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  • Forget any Foe Yay that might be between Tetsuo and Kaneda-- Akira has Ho Yay from Kaisuke (Kai in the anime), a high-ranking member of the Capsules. When reunited with Kaneda after thinking that he had died, Kai grabs his soldiers and begins to cry, embracing him and saying how glad he is that he's alive. The manga plays this scene for laughs after the second destruction, where he intercepts a hug that Kaneda meant to give Kei. Kaneda has his eyes closed and relishes the moment thinks he's hugging Kei, and when he realizes the two freak out with playful name-calling and shockedly asking if they were really alive. Kaisuke starts crying and yells that he was really worried about him. This is notable in that this is enough to make most Fanon say that Kaisuke's actually gay, considering he's a rather effeminate, tie-wearing, smartly dressed Bishonen who is probably the most sensitive of the gang members. [1]
    • He's also the only member of the gang who is shown without any girlfriend - all the others apparently have a girlfriend at some point in the manga or the anime.
    • In the anime he appears to have a crush on Yamagata more than Kaneda, showing considerable emotion when he gets killed.
  1. (he is seen both giving Kaori his jacket to wear and also prays over a corpse for the person to "rest in peace", something rare in their Crapsack World.