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  • Hicks using his power to help Gary in "Anger Management", causing Gary to look genuinely happy for a brief moment, which nothing up to that point had done.
  • Dr. Rosen's speech to Rachel about how special she is to him in "Never Let Me Go."
  • Bill fulfilling his promise (that he had earlier reneged upon) to let Gary drive in "Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure."
  • Skylar's happiness at the end of her episode ("Catch and Release"), and the little ditty that her daughter makes for a formula.
  • Gary encouraging Rachel to tell her father to see a doctor, and the resulting conversations between Rachel and her dad in "A Short Time In Paradise."
  • Rosen's whole attitude towards Alphas, and his team in particular. Like in "Cause and Effect," when he tells Agent Sullivan: "It's not us vs. them. It's us and them. That's the only option."
    • Or in "Rosetta," when Gary has been upset throughout the episode.

Rosen: Gary, I know you liked Anna, but I'm your friend too.
Gary: Yeah, I know, but—you're not one of us. You're not.
Rosen: ...Gary, I don't make distinctions like that.


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