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  • Defictionalization:
  • Follow the Leader: To truckloads of artillery games, and followed by plenty of imitators itself.
  • The Merch: In many kinds, but especially the line of plush Angry Birds (which range from keychain-size to softball size), which includes the Rio characters, and several have electronic game sounds. And are safe enough to actually throw at things!
  • No Export for You: Angry Birds Holiday was closed down before 2017 started, meaning it never got a release in the US. The UK did release it in October though.
    • Angry Birds Football was removed in November 2016, meaning it never got past the soft-launch stage.
  • Port Overdosed: It's probably one of the youngest examples of this trope. By 2017, this game had been released on pretty much every mobile, web-based, desktop and console platform in existence.
  • Viral Marketing: A real-life rather than a virtual one, for once. To advertise Angry Birds Space, Roxio hung a giant Red Bird from a slingshot attached to the Space Needle. Seattle residents were encouraged to come by the building and try out the game for free. Images of the bird quickly spread across the Internet.

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