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Fridge Horror

  • The Goofy movies are considered in the same canon as Goof Troop. The absence of Peg and Pistol seems to imply that sometime in that time Pete got divorced and PJ got separated from his mom and sisters. Pretty dark, guys.
    • Unfortunately no, Disney has never canonized the Goof Troop/Goofy Movies together. Pistol and Peg were developed for sitcom reasons (and the need for some females in a male heavy kids show) and only part of the Troop lore.
    • While it's possible, it's also likely we just don't get a look into Pete's own family life, what with the story focus being focused on Goofy and Max's relationship. The fact Pete now works as a child photographer alongside Goofy does imply he lost his car dealership, however.
  • In A Goofy Movie, as much of a happy movie as it was, I find myself wondering about the scene where Max makes his big navigator choice. Would Goofy have really driven them right into the median if Max hadn't chosen a direction?
    • Seeing as how emotionally distraught Goofy was at that time, my bet is yes.
      • Maybe not as horrible as imagined. He was probably hoping Max would pick the other way, and was just going to turn right regardless. He only grazed the median because Max suddenly screamed left, and he had to make an abrupt turn. Arguably also why he was so furious and disappointed afterward.

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