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Card Games

  • Used in Magic: The Gathering on occasion. The Italian version of Volcanic Fallout is "Pioggia di Lapilli" ("Rain of Lapilli"), the Italian Tideforce Elemental is "Elementale della Marea Selvaggia" (approximately "Savage-Tide Elemental"), and the Italian Splinter Twin is "Gemellare" ("Twinning").
    • This can result in a pun which cannot easily be retranslated back to English. The card Lightmine Field was translated into Italian as Campo Illu-Minato - "illuminato" meaning "illuminated" and "minato" meaning "mined" in the sense of having explosives placed in it.
    • The Slivers - Hive Mind creatures, each of which grants abilities to all the others - are known in Italian as "Tramutanti", from the same root as English "transmute".
  • What may be the most amazing translated name, the Yu-Gi-Oh! card called "Mind Hack" in Japanese was astonishingly renamed Mind Haxorz in the English translation.
    • Other cards that had "death" in the name were translated as "Des," for cards such as "Des Koala" and "Des Frog." Initially just a Bowlderization. Then comes "D.3.S. Frog."

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