Akira/Nightmare Fuel

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  • The end. First, after his first escape from the lab and his rescue from the Clowns by Kaneda and crew, he gets assaulted by horrific flashes of the future, including a nightmarish hallucination where he falls and hits the ground and spills his guts onto the ground and tries to scoop them back up.
  • There's the nightmare scene. After undergoing the experiment, Tetsuo is left to recuperate in what looks like a child's bedroom. He wakes up to see all the toys come together and form some kind of gigantic teddy bear with a monster-like right hand and a milk-spewing toy car that proceed to try to kill him.
  • And then there's the mutation scene, where Tetsuo loses control of his powers and transforms into a giant human amoeba that consumes everything it touches, including Tetsuo's poor girlfriend Kaori. And the music does not help...