"Fascism Is Everywhere" Ending

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When a fascist or otherwise extreme political group is investigated and busted, a member, often the leader, brags how the group is everywhere. This is a "Fascism Is Everywhere" Ending, and it does not mean that "fascism everywhere is ending" - just the opposite.

He claims that his movement is everywhere and is growing and will rule supreme someday and the heroes are concerned that there will be more trouble in the future.

Note: Often associated with right-wing militia movements, which became a trope of their own following the militia scare in the media after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Contrast Red Scare and Yellow Peril.

As an Ending Trope, Spoilers ahead may be unmarked. Beware.

Examples of "Fascism Is Everywhere" Ending include:

Live-Action TV

  • MacGyver episode "Ten Percent Solution", MacGyver uncovers a massive Neo-Nazi conspiracy that has infiltrated a sizable portion of America.
  • On Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, there is often a variant where a pedophile reminds Our Hero that pedophiles are everywhere, particularly on the internet. The episodes "Chat Room" and "Pandora" used this technique.
  • Law & Order episode "Charm City", a white supremacist convicted of planting a poison gas bomb on a subway car angrily hisses that “My country is growing, yours is shrinking!” as the credits roll.
  • Trope subverted on the CSI: Miami episode "Pirated" where the militia leader threatens how his movement is everywhere and growing. The detectives respond that they are investigating every connection he has and expect a wave of arrests of his cronies in short order, which we see happening in a flurry of images as the police swoop in to bust the terrorists. The militia leader is left stunned to hear that his organization is being smashed so quickly.
  • A variation in the same vein as this trope occurred on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the season three finale "The Adversary" where a defeated changeling who has been sneaking around the ship trying to sabotage it tells Odo that the Changelings are Everywhere.

Video Games

  • At the end of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots with the Patriots seemingly all dead and their AI system destroyed, Drebin tells Otacon that he believes the world is not truly free from the influence of the Patriots. To prove this, he writes the name of Meryl's unit (Rat Patrol 01) in the sand and makes the letters rearrange into PATR10T.
    • It's actually a bit of odd Fridge Logic in that the letters don't actually form an anagram at all unless "patrol" is shortened to "PT" as Drebin does. PT isn't an accepted shortening of the world "patrol".
      • And the fact that a Patriot-sponsored unit like Rat Patrol 01 would hide the name of the organization doesn't prove Drebin's point that the Patriots are still controlling things.