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  • Nancy constructing various MacGyverian traps for Freddy in the first film and having him falling on every one of them.
  • "I take back every bit of energy I gave you. You're nothing! You're shit." Best ending ever! Or, at least it was until Executive Meddling completely ruined it two minutes later.
  • Heather has a problem in New Nightmare; "Freddy" has trapped her son in an oven and is about to devour him. What does she do? Stab the bastard. RIGHT IN THE BALLS.
    • She even delivers a Precision F-Strike in the process, too!
    • Let's not forget that earlier, Heather's hit by a car on the freeway trying to get to Dylan before Freddy does. Does that stop her? NO. That is the basic definition of a Mama Bear.
  • Heather's babysitter, Julie, from the same movie gets another one. A couple of nurses are attempting to give Heather's son an injection that will help him fall asleep--something that they absolutely do not want to happen considering what franchise this is. Julie clocks one nurse in the face, knocking her clean out of the room, and chases the other one out with a syringe. Of course, Julie still dies not five minutes later. But hey, it was still pretty badass.
  • Alice's Lock and Load Montage in The Dream Master.
  • The opening of Freddy's Revenge is pretty awesome.
  • Though it was for nothing, the fight between Neil, Donald Thompson and Freddy's Skeleton was pretty awesome. Though he died Donald delivered one of the most cool Badass Boast in movie history.

Donald: It's really you, I killed you once before you son of a BITCH!!

  • Freddy vs. Jason, specifically on the Jason side of things. You'd think going right at his psyche would be enough to silence the bastard, but Freddy learns the hard way that much like himself, Jason just doesn't DIE!
  • Alice in The Dream Child, taking the fight straight to Krueger in the dreamworld, goading him on and calling him a coward in order to draw him out.
  • In Freddy's Dead, Freddy tries to get to Tracey by taking on the form of her dead father, who's implied to have molested her ( and to have been killed by her). Tracey proceeds to take a coffee pot and completely and utterly wales on him. He gets back up and drops the charade, but Tracey still takes him on, then proceeds to wake herself up by burning her hands when she realizes she's outmatched.

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