt's moves seem to suggest she's trying to convince (or force) her opponent to marry her, and she'll gladly use these moves on other women, part-Gear opponents, parasites, vampires, or even her own sister. In fact, if she's on the receiving end of another Elphelt's finisher, she'll sob "I-I'll take anyone!"
  • Moxxi from Borderlands. If some graffiti can be believed, she's even slept with bandits.
  • In MadWorld, Deathwatch Combat Commentator Howard "Buckshot" Holmes is a pervert whose sexual partners, by his own admission, include (but are not limited to): several prostitutes, an onion, an alien, a donkey, and a dwarf (the last two at the same time). He was married at least once, but if anything his ex-wife was just as bad.

Web Comics

  • Zig-Zag from Sabrina Online.
  • Konstantin of Tsunami Channel. Summed up nicely in this strip. He's more Casanova Wannabe/Handsome Lech than Kavorka Man though.
  • Alisin in Fans, who moved away from this as she developed.
  • Volair from Umlaut House before settling down with Saundra. Ironically, twenty years later, Amanda's the one in an open marriage.
  • Fox and Tybalt from Boy Meets Boy, though Fox settles down with Collin some time before the launch of Friendly Hostility.
  • All of the Squad 48 women in It's Walky.
    • Subverted near the end, with Grace and Mandy Dying Declaration of Love together; in the sequel, Marcie seems to settle down with Jason.
    • The sequel Shortpacked also gives us Conquest (Conni for short), Galasso's daughter. She has had hundreds of partners, of both genders. This is because Galasso wants an heir (he doesn't think Conquest herself is worthy), and has trouble telling men and women apart, so he will order anyone who impresses him to impregnate Conni. He once gave her to a horse in an attempt to breed centaurs. She doesn't mind a bit, and seems to practically consider intercourse a greeting.
  • Maytag from Flipside, with the caveat that...well, just read it under Shocking Swerve.
  • Jacinda from Namir Deiter, to her girlfriend's annoyance.
  • Jodie Beretta from Loserz. See this strip.
  • We are introduced to Sirkka from Freak Angels like this.
  • Eeichi from Strange Candy.
  • The Celeste in Last Res 0 rt are another example of a species that crossbreeds with just about anything, to the point nobody knows what a "Pure" Celeste would look like (aside from having wings, of course) as all Celeste seem to be amalgamations of two or more different canon species.
    • In fact one of the contestants is a mostly-human Celeste who started a cult where he convinced members of other species that he could make them human by breeding with him (though it's specifically stated he killed all the men).
  • Easily 90% of the female Slipshine characters, and about half the men.
    • Which makes sense; slipshine is not a comic, but a cartoon porn site featuring many different pornographic comics.
  • Marena, the Lunar Exalt from Keychain of Creation. Thanks to her ability to change between many human AND animal forms, she may be one of the more literal examples of the trope.
  • Nils from Platinum Grit, who's forever picking up anonymous men and may or may not have had a lesbian relationship with Kate in the backstory. She'll sleep with anything. Well, except Jeremy.
  • Originally Monette from Something*Positive was kind of like this—an apparently-straight girl who inexplicably thought she was a lesbian, and once had sex with a (male) koala. More recently she is portrayed as a (much more stable) bisexual woman in a committed relationship with another woman.
  • Space Moose, with the added issue that he was rather prone to raping men. Frequently. Including his friends. Especially his friends. Particularly Marlo.
  • Zii and Matt from Ménage à 3.
  • Tomato (and to a lesser degree, Gloog) from A Game of Fools.
  • Nitrine from Flaky Pastry.
  • Joel of Concession is this trope (along with Depraved Bisexual) personified. He's screwed pretty much every other recurring character that likes men, and supposedly he once slept with a feral dog.
    • Also Angie, though her liking women is usually more Bi the Way.
    • And the Author Avatar frequently portrays himself like this.
  • Tricia of Indefensible Positions has an excuse for this—her magic is based in chaos, so she grows more powerful as she violates more and more social taboos. At this point, she's worked her way up to having sex with tentacle monsters.
  • Mona, Frida's coworker, from Love and Tentacles. She managed to have a threeway with two gay guys.
  • Eridan Ampora from Homestuck, due to his increasing desperation, has stopped regarding gender, species, and crippling sociopathy as downsides to a potential romantic partner. Of course, all trolls are bi regardless as their genders have nothing to do with reproduction.
    • His dancestor, Cronus, is even more desperate and pathetic to the point of creepiness. He claimes himself to be a suave man and styles himself like a 50's greaser, but talking with his friends reveals that everybody tries to avoid his sorry ass due to the guy not having internalized the concept of consent.
  • Denmark from Scandinavia and The World has shades of this:

Denmark: I wanna bang a sheep too! Why haven't I banged a sheep yet, Sweden?

Denmark: Hello there, sexy lady. Can I buy you a cocktail?
Thailand: Before you go any further, you should know I'm not Sister Thailand. I'm Brother Thailand.
Denmark: Oh. [beat] So... are you trying to tell me you'd rather I'd buy you a beer?

Marsha: "Hey, Diana? Would you come? / I mean HERE. / No, it's just that April's sick, and I could use the company. / For the last time, this is not about sex."

  • In Spacetrawler, Dimitri, a human, will sleep with anything his approxiscan says is 50% sexually compatible or higher. He's only been shown chasing females, but their Bizarre Alien Biology often means the audience can't tell the difference between male and female anyway.
  • In Jet Dream, while every T-Girl (except for man-crazy Petite) shows some interest in both men and women after her sex change, teen T-Girl Cookie Jarr is an especially enthusiastic bisexual. She loves to dance, and will Twist with boys, and Frug with girls!

Web Original

  • Orderly Chaos has Lew Carrellan, the microchip-enhanced megastud with a heart of what is probably mostly gold.
  • Tales of MU offers up at least three:
  • This chapter of Colorshock seems to imply that Darc is one of these on occasion.
  • From Professor Brothers there are the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah who as expected are sex fiends. However it goes beyond that to the point where they have sex with rocks painted to look like God's face.
  • Rosa Fiametta from Survival of the Fittest is perfectly willing to hit on anybody she considers attractive. Once, when she discovered the girl she was flirting with was straight, Rosa transitioned seamlessly to flirting with the other girl she was talking to.
    • Matthew Payne of Version 1 of the SOTF spinoff "The Program" is also an example of this trope. As well as being pansexual, the first thing he asks Rena Belaire after she rescues him is "Wanna screw?".
  • Dirty Potter: "Hagrid will fuck anything if it stands still long enough." "That's what your little sister said!"
  • The Guild: Fawkes will try anything at least once.
  • The Spoony one. Two episodes of "Spooning with Spoony", one with The Nostalgia Chick and That Chick In The Goggles (and Benzaie) one with The Nostalgia Critic, Angry Joe and Bennett the Sage.
  • In Darwins Soldiers Gustave has this to say about Roux.

Gustave: She likes to have sex. Lots of it. In every possible place, every conceivable position, any number of partners.

  • The Tandy Arena has it's own Rette who will frequently hit on the people she's fighting, to the point where she turned a tournament final into a makeout session.
  • In Greek Ninja, Dolores, Eli's demon ex-girlfriend, confronts Sasha all very pleased to have reunited with Eli. The fact he is reincarnated as a girl doesn't seem to bother her, as she refuses to let go and later locks lips with her/him. Meanwhile, she also exclaims "What a treat!" when she sees Daichi.
  • The Dark Lord Inglip has expressed interest in feminine lesbians, a "man-knot", and stocking his harem with "the nonalive."
  • Greasepaw's only real restriction is normal intercourse with male werewolves, but that's only because sex between two werewolves always results in a metis growing in the mother's womb, and the first werewolf law is against mating between werewolves. Blowjobs are okay with her though (since she can't get pregnant and it's not technically mating), and she's more than happy to enjoy the womenfolk as well. Hell the first thing she does when she meets any new werewolf is to start groping them.

Western Animation

  • Mr(s). Garrison from South Park who has been a closeted gay male who likes to molest children, an open gay male, then got a sex change and became a straight woman, then a lesbian, and finally a (presumably gay?) male again. (S)he's not only slept with Anything That Moves, (s)he's effectively been Anything That Moves.
    • Except a straight male, and even then, the early episode "Tom's Rhinoplasty" he did seem to enjoy the wimmins after he had the plastic surgery.
    • He's also had sex with Cartman's pig and a pigeon.
    • And was upset his father never sexually abused him. He thought his father finally did it, but it was really Kenny G.
    • In fanfiction, Kenny is usually written this way—aside from being poor, it is his major characterization. However, on the show he primarily is just shown lusting after women (and sometimes, girls his own age).
    • Cartman's mother also fits this trope, as evidenced by the many references to her kinks and especially the "Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut"/"Cartman's Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut" two-parter where it turns out that not only has she slept with everyone including Mr. Garrison, Kyle's Dad, The Mayor and Jesus, but that she's a functional hermaphrodite and actually Cartman's father.
      • Though later we find out she never was a hermaphrodite and that Cartman's father was actually a Denver Bronco who also happened to father Cartman's arch-nemesis Scott Tenorman.
  • Gorillaz. Possibly Murdoc Niccals, although this is debatable. On the one hand, he really loves the ladies, but he's also made a few off-the-cuff comments about men when sufficiently drunk. (Not to mention his interesting relationship with 2D.) Basically, although nothing's been totally confirmed, it's pretty solid Fanon that Murdoc lies somewhere in Depraved Bisexual territory.
  • Looney Tunes: Pepe Le Pew — and it doesn't matter if the cat is male or female (and 1947's "Scent-imental Over You" showed us that it didn't matter if it was a cat, because the object of Pepe's affection in that short was a chihuahua who glued skunk fur onto her body so she can be like the other dogs), so long as she (or he) is painted like a skunk. And the DC Comics version of Looney Tunes had Pepe go after a black bull (the one who squared off with Bugs in "Bully for Bugs") with a white stripe and several human women who in one way or another have black and white skunk stripes on them.
  • Randall, Mark's zombie roommate from Ugly Americans, shows a disturbing willingness to sleep with pretty much anyone, and anything. Some of his conquests include three pig women, a walking talking brain creature, a big fat blob thing, a robot(Which turned out to just be the toaster) and so on. His dick actually quit because of this.