Alas, Poor Scrappy/Quotes

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Male Student: He annoyed the hell out of me...but I feel kind of bad that he died.
—An NPC in Persona 4, referring to Mr. Morooka
Yosuke Hanamura: He was a capital A asshole, but that doesn't justify killing him...
—Also from Persona 4, referring to the same
Poppy had tried to save Zal from the Giantkiller's vengeance, and now she was dead for her pains. Lila forcibly hauled her sharpening attention away as she remembered Poppy, the stupid kind of vacuity of her and her foolish act of defiance. In life Poppy had annoyed her and been the kind of girl Lila had always mistrusted and envied[.]
Narration, Chasing the Dragon
Oh my God, the one character that everyone hated in the movies and had, like, one appearance, is dying! I'm so sad!
Chester A. Bum, on Dobby's death, Bum Reviews: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I
"Sh-she's dead. She was a dork and nobody liked her but now that she's dead everybody loves her."
Superman, re: Supergirl, "Classic Condensed Comics Classics: Crisis on Infinite Earths", in You'll All Be Sorry by Gail Simone
"He was a lying, cheating, sniveling bastard, but.. Now he's dead, so I loved him so much!"