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One or more of the characters is a Time Lord.

  • Specifically, Marwood is most definitely the Doctor, or possibly the eighth Doctor's son (Given their family resemblance). This, of course, makes Withnail also a Time Lord by association.
  • There was a cartoon Doctor Who Expanded Universe thing in which Richard E. Grant played the Doctor, with a personality not altogether unlike Withnail's. Also note Withnail's "synous nicotine based" Techno Babble. He must be a Time Lord too.
  • They're actually all the Doctor. The film is taking place in the head of the Eighth Doctor as he lies dying and preparing to regenerate. He meets a possible next incarnation (Grant) and is also attacked by an alternate version of himself (Griffiths was rumoured to be the planned Eighth Doctor if the original BBC series had continued) trying to become real by 'having' him. Not wanting either alternative, he shaves his head, puts on a leather jacket and heads off to Manchester to become Christopher Eccleston.

Marwood is an Unreliable Narrator and the reason there are so few women in the film.