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Luna: This is great! We cannot wait! Astronomical Observations! Telescope Calibration! And Trivia Pursuit! This should be a detonation! Is that the right wording? This should be a detonation?

Celestia: ’This should be a blast’ is more commonly used.

    • The Cutie Mark Crusaders' show was so cute and awkward!
  • Caramel of Assumptions becomes this trope whenever an attractive girl talks to him directly, constantly stuttering and flubbing his lines. Ironically, his main love interest grows fond of him since he doesn't act differently around her, though he does regress back into this after a few teases from her.
  • Adam Squall, the Author Avatar of Rise of the Galeforces, if his official artwork is anything to go by. May Niobrara have mercy on your poor soul, however, if you call him a "dinosaur."