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Now, here I lie in my own blood, and strangers cry for me
I'm prepared to meet the gods, I wish they'd let me be
I don't deserve their sympathy, I know who I am
My soul is death and misery

I am an evil man
Amon Amarth, "The Hero"

"There is good, and there is evil. There are those who commit crimes and those who stop them. The two sides are opposite, as different as day and night, and the line between them is clear. Or at least, it's supposed to be..."

"Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right."
Salvor Hardin, Foundation
You both have childlike ideals. Believing in simplicity and shouldering the role of a criminal for the sake of that ideal. Turning yourselves into the greatest evil to eliminate all the small evils in this world. You and Kiritsugu act like the saviors we call 'anti-heroes'.
Kotomine, Fate Stay Night (game)

Whatever happened to all the heroes?
All the Shakespearoes?
They watched their Rome burn
Whatever happened to the heroes?
Whatever happened to the heroes?
No more heroes anymore

No more heroes anymore
—The Stranglers, "No More Heroes"
That is the end of this war. That is the responsibility I took when I swore to be a Superhero. It is the first price I have to pay to become my ideal. There's no need to talk about the obvious outcome. Emiya Shirou will turn his mind to steel, and become a Superhero.
Shirou, Fate Stay Night bad end #30: Mind of Steel
"Men have this idea that they can fight with dignity, that there is a proper way to kill's absurd. We need that idea, to endure the bloody horror of murder. You must destroy this idea. Show him what a messy, terrible thing it is to kill a man...and show him that you relish in it. Shoot the wound, then execute the wounded, burn them, take them in close combat. Destroy any preconceptions as to what a man is and you become their personal monster...when they fear you, you become stronger, you become better. But let's never forget, it's a display, a posture, like a lion's roar or a gorilla thumping at his chest. if you lose yourself in the display, if you succumb to the horror, you become the monster...not more of a man, but less...and it can be fatal."
Far Cry 2
The media likes to portray me as a senseless killer. I would point out that I am a very sensible killer.
Let me break down the differences for you. In R-rated movies, the good guy only kills in self-defense. RR-rated movies are allowed to blur the line. Man, I saw this one RR-rated movie where the good guy stepped on a rabbit. He didn't kill it, but, later on, he wished he did! The good guy! That's messed up, man! You can't let kids watch that!
Strong Bad, sbemail "rated"

Kid: *snatches an enemy craft filled with pleading Mooks out of the air* What do we do, Isaac? They want to be saved.

Isaac: Those who would make good people cry...*eye twinkle with Audible Gleam*...deserve no mercy. *Cue the enemy craft, and the Mooks inside, getting crushed in Braiger's big blue claw.*
Braiger, first episode

I see and feel the evil
My hands will crush 'em all
You think you have the answer
I'll laugh and watch you fall
Black hearted evil
Brave hearted hero

I am all, I am all I am
—Crush 40, I Am All of Me