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Shotaro Kaneda

Tetsuo Shima


Colonel Shikishima

  • Colonel Badass
  • Friend to All Children: He's the only one aside from Dr. Onishi to take the Espers abilities seriously and is fiercely protective of them. Even willing to take on a mutating Tetsuo with nothing but a side arm just to keep him away from them. He extends this to Kaori as well in the movie when Tetsuo advances on her menacingly, making him the only one aside from Kaneda to manage to harm Tetsuo. He was even genuinely worried when Tetsuo's powers were getting out of control, desperately trying to warn him that his powers are killing him.
  • Took a Level in Badass: The Colonel, after the timeskip in the manga. Before, he's a very angry Elite Mook who spends his whole time shouting conflicting orders. After, he's a much more thoughtful and outright heroic character who shows that he's a very badass fighter who's not to be messed with as time goes on, leading up to him attempting to take out Tetsuo head on.


Kyoko, Takashi and Masaru

  • Apologetic Attacker: Takashi uses his Psychic Powers to pretty much blow up a girl named Mozu, but it's clear that he saw it as the only alternative and apologizes before and after doing so.
  • Creepy Child: All three can come across as this, due to their wizened appearance and their Wise Beyond Their Years behavior.
  • Ill Girl: Kyoko is bedridden and has a weaker health than the others. Masaru is confined to a wheelchair
  • Never Grew Up: Implied to have been a result of the government's experiments and all the drugs they have to take. However, while they stayed children, their bodies aged prematurely, so they look unnaturally old.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Takashi, who gets shot in the head by no real reason at all. And right when he had found Akira and was happily going to him! This completely causes an horrified Akira to release his powers, taking almost all of Neo Tokyo with him.


  • Break the Cutie
  • Butt Monkey: A tragic example in the movie. She is constantly belittled by Tetsuo, beaten and nearly raped by The Clowns after her first appearance. Then killed accidentally when Tetsuo's mutation devours her and crushes her to death. To make matters even worse, he can feel her physical and emotional pain from it even after her death.
  • Love Martyr: Even if Tetsuo shouts some verbal insults at her and tries to force her into sex slavery, she stays loyal to him.
  • Morality Chain: In the manga, she's one of the few persons Tetsuo cares for. When she died, he went APESHIT.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: In the manga, Kaori comes to feel sympathy towards Tetsuo despite the fact he forcibly recruited her and tried to turn her into a sex slave.
  • Yuriko Fuchizaki

Lady Miyako

Sakaki, Mozu and Miki




Tetsuo's handyman

Kaisuke a.k.a. Kai