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"If a man... yells loud enough... he can do... anything!!"

Sometimes a character just oozes passion.

Sometimes, they're more like a dam with the floodgates open.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the flood of passion they unleash is such that you need to send out a dove to find land afterwards.

They are so burningly passionate about everything that they do that they seem larger than life. They give their all in absolutely everything they do, regardless of the task. They can say the cheesiest of lines with a straight face—the best of them can say things that are so cheesy they use the So Bad It's Good principle to become awesome. These characters are Hot-Blooded.

Using the power of guts and determination, they throw themselves headfirst into the worst situations imaginable and come out on top through sheer force of will, and often have a strong tendency to do impressive things. Even non-hot blooded characters can occasionally have their own hot blooded incidents; this is frequently their Crowning Moment of Awesome.

Beware if they go into Tranquil Fury; someone's really managed to piss them off.

Especially common in the Super Robot Genre. A common trait of The Ace, and to a lesser degree the Boisterous Bruiser. Compare with the Large Ham. If it's not pulled off just right, it results in Narm.

For characters with boundless enthusiasm and energy but without the soul-searing intensity, see Genki Girl or Keet.

Not to be confused with a certain Foreigner song. Well, not all the time, anyway.

Examples of Hot-Blooded include:

Anime and Manga

  • Vegeta from Dragon Ball is such this trope that it really can just be called "The Vegeta." He is almost nothing but pure anger, pride and bloodlust. In fact, this seems to be the main attribute of the Saiyan Race in general, with Goku being the exception to the rule.
    • Of course, Goku's still a Determinator, which is bad news for his opponents.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann literally runs on Hot Blood- the mecha in the series are fueled by the pilot's "will to fight". The characters themselves often point out that various actions wouldn't work if they didn't will them to do so.

Kick logic out and do the impossible! That's how team Gurren rolls!

    • Hell, Guren Gakuenhen has NIA going hot blooded!!!
    • They also got the Anti-Spirals hotblooded in the movie adaption. For those who somehow dont know about the Anti-Spirals, they're basically anti-hotbloodedness, or at least were supposed to be.
    • How hot is Simon's blood? Well, in the Compilation Movie he turns it into a drill and kills the Big Bad with it. Yes, you read that right.
    • Then of course you have Lordgenome, who is so hot blooded, he has a tendency for parts of his body to spontaneously erupt in flames whenever he fights.
  • Banjo Haran from Daitarn 3 contains this in dangerous quantities. He even tells the ghost of his dad to piss off, cause he don't need his help to win!
  • GaoGaiGar‍'‍s Guy Shishio makes the most of it by piloting a Humongous Mecha powered by his own courage. You could make a case for half the GGG, actually, but Guy does most of the fighting.
    • In fact, most people voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama have a tendency to fall into this trope, which also includes Ikkaku Madarame from Bleach, Harunobu Madarame from Genshiken, Viral from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Akutare/Axel from Disgaea 2. Even Link in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (who was voiced by Hiyama for that game) was particularly hotblooded in his screams when being knocked down or attacking.
    • It should probably be noted that Guy's name can be translated as"Triumphant King Lion."
    • Even in Gao Gai Gar, Guy's arguably just the crown prince of hot-blooded shouting. The real crown goes to Koutarou Taiga, GGG chief.
    • Even the AIs for the other robots in the series tend to be pretty hot-blooded, usually in the "red" half of the Red Oni, Blue Oni pairings. Although the combined Forms of said pairings are always hot-blooded. Also Goldymarg, an AI so hot-blooded it leads you to wonder if they programmed him in ALL CAPS.
      • Canonically, his Super AI was based on Geki Hyuuma because they didn't have time to raise it.
        • "LET'S BREAK STUFF!"
  • Naruto and Might Guy from Naruto, In Shippuden, Guy actually uses a high-level technique to shoot fire from his fists. And no, it's not ninjutsu; he's just so damn hot-blooded the friction of his fist against the air starts a fire.
    • And Rock Lee too. He's Guy's protege, so of course, he's like this also. He was nicknamed the "Hot-Blooded Dropout".
      • When Lee and Guy hug, the sheer amount of passion generated is enough to warp reality and cause a cliffside sunset to appear... indoors in the middle of a perfectly level forest.
    • Kiba's also quite Hot-Blooded - according to Naruto, even more so than he himself is.
      • Pretty much whenever Kiba's name is posted on this site, it is a link back to this page.
    • Apparently Naruto's mom, Kushina, was more Hot-Blooded than everyone else, earning the nickname Red Hot-Blooded Habanero.
    • Didn't someone say "hotblooded Sakura Haruno" in another article?
    • When the seventh gate is opened, Gai's hot blood goes supernova. Instead of his punches that shoot fireballs, he can punch a tiger face made of Pure Awesomeness into existence. Just ask Kisame.
  • Ash Ketchum from Pokémon, almost to the point of Flanderization (alongside Idiot Hero). He's gotten a good deal more mature in recent years, but being Hot-Blooded to the max comes naturally considering he's voiced by Mrs. Rica Matsumoto.
    • Some rivals of Ash are also pretty Hot-Blooded, specially Gym Leader Chuck (Shijima) from Johto, Morrison (Masamune) from the Hoenn tournament and Chuck's disciple, Arena Tycoon Greta (Arena Captain Kogomi) from the Frontier Brains group. Greta was actually so Hot-Blooded that when she and Ash faced it off, they often stared at each other and fire erupted in the background, with Brock and May lampshading the trope by commenting on how passionate and similar they were.
      • Canalave Gym Leader Byron (Tougan) is the newest one in the list of passionate Gym Leaders, and may be the most hot blooded of them all—he shares the same seiyuu as Franky of One Piece (the dub successfully matches this performance with Dan Green), and most of his scenes in the battle with Ash looked like they may have been inspired from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!
    • Crossing into the manga, we have our share of hot blood pumping around. Gold and Pearl in particular demonstrate this quality in spades.
      • And Black manages to beat them all. He feels the need to scream out his dreams over a cliff on a near daily basis.
        • Not to mention that he can't think of anything else besides becoming "THE CHAMPION OF THE POKEMON LEAGUE!" and being unable to function in daily life without his Munna eating his dreams.
    • Other manga have their share of Hot-Blooded protagonists. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure has Hareta, Pokémon Golden Boys has Gold, Pocket Monsters has Red, etc.
  • Don Kanonji of Bleach, and Renji and Isshin Kurosaki too Or his public persona, at least.
    • Keigo also fits this trope in a way, since the dude lives his entire life in a colorful, energetic fast-forward. He does everything big and passionate! He's not particularly brave and enthusiastic about fighting, though. Then he partially lampshades this by playing Hisagi Shuuhei, since that character, despite being many things is not hot-blooded.
    • Villains ain't immune to it either, Grimmjow is about as hot blooded as they come, and so is Nobuyuki Hiyama's Madarame Ikkaku.
    • Avirama Redder, Barragan's hyperactive, battle-hungry fraccion, beats them all in hot-bloodedness. He's even color-coded.
  • Major Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist, resident Large Ham, whose hot-bloodedness has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations.
  • Sakigake Otokojuku parodies this sort of character.
  • Kazuma from S-Cry-ed.
  • Luffy from One Piece.
    • Luffy's "Gear Second" form which involves him using his rubberman powers to pump his blood around faster than normal with the resulting increase in temperature causing steam to rise from his body. In other words, when in Gear Second, he's literally powered by hot blood!
    • Sanji too. He burns with the passion of love! (literally) In fact, his blood burns so hot that it's the reason he can avoid injury from setting his own leg on fire.
      • Post-timeskip, his "Hell Memories" technique sets his entire body on fire.
    • And Zoro as a kid, before...stuff happened.
    • Boa Hancock gets this way whenever Luffy is involved (except whenever he's actually in her presence, though).
  • Sachie from Wild Ones has this in spades whenever she gets riled up.
  • Every main hero in every Digimon canon ever, except Takato who, like the rest of Tamers, was a deliberate breaking of the mold. They all have the matching Personality Powers, and some do it much more than others.
  • The earliest anime/manga example and likely the Trope Codifier for this special media is Mazinger Z, the series that codified the Super Robot. Kouji Kabuto is generally the character that all other Hot-Blooded characters come from (and Sayaka the role model for all Hot-Blooded, Tsundere female leads). We HAVE to thank the dude for paving the way for all the hot blooded passionate gar fulled heroes that we respect love and admire to this day.
    • Like Tetsuya Tsurugi and Jun Hono from Great Mazinger.
    • And Duke Fleed -and his little sister Maria- from UFO Robo Grendizer, although he can also be quiet and calmed when nothing is riling him up. However, when he WAS riled up, he fits here squarely. It is reinforced in the original manga, with the narration stating his fury burned throughout him.
    • Go Nagai in fact loves Hot-Blooded characters. Even his Magical Girl Cutey Honey is Hot-Blooded. Go Nagai characters border on the line of Hot Blood Overdose, which may lead to such noticeable side effects as sketchy art style, crazy eyes, and lots of breaking of the laws of physics.
    • Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen has plenty of Hot Blood of course, being a Mazinger show. But of particular note is the show's Narrator, who somehow outdoes the actual pilot's efforts. "ZEEEEEEEEEETTO"
  • Getter Robo requires not one, not two, but three hotblooded pilots, and exposure to Getter Rays brings out the burning passion within oneself; even watching or reading Getter Robo can make someone Hot-Blooded.
  • Hiroshi Shiba from Kotetsu Jeeg is a Go Nagai character, so that being Hot-Blooded is a requirement.
  • And Akira Fudo from Devilman. He can give Vegeta from Dragon Ball a run for his money any day.
  • G Gundam does this to the point where it's arguably a parody. All of the main pilots are Hot-Blooded including George De Sand, and he's the stereotypical French gentleman outside his Super Robot. Whenever Rain Mikamura suits up she becomes a Hot-Blooded pilot, and she's the technician! In fact this series is so Hot-Blooded that Fuunsaiki, Master Asia's horse, is Hot-Blooded. Just look at its suit up sequence.

Domon: This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip tells me to defeat you! Take this! My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow! SHINING FINGER SWORD!

    • Domon's Distaff Counterpart / Expy Kallen Kouzuki seems to have taken after Domon himself to quite a degree (being a Hot-Blooded Determinator Ace Pilot who fights for justice, in a Real Robot show very much on the Cynical side of the Scale), proving that you don't have to be male in order to be GAR.
    • Many characters voiced by Tomokazu Seki, most notable is probably Domon and maybe Gai. He's probably voiced more Hot Blooded characters than almost any other voice actor. Only problem is, he's voiced so many characters and with such a wide range of personalities that it's impossible to associate him with just the Hot Blooded ones.
  • Graham Aker of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 does a lot of yelling and screaming for a Real Robot pilot, as well as some of the others in his squad. Thankfully, though, he's one of those characters who is hot-blooded AND has the experience, competence and sheer awesomeness to back it up. Some of his burning moments include screaming fallen comrades' names and vowing revenge, and in one instance, he sorties alone to fight a Gundam attack, and yells something about surpassing the Asura while slicing off the Gundam's arm (the first time a 'regular' mobile suit did harm to a Gundam in that series). Did we mention that he has no fear of having his body turned into pulp by G-Forces? Yes, Graham is hot-blooded AND awesome.
    • Also, let's not forget "HOOOOWARD MAAAAASON"!
    • And "GUNDAM!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!"
    • The aforementioned take-off to singelhandedly fight three Gundams on his own is accompanied by a nearly trope naming worthy 'I shall overcome reasoning with my recklessness!!!!' And hell, he does.
    • Patrick Colasour, anyone?
  • Garrod Ran of Gundam X shines this trope. What he lacks in experience he makes up for with sheer adaptability and Hot Blood.
  • From Gundam SEED, we have Yzak Joule. In the sequel, he is a bit less so, due to being more experienced, but Shinn Asuka more than makes up for it.
  • Sagara Sanosuke, Sagara's father Kamishimoemon, and Myoujin Yahiko from Rurouni Kenshin.
    • By now, you, dear viewer, are probably thinking that this is a heroic trope alone. So when you hear about the Japanese pseudo-Mummy by the name of Shishio Makoto, you think he's the Badass protagonist of a shonen manga. You got the Badass part right, but as for the hero part...not so much. In fact, Shishio is actually SO Hot-Blooded that he dies when his blood overheats and he spontaneously combusts.
  • Subaru of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Striker S, who's a massive Shout-Out to Gao Gai Gar and Super Robots in general.
    • Subaru is something of a subversion as outside of battle, she's actually more of a mild-mannered Genki Girl, who serves as a foil for her Tsundere teammate, Teana.
    • Heck, the entire series in general, especially considering it's a Magical Girl anime.
  • Parodied by Meito Anisawa (pictured above), AKA Anime Tenchou, the Mascot of anime outlet Animate and frequent special guest on Lucky Star: So Hot-Blooded he sets fire to bystanders and has to be put out by a fire hose. He's sort of a parody of Domon Kasshu, who was voiced by the same actor as Anisawa.
    • The rest of the Animate staff are almost at his level, including a rookie introduced later in the series. It seems to be part of standard staff training at Animate.
      • Even the President is Hotblooded, even moreso than Anisawa. Sadly he only makes one brief appearance at Comiket.
    • Anime Tenchou is so Hot-Blooded, in fact, that demons summon him to set enemies on fire.
  • Jouji Gouda from Akane Maniax who is pretty similar to the above
  • Hot blood (or the use of Psycho Serum) powers the Lambda Driver in Full Metal Panic!! Pilots who can be relied upon to use it without fail—mainly the villains—often have this kind of attitude.


    • Hey Hey, there's Issei Tsubaki. He has the headband too.
  • Gai Daigouji of Martian Successor Nadesico. Poor bastard seemed to think he was in a Super Robot show...
    • That show being Gekiganger 3, whose little-seen full title actually includes the term "nekketsu", as does the title of the Short Anime Movie, and a few of the special move names (Nekketsu-giri, the "Hot-blood Slash")... But surprisingly, it doesn't go nearly as far as some of the real examples.
    • Ryouko Subaru from the same anime is a lot more Genre Savvy and competent, but loves performing the archetypal Hot-Blooded battle cry "Ora ora ora ora!" when charging the enemy.
  • Princess Amelia wil Tesla Seyrun of Slayers - adrenalin-charged Warrioress of Justice! Who fought bandits and monsters and made vigorous proclamation speeches of the In the Name of the Moon style and was all fired up to Defeat Evil! Save the Helpless! and Speak In Capital Letters With Exclamation Points! And her father, Prince Phil of Seyrunn, was much the same. *shudder*
    • Amelia's actually calmed down quite a bit by the time Slayers TRY comes around as she's had time to also mature (considering her canon age is only 14 or 15 in the first series), to the point of where she almost has her embarrassed moments with her own father being so Hot Blooded. Her hot blood can be justified in that she has had no mother figure in her life with only her father to raise her. So it's less hot blooded by nature and more hot blooded by nurture?
  • Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade, particularly the manga. A hyper, hot-tempered, tomboyish nun who fights demons using bullets charged with holy power, and often gets so into her battles that she causes massive property damage.
  • Ryohei Sasagawa from Katekyo Hitman Reborn runs on Hot Blood - TO THE EXTREME. Reborn and Tsuna were surprised when the "Dying Will Shot" did nothing to him except give him the cool "burning flame" on his forehead - apparently, he lives his normal life doing things as if he were to die.
  • For a mere school teacher, Great Teacher Onizuka is quite Hot-Blooded. Let's just say he always goes the extra mile; If you're got a problem, he'll tear your wall down with a sledgehammer. Guaranteed.
    • And that was just the first story arc. Later in the series, he's driving motorcycles off highway overpasses and coming back from the dead to teach life lessons.
  • Obviously, the Navis belonging to Hino Ken of RockmanEXE, but Fireman takes the prize for the line, "There's nothing I can't burn... no, there's nothing we can't burn!" Dubbed by Sho Pro into an extremely generic teamwork speech, which is why the example isn't cited under Mega Man NT Warrior.
  • Taishi from Comic Party. Did you know manga is Serious Business? If not, then you don't know Taishi, a grandiose drama king who treats everything as a matter of life or death.
    • Not to mention Yuu Inagawa, who gives a rousing speech about "Burning Passion" and "Passionate Love", which culminates in a vast inferno starting up behind her. She was trying to motivate a friend to... be more passionate about doujinshi.
    • And Subaru, who honestly seems to think her life is a shounen manga (and that she's the star).
  • Shizuma Kusanagi from Real Bout High School, a pompous showboat with explosive moves and the only one who can hold a candle to The Hero, Ryoko Mitsurugi.
  • As History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi receives Training from Hell he also becomes distinctly more Hot-Blooded.
    • His masters Appachai and Sakaki were like this to begin with.
  • Ryo Sanada aka Rekka No Ryo/Ryo of Wildfire in Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/ Ronin Warriors is the passionate Playing with Fire leader. While hotblooded, not the most hotblooded on the team. That title goes to Kento/Shu Rei Faun and they both sport Hotblooded Sideburns.
  • Fist of the North Star has a number of hot-blooded characters, but, curiously, the main character isn't one of them. Raoh seems to go from Aloof Big Brother to Hot-Blooded Badass at the drop of a hat, in particular when he's confronted with a Worthy Opponent. In fact, his death was so hot-blooded that he burned away the constantly overcast clouds while sending his own soul to Heaven, lifting a good amount of depression from the Crapsack World on his way to, presumably, go kick God's ass.
  • Takashi Kawamura from The Prince of Tennis looks meek and gentle and even a bit of a doormat, but if you give him a racket, he wakes up to his hidden Hot-Blooded side and literally nothing can stop him. BUUUUUURRRRRRNIIIIIIINNNNNGGG, indeed. His kouhai Takeshi Momoshiro (who also is a power player, like Kawamura) and local Genki Girl cheerleader Tomoka Osakada are also Hot-Blooded, but not to the Crazy Awesome level of Kawamura... yet.
    • For the rival teams there's Ryoh Shishido of Hyoutei, who subjected himself to ridiculously harsh training to earn back his spot on the team. He loses his temper often, and is vocal about it, he this same passion can also bring up morale on his team.
    • Mukahi Gakuto of Hyoutei, whom immediately did his acrobatics because of Kikumaru. Also oftens bicker with Shishido.
    • Akaya Kirihara from Rikkaidai counts as this, until his Blood Knight side arises.
    • Akira Kamio from Fudomine as well. He'll do it WITH RHYTHM~
    • And what about Kintarou "Kin-chan" Tooyama, huh?
    • And there's also Kunimitsu Tezuka. Yes, THAT Tezuka. But exclusively in regards to tennis.
    • In the TV series, Kevin Smith also has his Hot-Blooded moments.
  • I'm a basketball genius... My name is SAKURAGI HANAMICHIIIII!!!
  • Prussia from Axis Powers Hetalia is a crazier and slightly evil version of this. "Mission complete! Praise me! Hail me! On your knees!"
    • In his official profile, Iceland is described as "hot-blooded and passionate." Although, in the very few strips he's shown up in, he seems to be just as stoic as his older brother Norway, that is, until the "Onii-chan" thing comes up, in which he gets into an irritated fit.
    • Denmark is also an example, right down to being boisterous and having a lot of fun in fights.
    • Hungary isn't that hotblooded at first sight, as she's a sweet and kind Team Mom. Give her a weapon and send her out to protect Austria, though...

Hungary: "Crush vital regions, crush vital regions... CRUSH PRUSSIA! CRUSH PRUSSIA!"

    • Among the other girls, Seychelles and Belarus have their own Hotblooded moments. The first rejects England's claims on her without hesitation, the second goes very competitive in Hetaween 2011.
    • Turkey is also pretty hotblooded when he wants to. Put him next to Greece and both of them will go Hot-Blooded. and start fighting each other.
    • Among the Asians, the closest to the Hot-Blooded archetype is South Korea.
  • The entire cast of Saint Seiya run on Hot Bloodedness with the arguable expection of Saori. They even sport Hotblooded Sideburns.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth has this in spades.
    • Don't let Hikaru's go-lucky personality fool you. That girl will set you on fire if you hurt her precious friends or even people she barely just met...literally.
    • Umi seems to fit the trope rather well too...even though she's supposedly the Water Knight of Selece
    • Lafarga is naturally hot-blooded from moment one of his appearance but surprisingly enough even Lantis who seems as mild-mannered and composed as they get will kick your ass and hand it to you if you challenge him or even remotely threaten Hikaru
  • Inu Yasha. I can't believe Kappei Yamaguchi doesn't lose a lung every time the guy opens his mouth.
    • He's had practice with Ranma ½.
      • And also, of course, if he isn't playing L
  • Yankumi in Gokusen is another example, although many other characters also qualify.
  • Keroberos of Cardcaptor Sakura counts a great deal of the time. Especially when he's demanding food, eating food, freaking out over the latest mishap, or protecting Sakura.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya approaches this on occasion, mainly when she's accepting a challenge (like in "The Day Of Sagittarius"). But hey, maybe it's just megalomania!
  • One of BoBoBo's secret techniques is the "Romanticized Heat Flame Macho Men", where the enemy's soul is burned by the heroes's sheer HotBloodedness. They're so Hot-Blooded that they defeat death and eventually destroy the sun. Then the macho men went home on the train.
  • Manga artist Kazuhiko Shimamoto loves hot-bloodedness to the point that it's something of a trademark for him (and often parodied). His many works include Blazing Transfer Student (about hot-blooded high school fighting), Gyakkyou Nine (hot-blooded baseball) and Moeyo Pen (hot-blooded manga writing), and he was the designer of such characters as Meito Anisawa, the entire cast of G Gundam and Hayato Nekketsu from Rival Schools.
    • Here he is singing the opening to one of his own series, Blazing Transfer Student [1]. You can feel the hot-blooded passion. Set to a video of G Gundam, naturally.
  • Nora isn't hot-blooded; hot-blooded characters are merely infected with the Nora Plague.
  • Jack Rakan from Mahou Sensei Negima is hot-blooded to the point of utter absurdity. And any problem can be solved by summoning a big enough sword.
    • While he's not as hot-blooded as Rakan, Ricardo also requires mention, being a hot-blooded senator of a major country. The two used to be drinking buddies before Ricardo started doing the politician thing.
    • On the villain side, we have Secundum, the Psycho Electro of Kosmo Entelecheia. His creator admitted to dialing all his emotions Up to Eleven in an attempt to understand Nagi's Heroic Willpower.
  • You can make an argument for Neon Genesis Evangelion's Shinji Ikari... but only if you get him pissed off enough, and don't catch him in a major emo moment. Just watch him in the Shamshel and Zeruel battles.
  • Tsubaki Sadamitsu from the little-known manga/anime Hakaima Sadamitsu eats, drinks and breathes this trope. In fact, the entire anime is an over-the-top Affectionate Parody of Hot-Blooded Mecha Shows.
  • In some ways Vinland Saga is a deconstruction of the hot blooded Shonen hero. Nearly every character is a Screaming Warrior, and Badass to boot, but it's the cool headed ones that are the truly dangerous fighters.
  • Ken of Yakitate!! Japan is both figuratively and literally Hot-Blooded: not only is he filled with passion, but he also built up his arm muscles so that the increased circulation would warm his hands, creating an effect similar to Solar Hands.
  • Kogoro of Keroro Gunsou is so passionate, he wastes three thousand calories just picking up a ten yen coin. If it wasn't for his incredible stupidity, he might actually accomplish something.
  • Kaoru of Zettai Karen Children. Not only is she lecherous, ridiculously over the top in her day to day life, but she calls her attacks when it's completely unnecessary as her powers are psychic in nature. Minamoto also does this whenever he releases the girls' psychic limiters for no other reason than adhering to the Rule of Cool.
  • Daiya from Gaiking broke the record for youngest hotblooded mecha pilot at 13 years old. Please also note this was the kid who lifts CITIES with his hotbloodedness.
  • Judai Yuki of Yu-Gi-Oh GX falls under this trope. More than once in the series, Judai actually tries to use his brains for playing... and loses horribly as a consequence! But god help those who face him when he plays with his heart!
    • He's but one member of a long pedigree of Hot-Blooded main characters. Formermost had Katsuya Jounouchi who uses this approach to Take a Level In Badass over the course of the series, Lattermost has the Idiot Hero Tsukumo Yuuma with his Leeroy Jenkins approach, and lastly, we have Jack Atlas and his (And I quote) BUUUURRRRNNNIINNNG SOOOOOUUUL!!!
      • Jack is so hot-blooded that when confronted with Scar-Red Nova(Red Nova in the English), an Earthbound Immortal more powerful than any other to date, he forcibly steals its power and seals it into a card that spontaneously appears in his hand, thereby creating his new ace monster (Scar-)Red Nova Dragon, by the sheer force of his own hot-blooded awesomeness. I reiterate: He stole an all-powerful demon's power and created a new card for himself out of sheer hot-blooded awesomeness.
  • Fairy Tail. Pretty much the entire guild, but particularly Natsu.
  • Sengoku Basara's Date Masamune, for starters... but Hot-Blooded though he is, Masamune still manages to be the Blue Oni to Sanada Genjiro Yukimura's Red Oni because Yukimura is that much more Hot-Blooded. Yukimura and his boss Takeda Shingen - but especially Yukimura - are both so Hot-Blooded that they set things on fire.
    • Chousokabe Motochika, the samurai pirate lord and his followers. Even old nannies wanted to join the fight.
  • They Are My Noble Masters is a show about... butlers. Doesn't sound like a subject to inspire hot-bloodedness, right? One is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama. Another, who is also the main character, is voiced by Tomokazu Seki. A third, the main character's tough-as-nails ex-mercenary mentor, has the voice of Master Asia. Your head may now asplode.
    • No, no, not until you actually get to see the end result. Your scheduled head-explody may now re-commence.
  • The main character of the upcoming TAILENDERS is a race car driver so hot-blooded that his heart is the engine running the machine. As in, literally, a race car engine. Now that's what I call Hot-Blooded.
  • Oboro in Utawarerumono is like this, and even has his base element as fire. The rest of the cast does not approve, because despite his best intentions he tends to slide into another trope if left to his own devices. By the end of the story, he's become mature enough to realize how immature he is and leaves the empire in the control of Benawi while he takes Yuzuha's baby to see the world.
  • Escaflowne's Van Fanel seems a little too quiet for this trope at first (despite being voiced by Tomokazu Seki), but then you put the boy in a mech and throw him into battle and...Yeah.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho is filled with hot blooded characters. Yusuke (mostly if you threaten his friends) and Kuwabara (if you threaten Yukina, he will beat you up) are two of the most prominent, but Hiei and Kurama (though he's more of a Beware the Nice Ones kind of guy) have their moments too.
  • Kenji Harima from School Rumble. Attempting to list all of the hotblooded things he does is a futile effort, but his CMOA of hotblooded-ness was probably when he fought with Karasuma at the end of the series. Heck, he handcuffed them together just so that it'd be easier for the two of them to beat each other up.
    • Don't forget Haruki Hanai!
  • Black Star from Soul Eater lives on this trope, brandishing it at almost every opportunity he gets.
    • Maka's not far behind.
  • Jin, the main character in Zettai Muteki Raijin Oh is so hot blooded that one of his image songs is all about the phrase. The song is called Hot Blooded! Hot Blooded! Men are Hot Blooded!
  • Nekki Basara from Macross 7 is Super Robot-levels of Hot Blood channeled into a singer.
    • His daughter Sheryl from Macross Frontier while normally an Ojou, becomes a hot blooded Determinator when it comes to her singing.
      • Both can be said to be deconstructions of this trope though. Basara can be plain annoying at times much to the annoyance of the rest of his bandmates. Shery, while trying to be a determinator and fly a Valkyrie out of a battle fails miserably.
    • Ozma Lee from Macross Frontier is also pretty hot blooded, kinda expected as he's a fan of Basara and Fire Bomber.
      • His Crowning Moment of Awesome comes when, faced with an opponent who has developed immunity to all his regular attacks, he performs a Big Damn Heroes to save the Macross Quarter, then pulls out his mech's knife and proceeds to kick ass while declaring that he will fight with everything, down to his fists, teeth and nails, just to protect his sister as well as the woman that he has come to love, because if he could not, then he wouldn't be a man, all while badly injured. To top it off, Fire Bomber's Try Again plays during this scene.
    • Bobby Margot also from Macross Frontier is, in addition to sporting an afro, being a world class make-up artist, a Bridge Bunny and Ho Yay, one of the most damned hot blooded characters in the show when he pilots the Macross Quarter's battle mode. He's known as GARby for a very good reason.
  • The Bakunetsu Bancho from Kongoh Bancho is exactly this. Repeatedly screams that "Men who aren't hot-blooded should die!", as seen here.
    • Appropriately, his hair seems to be on fire.
  • Tasuki of Fushigi Yuugi is a Fiery Redhead who uses a screaming fire attack as his main mode of offense... and in what is part of his Crowning Moment of Awesome, he becomes genuinely and completely enraged when brainwashed Tamahome breaks Miaka's heart, and proceeds to give a furious lecture expounding on how horrible it is. That's right, he is so Hot-Blooded that speechifying in defense of a 15-year-old schoolgirl's feelings somehow only makes him look MORE badass.
  • Touma of A Certain Magical Index can get rather hot blooded on occasion. The trigger varies, but mainly when a friend someone he knows someone is in danger or hurt.
  • Guts from Berserk is normally very cold and indifferent, but when the Berserk Button is turned on, he becomes very savage and noisy to the point of refusing to stay down and NEVER letting go of his sword. He smiles on the fights, always gets up, ready for more. His passion on the battlefield makes him a Hot-Blooded Determinator.
  • Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket. Short-tempered, passionate, competitive, and persistent, he rivals Vegeta in the possible Trope Namer category. He even has his own Goku of sorts in Yuki whom he has a poor relationship with for most of the series. However, his qualification for this trope fades away as Character Development takes its place.
  • Noriko Takaya from Gunbuster, who may have been one of the first true examples of a female hot blooded protagonist in giant robot history, and still remains one of the best. How hot blooded is she? Simon, from Gurren Lagann's fame is basically a Gender Flipped version of her!
    • To explain in detail: for four episodes, Noriko was very insecure and negative about her role as a savior of mankind... and then she finally piloted the Gunbuster at the end of the fourth episode, kicking that lack of confidence to the curb. Then episode 5 comes, which includes the four most action-packed minutes in Super Robot anime history, with BILLIONS of enemies obliterated by Noriko's onslaught of awesome.
    • Lampshaded in the Super Robot Wars games, where one scene has Noriko learning how to scream in Hotblooded fasion by none other than Ryoma Nagare.
  • Die Buster also has its fair share of hot blooded characters, with Nono and Lal'C being the most passionate of the bunch. It is a great advantage, because the Buster Machines from this era are Empathic Weapons that can create powerful physics-defying effects when influenced by its pilot will.
  • Adeu of Lord of Lords Ryu Knight.
  • Godannar is a Super Robot show, so most male protagonists are naturally Hot Blooded. It also makes them vulnerable to The Virus, leaving them with a dilemma: Hold back and risk being defeated by the Monster of the Week, or go all out and risk turning into one yourself?
  • Most of the shonen anime protagonists from The Eighties and The Nineties embody this trope.
  • Megane from the anime version of Urusei Yatsura. In one memorable scene from episode 64, he runs up the wall, breaks through the ceiling, and stands on the roof shouting into a megaphone. Voiced by Shigeru Chiba.
  • Hayato Kazami, the protagonist of Future GPX Cyber Formula, is this. Also being a Determinator, with the help of Asurada, he often comes out on top every time.
  • Ryogoku from Miracle Train definitely has his moments.
  • Phantom F. Harlock from Captain Harlock who is a very passionate man, despite being The Stoic.
  • Super Atragon features Go Arasaka, who gets into a fight inside a helicopter, nearly punches the Ra's captain (his father) and impulsively steals a Dieselpunk seaplane to go rescue his girlfriend. All this while hamming up his lines, especially when impulsively going to rescue his girlfriend in the seaplane he jacked from the Ra.
  • Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, aka Wild Tiger of Tiger and Bunny, is extremely passionate about saving lives as a superhero. Passionate enough that he tends to ignore things like property rights and damages. It's even the highest stat on his trading card.

Kotetsu: The most important thing for a hero to do is protect the people! Destroy buildings if you have to!

Comic Books

Fan Works

  • Shinji and Warhammer40K manages to turn Shinji Ikari into someone who, when first got into Eva 01, rather than letting the killing machine go berserk, used it to try and kick the angel in the balls; and in his childhood, beat the crap out of three teenagers. That's the prologue and chapter one.
    • "Cast in the shape of man! Made to fight humanities' enemies! You shall carry our will unto eternity! I NAME YOU! EVANGELION! I NAME YOU; TITANICUS! PRINCIPIO ETERNUS!"
  • One Piece: Parallel Works has Kazuma. Played straight when Word of God states that he is a huge fan of Sengoku Basara. Yuki-Rin may also count as a female example.
  • Like a Line Drive oozes with characters that have a blazing soul, most notably the lead character and Kazuki.
    • "I will never give up! My friend's freedom's on the line!"
  • Sean O' Callahan, Power Rangers GPX‍'‍s Red Ranger. When calm, he's a tactical, thoughtful leader but when he gets riled up, he lets loose. His Hot Blood is so hot it gets his fellow Rangers to fight back when they're down for the count. The other Rangers have Hot Blooded moments, but nothing compared to him.



  • Alanna. Bonus points for being a Fiery Redhead and Mage Knight as well.
  • Fëanor ("Spirit of Fire") in The Silmarillion, whose body cremated itself when he died.
    • In fact, the entire tale of the Silmarils is pretty much caused by his hot blood and burning soul. The spontaneous combustion is just the tip of the magma vein. (I'd say iceberg, but... uh, it doesn't seem suitable.)
  • A villainous example: Couladin from The Wheel of Time, in the The Shadow Rising you only see him calm in only a few paragraphs and those are always followed by him raging against something. This is all the more notable because the Aiel in general are extremely in control of their emotions. Mat idly wonders at one moment how Couladin managed to live for as long as he did among them, let alone become a prospective Clan Chief.
    • And Perrin becomes this trope when Faile gets kidnapped by Aiel later in the series.
  • Don Quixote was pretty Hot-Blooded; he even gave speeches extolling giving it your all and never giving up, and doing this through force of arms.
  • Miles Vorkosigan Saga can be like this, especially as his alter ego Admiral Naismith.
    • Forward momentum!
  • King Robert Baratheon from A Song of Ice and Fire should qualify for this as well, especially in his youth.
  • Richard Rahl of the Sword of Truth series.
  • Harry Dresden.
  • Prince Aljan, the unicorn protagonist from Meredith Ann Pierce's Firebringer Trilogy.
  • Ron Weasley, and probably Sirius Black. Hagrid had some moments, too.
    • As well as Harry himself, particularly during the fifth book. And also Ginny Weasley.
  • Anne of Green Gables throughout the first book.
  • Phaethon from John C. Wright's The Golden Age (note Meaningful Name). At one point he starts a defiant speech to a private enemy, only to realize that the gesture of raising a clenched fist accidentally activated the public channel...
  • From The Bible, Judge Samson was a Hot-Blooded World's Strongest Man who killed a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. After a deadly Humiliation Conga that involved a certain seductress, a Traumatic Haircut and Eye Scream, took down hundreds more with him by breaking the pillars of a temple. Epic.
    • "Hundreds"? Try thousands. "The dead he slew dying exceeded those he had slain living" (Judges 16:30). Who knew that The Bible could take Badass Up to Eleven?
  • Deconstructed with Foxleap in Warrior Cats. He always tries to rise to every challenge, which one time resulted in the main characters having to literally pull him away from a fight because they were on a journey and needed to conserve energy. Eventually, he jumps to the aid of some cats fighting an eagle when told to stay back, causing one of the cats to have to rescue him and dying in the process.
  • Loads of examples in the Chalet School series, particularly the American girls, Simone Lecoutier and Betty Wynne-Davies. Joey is the most prominent example, and her temper gets her into trouble more than a few times, though she (for the most part) calms down as she gets older. Her daughter Margot also has some anger management issues - she refers to her temper as 'my demon', and it gets her into major trouble in Theodora at the Chalet School, culminating in Len slapping her and her dad refusing to speak to her for two weeks. After that, she learns her lesson and tries her damnedest to control it.
  • Someone Elses War gives us Matteo, who yells at everyone but his elders, charges headfirst into danger without a split second's thought, and is damned near indestructible in his resolve.

Live Action TV

  • Common in Professional Wrestling; the two most famous examples are Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Ultimate Warrior was so hot blooded that he came off as insane. Listen to one of the Warrior's interviews where he would rant and rave about crap no one (including the people working for WWF) could understand.
    • It should be noted that the real life wrestler Warrior (That's his legal name, by the way) once went to a UConn seminar, and basically screamed lines like "Queering don't make the world work," and causing a near riot through his Hot-Blooded insanity.
    • He also, within two days of Heath Ledger's death was referring to him in public as 'Leather Hedger', although what he meant by that is, as always, anybody's guess.
    • We shall not forget the absolute insanity that was the "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
  • Virtually every Red Ranger in Super Sentai. (Dekaranger's Ban takes it up to eleven, to the point that you wonder how - or if - he even sleeps.) Reds are powered by screaming, and going in without a plan because "justice is on our side!" is sometimes a deeply-held philosophy, with the point of an episode or two being Red proving to a more serious character that you don't need to waste time thinking, you just charge in. When the screaming begins, you know the Foe-Tossing Charge is coming! (Power Rangers is different, preferring the Ordinary High School Student.)
    • Power Rangers Reds are less likely to be this, but there are exceptions, such as Jason. Most of his morphed dialogue is shouted.
    • Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger takes this Up to Eleven as well... The name is translated literally as "Explosive Dinosaur Squadron Rampage Ranger"!
    • Ninjaman from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. Especially when somebody calls him Aonisai (literally means Blue Squirt; has been rendered as "Bluehorn" and "Little Boy Blue" also).

Ninjaman: I hate when people call me that! Explosion of anger! *transforms to Samuraiman*

  • Not much in Kamen Rider, but some of them are veritably Hot-Blooded. Especially Kuuga and Momotaros/Den-O Sword Form.
    • Kamen Rider Fourze is described as such is so Hot blooded it almost bleeds into Large Ham territory. Fans Theorize that the reason he tends to shed Manly Tears every now and then is because he is young and cannot properly control those emotions. Given the head writer previously worked on Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, this is absolutely no suprise.
  • 24's Jack Bauer would like to remind you that he's A FEDERAL AGENT!
    • And that he wants everything done... NOW!
    • ...because he is RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!
    • DAMMIT!!!
  • The Practice ran on this trope. Bobby Donnell and Eugene Young were the front-runners, but most of the others did not run far behind. It was a rare courtroom scene that didn't contain one of them screaming at a witness... or the prosecutor... or the judge.
  • The Tenth Doctor, from Doctor Who.
    • Six as well.
    • John Simm's Master. ("Never! Never! Never dying! NEVER DYING! NEVER DYING!")
    • Back in the Tom Baker era, Leela embodied this trope. And was awesome for it.
  • Friends: The Geller siblings. Ross turns into "Red Ross". His hot bloodedness becomes more apparent when Rachel challenges him to poker.
  • Heroes: Peter Petrelli pulls out his powers when he's pissed off.
  • Vyvyan, Mr. Balowski, occasionally Mike and especially Rick from The Young Ones.
  • In the HBO TV series Rome, Mark Antony.
  • In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, there is nothing Kira Nerys does that she does not do with every ounce of energy she possesses. On the very rare occasions we see her go into Tranquil Fury mode, things break. Like people. And buildings. And occasionally fleets of enemy ships.
    • General Martok, as a Klingon, is kind of expected to do this, but really, his every word sounds like a triumphant speech. Actor J.G. Hertzler invoked this trope during his audition, throwing a chair against the wall and losing a fingernail in the process. He impressed the Deep Space Nine higher-ups so much that they brought Martok back as a recurring character.
  • Ken Kurenai from Super Robot Red Baron. However, his much goofier ally Inspector Ippei Kumano ends up surpassing him in the passion and hot blood department. He's a bit more aggressive in battle, too (as his last name implies).
  • Prince Arthur from Merlin. Whether it's sword-fighting, jousting, protecting Camelot, or falling in love, this guy does not do things by half.


"I've got this burning, like my veins are filled with nothing but gasoline..."

    • Similarly from The Protomen, Vengeance basically comprises Mega Man being astoundingly pissed and tearing through an army.
  • JAM Project.
  • Ryukendo's second opening theme song is a prime example of this trope, which is a sharp contrast to the first opening. Just listen.
  • When you combine the awesomeness of Iron Maiden with the unabashed ridiculousness of Dragon Force, the result is Cryonic Temple, a band whose songwriting seems to rely solely on super-concentrated Hot Blood. Take, for example, the song Eternal Flames of Metal; it is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, an ode to metal in the most cheesy style imaginable. Similarly, Strapping Young Lad qualifies with some of its songs, most notably Far Beyond Metal.
  • Nihon Break Kogyou: Sounds like a Super Robot theme song... but it's actually the official song for a Japanese demolition company.
  • Queen has a few examples of this trope, but Princes of the Universe is pretty much the most hot-blooded Badass Boast ever.
  • The Foreigner song that shares its name with this trope.
    • Check it and see. He has a fever of 103.
  • Surprisingly for a power metal band, Blind Guardian doesn't seem to have that many of these. However, one song that definitely qualifies is "The Curse of Fëanor" - not exactly surprising, given that it's from the point of view of Fëanor.
  • Power metal band Lost Horizon are among the most Hot-Blooded of a genre known for Hot-Blooded bands, with a male singer, Daniel Heiman, whose Metal Scream is so extreme that he can hit soprano notes in full voice, band photos showing the band members dressed up as barbarian warriors, and lyrics largely about egoistic Hot Bloodedness and heavy metal. It's so gloriously cheesy that it's awesome. For the ultimate expression, see "Sworn in the Metal Wind."
  • In the late 80's, Pantera's fourth album, Power Metal, changed from generic glam metal to Hot-Blooded speed/thrash metal. Throughout the 90's all the way to 2003, Pantera practically thrived on a combination of Hot-Blooded and Testosterone Poisoning.
  • The Disturbed song "Indestructible" seems to be about some Hot-Blooded character.
    • Totally.
    • Taken Up to 11 in the music video. Vid is full of shots of soldiers/warriors screaming and brandishing weapons while running in slow-mo.
    • "Warrior" from the next album somehow managed to out-cheese Indestructible. Yes, they pulled it off.

"Remember me for all time, this / Determination is a vital part of me"
"Surrender now or be counted / With the endless masses that I will defeat"

  • Most songs by Dream Evil are ultimately about kicking ass.
  • Tenacious D, full stop.
    • "That's me! AAAANDDDD KG!" "That's me!"
  • "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler is a song that can make any chase sequence a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Henry Rollins is a living, breathing personification of this trope.
  • "Burning Heart" by Survivor that talks about THE BURNING HEART JUST ABOUT TO BURST!!! Awesomeness unleashed.
  • Yaguchi Mari from Hello! Project. To the point that due to her appearance she can overlap with Cute but Cacophonic.
  • When Anime has to do a Hot-Blooded Crowning Moment of Awesome and also wants music to go with it, who do they call?? Masaaki Frickin' Endoh!!
  • MIQ/MIO. Sexy and passionate.
  • Hiroki Yumi, the main singer for Juushin Liger themes. Listening to "Ikari no Juushin" will heat you up.
    • MIQ also sings a version of Ikari no Juushin.
  • Satoko Shimizu, who sings "SHINING SOUL" of Tenkuu Senki Shurato. Apparently her debut song.
    • First lines are "Now, my hot soul is set free to the future" (今熱い魂を 解き放て未来へと) or the like.
  • Kaizers Orchestra concerts are always fun, on the account of the larger-than-life energy and intensity, especially from vocalist and Face of the Band, Janove Ottesen.
  • Before Endoh, there was Masato Shimon, who sang a great many Super Robot and Tokusatsu songs until 1998. One of his debut songs was "Kamen Rider no Uta" which has a lot of Calling Your Attacks in the verse (JUMP! FIGHT! ZENTOU KAKEROU! RIDER KICK!).
  • "Titans of Our Time" by Iron Savior describes the title starbase's creation in this way. "Forged by the fire, that's burning in my heart."
  • Hammerfall easily qualifies. One of their songs is called "Hearts on Fire"
  • Masterplan gives us "Spirit Never Die."

Never give up, never give in
Won't stop believing cause I'm gonna win
Sing with my soul before I get old
Cause there may be no tomorrow
There is no limit to what can be done
Climbing the mountain with power so strong
Dusty roads down the way
Leaving the future behind me


  • Hercules (Heracles in Greek) was one of the very first examples. He was known for his violent temper and his tendency to act first and ask questions later, starting with maiming some messengers from another city that had come to take tribute from his hometown, leading the king of that other city to declare war. Heracles responded by raising an army of his own and conquering the city, making them pay tribute instead. Heracles could also take a horrible vengeance on people who crossed him, although in many cases they had it coming, like the three separate kings who had all cheated or insulted him in different ways. On the positive side, this passionate nature did lead him to do some great deeds for his friends, like the time he was so grateful to a friend's hospitality he fought the Grim Reaper to bring his host's wife back to life, or the time he got so mad that another friend (a king) was deposed that he personally led an army to put his buddy back on the throne.
  • Cuchulain, Champion of Ireland, and Gwydion, also from Irish Celtic Mythology. Literally so in the case of Cuchulainn. After his first battle, no one could approach the warrior as he was still in his Unstoppable Rage, until a group of (naked!) women womenhandled him into three large pots of cold water. The first exploded in a cloud of steam and pot shrapnel, the second boiled furiously, and the third merely got very hot. Why the Irishmen did not exploit this apparent energy source is a mystery.
  • Four words: Thor, God of Thunder.
  • Older Than Dirt: The goddess Inanna (Ishtar) from Mesopotamian mythology. Aside her devastating prowess in battle as a war goddess, ignoring the fact she would ride into town on the back of a lion, she was also known for physically dragging men out of taverns to sate her, erm, appetites...
  • "Rage! Muse, sing now of the rage of Achilles!"

Tabletop Games

  • The Vior'la Sept of Warhammer 40,000. Their name even translates into Hot-Blooded.
  • Bretonnian Knights Errant in the Warhammer Fantasy. Unless they success in Leadership check, they will charge anyone in sight, being Immune to Psychology that turn. It acts as Darwinist selection; those who survive, will become new Knights of the Realm.
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • The supplement Tome of Battle, introduced a martial manoeuvre (functionally like a spell for a swordsman) called Iron Heart Surge. The fluff description of it is as follows: By drawing on your mental strength and physical fortitude, you break free of a debilitating state that might otherwise defeat you. For instance, if the character is paralysed due to the spell Hold Person, Iron Heart Surge allows the affected character to use their sheer hot-bloodedness to eliminate the spell's effect (It was intended to anyways, the writers neglected to add an exception to the "must be able to move to use a maneuver" rule). Needless to say, some players should make use of the famous line of the hot-blooded god if using the manoeuvre at a dramatically-appropriate moment (and due to the bad wording, can end almost any "effect", like the sun or gravity, Fight the Power indeed).
    • Some Chaotic Good characters, particularly fighters and Barbarians, will come off like this.
    • Titans in the game have been described as like this, Chaotic Good and with passions of godlike magnitude. Something of the same seems to have applied to the whole Arborea, the Chaotic Good plane of existence, and its inhabitants in general.
  • The Apoc Churls of Untold have this as their hat. Some have been known to spew lava out of their mouths when angered.
  • This trope exists in the gothic horror game Vampire: The Requiem (among other anime shoutouts) in the form of a Daeva bloodline called the Tianpian Xiao. These guys are so incredibly hot-blooded, they must use their power to release their excess emotions into the people around them or go through a hot-blooded stupor.
  • The prevalence of this trait in Humongous Mecha anime explains Mekton's Bioenergy Power Plant. The rules for this basically state that the more Hot-Blooded you get, the more powerful your mecha's power plant becomes, right up to setting off turbo-boosters you probably don't even have. Make it thought-controlled and stick on a piracy system, and you can build your own Lagann.
  • Most beings that use red manna appear to be this in Magic: The Gathering. There is also the card Boiling blood
  • Exalted: The Primordial known as Malfeas the Demon City. Green Sun Princes under his tutelage generally are also this way. Heck, their most basic Charms can make them succeed by doing things in Hot-Blooded way.


  • Hotspur from William Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 1.
  • Ditto, Coriolanus from Shakespeare's Coriolanus. He is the badass who runs into a city without backup and comes out a) alive and b) victorious. And that's just the first couple of acts.
  • And although Hamlet is pretending to be mad and ineffectual, he truly seethes with the desire for vengeance: "Now could I drink hot blood,/And do such bitter business as the day/Would quake to look on."
    • Right, which is why after the line he proceeds to go chew out his mother instead, and when he does run into the target of his revenge on the way (by accident) he ignores the opportunity to kill him in prayer so that he won't go to heaven, a cool and level-headed response. The point is that Hamlet is a peaceful reflective individual forced into the role of avenger despite it not suiting his character, and the whole play is about his hesitation and doubt, making this a deconstruction of traditional revenge tragedies.
      • In fact Hamlet castigates himself for NOT being hot-blooded ("I am pidgeon-livered and lack gall..."). He claims to admire hot-blooded individuals, such as the neighbouring countries who fight over "a straw", but also says to Horatio "Give me the man who is not passion's slave and I will wear him in my heart's core" and mocks Laertes for his excessive display of grief.
  • Come on, Shakespeare fans, what about Mercutio and Tybalt?
    • Romeo is actually not tha far off. He not only was more than able to keep up with Mercutio's pranks, but the reason why he got kicked out of Mantua was him going Hot-Blooded when Tybalt fatally stabbed Mercutio and retaliating via killing Tybalt himself.
  • In Richard Wagner's Siegfried, it's ironic for Siegfried to talk about Fafner's blood burning like fire, given that he spent the end of the first act hammering on Nothung while singing at the top of his voice ("Hoho! Hoho! Hohei!")
  • In Electra, the title character's passion is her Fatal Flaw.
  • Cyrano De Bergerac.


Video Games

  • Jin Saotome from Cyberbots. Especially in his Marvel vs Capcom 2 incarnation, in which most of his kicks and punches are on fire! Even better, when he's in Super Mode, you can mash some buttons when taunting to make him wipe his towel on his back faster and faster until he's practically shouting his lungs out and on fire. Literally.
  • Metal Gear. Metal Gear? There's Snake, Liquid, pretty much all the bosses (especially Raging Raven and Fury), even Otacon gets his moments. Usually paired with large amounts of Say My Name.
  • Richter Belmont (Castlevania X: Rondo of Blood/Dracula X, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night).
  • Possibly Commander Shepard (both Paragon and Renegade) of Mass Effect, to such a degree that Tali gets a line about how fun it is to watch him/her yell. Also Zaeed Massani, all the way. He survives being shot in the head at point-blank range SOLELY because he wanted to kill the guy who shot him.
  • Gorath from Betrayal at Krondor. He'll get it done. It doesn't matter what he has to go through or sacrifice to do it.
  • Perhaps the strongest force in the Super Robot Wars series, rivaled only by the Ideon Gun. In fact, one of the most useful special skills in the series is the "Valor" skill (Doubles the strength of your next attack), which in the original Japanese was called, you guessed it, "Nekketsu" (Hot Blood). In fact, damn near every character in the Original Generation games uses it, even the shy ones.
    • Not just Original Generation; a good number of the licensed anime characters get Valor/Hot Blood, including the primary cast of Gundam Wing, which consists of The Stoic, The Quiet One, one Broken Hero, an Arrogant Kung Fu Guy, and a cute little boy, plus a White Prince.
    • Original Generations, which adds voice acting to the games, shows that the Gespenst Mk II S turns everybody Hot-Blooded with it's signature Limit Break, the Gespenst Kick. Seriously. Not only does it have the shy girls screaming their lungs out, but the characters who are already Hot-Blooded turn that sucker up to twenty-two.
      • The anime adaptation, The Inspector, makes this a Justified Trope: when the attack is ready to launch, the control panel flashes over with the verbal command to unleash the attack: "SHOUT NOW!!"
      • From the same game, Katina Tarask. With Attacker, Revenge (both of which increase her attack/retaliation damage once her Will level exceeds 130 - see above) and Prevail (which makes her fight better - dealing more damage, taking less, and evading more - as her mech sustains more and more damage) and the aforementioned Valor skill, she can deal out some serious hurt, usually yelling all the time (although not as much as Sanger), even when attacking carriers. "Reckless" barely describes her.


    • Super Robot Wars also quantifies this in the form of the "Will" stat. It starts each battle at 100 and can rise to 150 based on the tides of battle. It affects combat ability a quite a lot (each point of Will is like having your Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Evasiveness all boost by one percent of their base amount), and certain weapons and effects can only be used over a certain Will value. Certain events (like some GaoGaiGar events) will boost this up to 200 or even 250, and that's before any spirit commands.
    • However, the crowning glory of the Super Robot Wars series for Hot Blooded characters is Sanger Zonvolt. The series self-styled (but highly deserving of it) Sword That Smites Evil, Sanger takes on all comers and owns them all. Always wielding some form of his Colossal Blade, a gigantic mecha sword that is sometimes THREE TIMES AS LARGE as his mecha, his sword is one that can cut through anything. Also armed with his many idioms and sayings, which he yells right before slicing his poor enemy in half.


  • Normally stoic Kyosuke Nanbu has his hot-blooded moments as well. Most famously, if you stick him in a Gespenst and use the move "Ultimate Gespenst Kick", he will shout out the attack name so hot-bloodedly that, as the story goes, the VA once broke the microphone. Twice. See examples from one of the games here and here for the anime version
    • Really, Super Robot Wars is absolutely loaded with characters like these. In addition to Sanger and Katina, there's also Touma Kanou (who got so hot blooded at one point that he totally lost control and went on a rampage), and Folka and Fernando Albark, the Grand Masters of martial arts. Though we haven't really met him yet, presumably Folka's Expy Aledy Naash will also be like this when Endless Frontier EXCEED comes out.
    • Even without the absolute awesomeness of Takuma Terashima's voice, Fighter Roar proved how hotblooded he was by taking out Humongous Mecha ON FOOT... and then we get him in the Compatible Kaiser and things just go nuts. Then it gets upgraded to the G-Compatible Kaiser, and THIS happens. HSQ Up to Eleven!
    • Ryusei's character description says he's an "EXTREMELY hot blooded young man". He proves it in spades.
    • Even characters from other series that are featured in Super Robot Wars are instantly turned into Hot Blooded badasses. Notable mention goes to Neon Genesis Evangelion's Shinji in the Alpha series, where he went from a spineless wimp to an asskicking god.
  • It's easier to mention which characters are NOT hot blooded in Koei's Warriors series. Warriors Orochi in particular has so much hot blood (being a fusion of both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors), it's amazing the games' boxes didn't melt off the shelves.
  • Laharl and Flonne from Disgaea, and Adell and Axel from Disagea 2. And then there's Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!, who is guaranteed to give it his exclamation-point abusing all no matter what it is. Including picnicking.
    • Disgaea 3 gives us Champloo-sensei, the most Badass, Hot-Blooded Home Ec teacher you will ever find. Yeah, Disgaea's one of those kinds of games.
  • Batsu Ichimonji from Rival Schools is described in the manual as the "Hot-Blooded Exchange Student". Furthermore, his Super Mode form in Project Justice is called "Burning Batsu" and all his special and super moves in that form set the opponent on fire!
  • Kim Kaphwan and his son Kim Jae Hoon from the Fatal Fury series, as well as Joe Higashi, who seems to have an exclamation point at the end of everything he says and the bandana-wearing commando Ralf Jones, also of Ikari Warriors, The King of Fighters, and Metal Slug fame. When he gets in motion (which is practically all the time), people get beat down. Sometimes explosively.
  • Michael Wilson from Metal Wolf Chaos:

"Nothing is POINTLESS! And the reason is.....because I'm the President.... of THE GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! YEEAAAHHHH!"


  • Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice, Ace Attorneys, are as close as you're ever going to see to hot-blooded lawyers, though they tend to be a bit calmer and quieter outside of the courtroom.
    • Note that Apollo Justice takes VOICE TRAINING so he can be this hot-blooded.
    • The dumb variant of this trope - Detective Dick Gumshoe~!
      • Dick Gumshoe is so hot-blooded that every other line of his tends to come with plenty of screen-shaking and violent sound effects.
  • If you're in trouble... if there's not enough hotbloodedness... maybe you need to call... OUENDAAAAAN!
    • Or... e... b... a... e.. b.. a.. e. b. a. e.b.a. E.B.A. EBA! EBA! EBA! EBA! ARE YOU READY? YEAH!
    • Note that the sequel to Ouendan is titled Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii which translates to "Burn! Hot-Blooded Rhythm Soul!"
    • I feel as though it should be noted that "hot-blooded manly passion" is a major aesthetic element of Japanese cheerleading in real life, though obviously not to the EXTREMES - like stopping a meteor or reviving a burning-out sun - that this series in particular takes it.
  • Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun - He has "Hot Blooded" right there in his series title! Hell, his whole damn high school is named "Nekketsu". That's one bad-ass high school.
    • And Kunio/Alex himself is the hero of the entire freaking school, being summoned whenever a crisis emerges or a sports challenge comes up. Did I mention his girlfriend can kick ass when she feels like it? If that ain't awesome and totally bad-ass, I don't know what is. Kunio/Alex isn't as known and respected as he should be, in video games...
  • Street Fighter's Dan Hibiki. "DOUSHITA!?" "OYAJII!!!!" It's probably no coincidence that Dan's seiyuu in 4 also voices Hayato Saionji in Ouendan 2, mentioned above.
  • Nearly all of the fire bosses in the Mega Man Zero and ZX series are pretty Hot-Blooded, including the fire master, Fefnir. Oddly, near the top of the Hot-Blooded ranking for all six games is an ice boss, Fenri Lunedge from Zero 4. His attitude to Zero, and more importantly his voice clips, put him probably right under Fefnir himself.
    • Another Hot-Blooded ice boss is Chilldre Inarrabita, to a lesser extent than Fenri Lunaedge. Although he has a partial excuse in being a deliberately juvanille character (Chilldre = child[ren] + chill).
  • Tales. Stahn Aileron. The boy can be hot-blooded when commanding his allies to flee. His battle cry in Satsugeki Bukouken/Final Fury is ORENENENENENENENENENENE!!!!!! Hot Blood, to the max.
    • Surprising considering his personality but not surprising at all considering his voice actor is Tomokazu Seki, one of the kings of Hot Bloodiness.
    • Lloyd of Tales of Symphonia is very hot-blooded when provoked or his friends are threatened. He pretty much declares war on the Desians out of anger and outright said he desired to kill all of them. He also had little quarrels about beating an angel to death after he took the soul of his childhood friend, kept attacking a person who could easily own the entire party out of irritation. Granted, he cools down as the game goes on and he is nearly a stoic in the sequel, but he can still fly off the handle if he is angry enough.
    • Tytree Crowe "SISTER! ! !"
  • Zell in Final Fantasy VIII, and he never sits still. Put him anywhere near Genki Girl Selphie and you'll be wishing for Ritalin.
    • Forget the Ritalin, get me a sedative!
    • Forget the sedative, give me two shots with a gunblade.
  • Zack of Final Fantasy VII is a prime example of this trope, depressingly.
    • Which is highlighted even further by contrast against the dark and dreary nature of the world the game takes place in, and the general angst of other characters in the game world (especially in the expanded games and movie).
    • Does Cid from Final Fantasy VII count?
    • And Barret during Midgar arc.
  • Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy V. The only time he isn't hyped about fighting the heroes is when he's running away like a pansy, having been royally trumped.
  • Firion from Final Fantasy II is given this characterisation in Dissidia Final Fantasy. When activating his Super Mode, he even shouts: "I FEEL IT IN MY BLOOD!"
  • My Boiling Blood Bubbles For Battle
  • Riki Makishi in Bangai-O. Then again, he is native of a planet populated by hot blooded men.
    • Everyone in Bangai-O Spirits, the lighthearted, plot-free DS spinoff, in different ways. Ruri is more enthusiastic, especially when the time comes to shout "Bangai-O GO!", while Masato thinks the whole thing is stupid. On the other hand, he's very confident, reckless, always ready to get to the mission already.
  • The World Ends With You: Beat. Period. Especially when someone touches his Sis or mentions his full name...
  • Minsc from Baldur's Gate.
    • "The bigger they are, the harder I hit!"
    • "Butt-kicking...FOR GOODNESS!!!"
    • "Go for the eyes, Boo. GO FOR THE EYES! RARRGH!!"
  • The new Willpower power set in City of Heroes allows for characters that have no super reflexes or resistance, but can remain up and fighting with the super-powered through sheer force of will. If that's not Hot Blooded, I don't know what is.
  • In Dragon Quest Monsters, the monsters' ideal personality (which affects their AI) is Hotblood.
  • Vyse and Aika in Skies of Arcadia, among many others.
  • Bang Shishigami from BlazBlue
    • When one of Bang's specials, Fuurinkazan, which the above is taken from, is unleashed, the background music is replaced with his very own theme song performed by - of all people - JAM PROJECT. (Or more specifically, Hironobu Kageyama.)
    • Not just Bang either. There's Hazama, Makoto... Hell, let's be honest, here: BlazBlue is a Trope Overdosed World of Ham filled with Hot-Blooded Ham-to-Ham Combat. Every character except Rachel, Valkenhayn and Relius have their Hot-Blooded moments.
  • Hector of Ostia and Dart the Pirate, anyone?
  • Evil Zone: Danzaiver! That is all.
  • Fawkes from Fallout 3 is extremely passionate both about philosophy and about ripping evil doers to shreds.
  • Sanada Yukimura's soul is on fire with PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • According to secondary material, Fire Man from the original Mega Man game has a Hot-Blooded personality. This is his major character quirk in Mega Man Powered Up.
  • Bowser in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is this when he's not a Butt Monkey. The game mixes his normal bullheaded determination with outright heroic courage, including some passionate Victory Poses that include chest pounding for pulling off successful special attacks, pumping his fist for victory and a Badass Arm-Fold for when he's about to pull off a Finishing Move on the Final Boss. His lines are also like this, especially his Shut UP, Hannibal moments.
  • In the Sakura Taisen series, you can choose what Ogami's (both Ogamis are included under that) responses to various questions/circumstances are. Usually, the most proactive one will have a frame of Ogami shouting with flames in the background. The hotblooded choice isn't always the right choice, but more often than not it is.
    • The more you select Ogami's hotblooded answers in Sakura Taisen, the better you're probably doing. SpiritArmor's Let's Play of it parodies this to great effect.
  • Eddie Riggs of Brutal Legend, especially since he's leading an army built upon The Power of Rock as well as being played by Jack Black.
  • Don't let his ironic name fool you; Snow Villiers is so hot blooded it's hard to find a scene he's in where he isn't being a Big Damn Heroes.
  • Kratos?
  • Garlot of Blaze Union as a matter of course; it seems to be a requirement for a young freedom fighter such as himself to be passionate and reckless to a fault. Three years later, he's still like this, charging into lots of things scythe-first. Interestingly enough, his blood also happens to be literally hot as well. More apparent once he's changed his name to Gulcasa, he's physically more demon than human, as a true descendant of the demon dragon Brongaa. Burning blood, superhuman strength, and (while exerting his full power) an actual aura of fire happen to be side effects.
  • From Total Overdose, the protagonist Ram, aka 'El Gringo Loco', is more hotblooded than his father. A great deal of accurate puns follow from the name 'Ram'.
  • Asuma Shidou from Daemon Bride fights with his Power Fist burning on fire and is always yelling with full of hot blood when attacking.
  • Link somehow manages to be this without speaking.
  • Team Fortress 2 features a cast comprised of pork products, but among them the most passionate has to be the Soldier, hands down. A complete psychopath driven by Patriotic Fervor and an understanding of reality so that is so absurd it defies explanation or logic, he also manages to demonstrate a driving force of will that even his larger comrade the Heavy cannot muster. Every other word out of his mouth exits at the top of his lungs and his tactics can often be described as "I will point this rocket launcher at my feet and launch myself skyward to catch the enemy off guard!" Even when losing, he doesn't seem to understand concepts like despair or surrender, and instead berates his team for not trying harder. A domination line to the enemy Pyro lampshades:

Soldier: You cannot burn me. I am already ablaze with passion for war!

  • Goemon is a hotblooded man of Edo (despite his looks), who is always itching to beat the snot out of villains with his trusty pipe when they cause trouble. Of course, when the Japanese title of his series has "Ganbare" ("Do your best/Hang in there") in it, it's to be expected.
  • Wataru Hoshi from Star Trigon.
    • "With names like Hoshi and Big Bang, we're DESTINED TO BE IN OUTER SPACE!!!!".
  • A soccer freak whose name is Endou Mamoru.
  • Asura from Asura's Wrath Is so hot blooded that he can punch and destroy a finger from A PLANET SIZED BUDDHA, all while giving out gluttural roars and screams. And destroys it. Hell English voice Actor Liam O'Brien makes him sound even MORE Hot-Blooded.
    • Made even more impressive by the fact that, while O'Brien plays badasses all the time, they tend to be the cool, calm, and collected type. Who knew that even the God Of All Voice Actors was capable of playing against type so well?
  • Alex, the protagonist of The Colour Tuesday, is a hotheaded, brash delinquent whose burning drive, implacable idealism and willingness to keep going where others give up is what drives the story at times, even as it makes her rather stubborn (in an Only Sane Woman-ish sort of way) and at times a little obnoxious.

Bella: "Also, you have no tact."

Visual Novels

  • Akio Furukawa of Clannad, beyond a doubt. All he needs is a mecha.
  • As the characters of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni realise The Power of Friendship is the only way to Screw Destiny they all become distinctly Hot-Blooded, in fact Keiichi generally shows a lot of Hot-Blooded behaviour, if he's not going Psycho of course.
    • If you listen to Satoshi's image song, you notice how surprisingly hot blooded he is. He equals Keiichi.
      • Well, Satoshi acted similar to Keiichi in Onikakushi-hen according to Rena meaning they can't be too different.
    • Speaking of Rena, when she isn't really sweet/calm or under the Hate Plague, or someone is hallucinating her being maniacal. She is just as Hot-Blooded as Keiichi. It really shows in the Minagoroshi manga and sound novels.
  • In Umineko no Naku Koro ni, being Hot-Blooded sometimes seems to be the most reliable way to do magic. The main character, Battler, in particular, can be particularly so. Here's just one example, near the end of the clip (Note: The footage beforehand can be rather disturbing to those who are unprepared, and to some who are. If you wish to be safe, just skip ahead to 3:47).
  • The heroine (default name Hiyoko Tousaka) from Hatoful Boyfriend screams, "MY HUNTER-GATHERER BLOOD BOILS! AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!"
    • Oko San also fits the bill. His route is pretty much him and Hiyoko trying to out-ham each other in the name of love (and pudding).

Web Comics

Web Original

  • This Let's Play of Contra III.
  • Musclebomber2021 was often like this with his Let's Plays.
  • While The Nostalgia Critic is sometimes calm, logical, and would probably like to think of himself as usually sane, he's this in a nutshell when he gets upset or angry.
  • Like the above, Linkara maintains a calm, collected and analytical demeanour, yet his catchphrase is "I AM A MAN!!!", followed by a punch. He got it from some comic where a character did the same.
  • Fred Figglehorn is so Hot-Blooded, he probably has ADHD.
  • Saede, Ti'Cira, and Satkia in The Gungan Council, for obvious reasons. It's a good idea not to mess with them.
  • Xandus at the beginning of Mall Fight 2 was quite passionate with being a daemon prince.

Western Animation

  • The Teen Titans incarnation of Robin.
    • If he counts, then Cyborg definitely qualifies. He's a bit on the bi-polar side, but when he's "revved up," he makes Robin look like a Blue Oni by comparison. BOO-YAH!!
    • Although both characters have been known to slip into Tranquil Fury when channeling Batman/their robotic side during an especially intense or personal situation.
  • Quickstrike of Transformers: Beast Wars fame. The fact that he's the only Maximal to join the Predacons permanently, voluntarily and with great enthusiasm says something. Most who join the Predacons are either sneakily programmed to (Blackarachnea, Inferno), are tortured into obedience (Rampage), or end up defecting (Rattrap, Dinobot (who was a Predacon to start with anyway)). Quickstrike was simply turned on by murder, torture and genocide.
  • The Tick (animation), with his absurdly Hot-Blooded delivery:

The Tick (animation): I am mighty! I have a glow you cannot see! I have a heart as big as the moon! As warm as bathwater! We are superheroes, man, we don't have time to be charming! The boots of evil were made for walkin'! We're watching the big picture, friend. We know the score. We are a public service, not glamor boys. Not captains of industry! Not makers of things, keep your vulgar moneys! We are a justice sandwich; no toppings necessary! Living rooms of America, do you catch my drift?! Do... You... Dig?

Real Life

  • Tim Tebow, the Florida Gators quarterback tends to get excited when on the Gators sideline and in the locker room. Hell, even when he's low key, he can give a hot blooded speech!

"I'm sorry. I'm extremely sorry. We were hoping for an undefeated season. That was my goal, something Florida's never done here. But I promise you one thing: a lot of good will come out of this. You have never seen any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of this season and you'll never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of this season, and you'll never see a team play harder than we will the rest of this season. God Bless."

  • Sports players in general.
  • On a similar note, people playing shooters. "Boom! Headshot!!" indeed.
    • And people playing fighting games, too. Yelling their charas's catch phrases while playing and laughing out loud? I'm in! IT'S MAHVEL BAYBEE!
    • And people playing Mario Kart, they can get pretty loud.
    • Even people playing dance simulators can get pretty hotblooded at times.
  • Hernan Cortez and his Conquistadors. It takes guts to conquer an Empire of millions with less then 1000 men under your command.
    • That, and smallpox.
    • And gunpowder.
    • Don't forget the assistance of smaller tribes that were conquered by the Aztecs.
  • Steve Ballmer. Only one with truly burning blood can throw chairs while screaming "I'm going to fucking kill Google!".
  • Much like depicted in the TV series Rome, Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony), the distant relative and legate of Caesar, was as hot blooded as they come. As Cicero characterised his rhetoric: "Mark Antony was vomiting words in his usual fashion." It was well known that he couldn't control himself the least bit.
  1. except for episode 7