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This needs to be split into multiple pages: Monogatari (series)/Ho Yay for the franchise as a whole, and Bakemonogatari/Ho Yay, Kizumonogatari/Ho Yay, and Nisemonogatari/Ho Yay for the individual works.

  • Bakemonogatari has Psycho Lesbian Suruga who is dangerously in love with Hitagi. So much so that she starts stalking Koyomi after he hooks up with Hitagi and tries to beat him to death twice.
  • Tsubasa's descriptions of Hitagi during "Suruga Monkey".
  • There's a scene in episode 8 where Oshino walks up to Koyomi and leans in so close to him that their faces are a mere few inches apart.
  • Karen and Tsukihi have this going on. Koyomi even calls them "the yuri sisters!"
  • When the Meddlesome Cat grabs Koyomi from behind, he licks his neck in a very sensual way. The Cat's tongue is sharp enough to cause Koyomi to bleed.

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