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A series by Justina Robson.

After the Quantum Bomb of 2015, there are six worlds. In no particular order, they are: Alfheim, Faery, Demonia, Thanotopia, Zoomenon, and Otopia.

Skip ahead a couple generations and meet Liles. Lila Black is a cyborg, with a functioning AI, which is slowly meshing with her. She's magic-scarred from an earlier job gone wrong in Alfheim. She comes from Otopia, and is a member of the Agency, a national security service focusing on inter-world interactions. It's her job to spy on an Elvish rock star named Zal, while hidden as a bodyguard. On their first meeting, they get into Game, a type of wild magic that binds them until one of them loses or dies. Games create strong impulses enough to turn murder charges to manslaughter, so losing isn't really a pertinent option, and both Lila and Zal are shaping up to live a good, long time.

Lila has to go to various worlds, and... things get weird. There is more mystery than she can imagine, and the only way to figure it all out is to dive right in herself.

Well. It is with Lila, anyway.

Later books show a good deal more focus on other characters, and the amount of focus on other characters seems directly proportionate to how much Lila is getting over herself. Whether this is intentional is up to the reader.

Books: Keeping It Real, Selling Out, Going Under, Chasing the Dragon, Down to the Bone

Needs a Better Description

Oh, and despite having a character named Glinda, it has nothing to do with the Wicked song "Defying Gravity".

Tropes used in Quantum Gravity include: