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All The Tropes and Miraheze are not responsible for any damages that result from drinking games,
including but not limited to damages to your liver and other people's cars.

Drinking game for A Very Potter Musical

Take a drink for every time...

  • Malfoy mentions Pigfarts.
    • Two if it's in song.
  • A male actor hits a really high note.
    • Two if it ISN'T Darren.
  • One for every time Ginny says "Wowee, Harry Potter!"
  • One for every time Ron has a snack when entering the screen.
    • Two if he doesn't!
  • One every time Red Vines are mentioned in the Sequel.
    • Chug if someone doesn't want a Redvine.
  • One every time Hermione is made fun of for being ugly.
    • A sip for being unable to draw.
  • One for every time Lupin is only in briefs.
  • One every time Tyler Bruensman's character dies.
  • One every time Cho says "y'all".
  • One every time Goyle refers to himself in third person.
  • One every time High School Musical is mentioned, and one for Twilight in the Sequel
    • in the Sequel, make it two for HSM.
  • One for every time Umbridge says "momma" or "wo-MAN" or refers to herself in third person.
  • Once every time the "did you get my text?" conversation is said.
    • Make it once everytime someone gets a text from Umbridge.
  • One for every time Snape says "What the devil is going on heeeere?"
  • One for every time Umbridge puts on her psycho killer face.
  • One for every ambiguopus moment between Quirrell and Voldemort.
  • One for every quote they use from Avatar: The Last Airbender

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