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Kids and Grown-ups into LEGO tend to enjoy some humor now and again, and the Funny Moments of Bionicle provide just that.

  • Tamaru failing to land properly in the Mata Nui Online Game.
  • Macku and Hewkii blushing after being interrupted kissing(?) in the Bohrok Online Animations.
  • A Running Gag in Legends Of Metru Nui is Matau faceplanting into things, such as a pillar, the surface of a Force Sphere, and a telescreen.
  • From Web of Shadows:
  • That characters just flip small animals instead of coins to end quarrels. The Piraka also liked to flick each other. It would be such a surreal sight to witness these 7 foot thugs randomly flipping each other over, that it's plain funny.
    • This leads to an incident where Mutran and Chirox are having trouble settling a disagreement due to the nearest Rahi being a creature with two heads, one on each end, and no tail.
  • In The Mutran Chronicles, Mutran taking claim for the creation of the Lohrak, when Chirox already made it. Chirox is not amused.
  • Lewa telling Kopaka and Onua the story of the three Matoran, the Rama swarm, and the basket of Bula berries. The story itself isn't all that funny- it's the fact that Kopaka is getting progressively more and more annoyed and shouting at Lewa because they're in the middle of a battle.

Onua: At least the Makuta seem to be keeping their distance. They must have heard Lewa tell a story before.
Kopaka: I'm still waiting for the part where the heroic Toa Lewa saves the day!

  • Lewa tries to tell a story. Kopaka interrupts with the 'short version'.

Lewa: Some storyteller you are...

  • For some reason, the Phantoka Makuta literally getting their eyes burned out by the intense light that burst from Matoro's Heroic Sacrifice was pretty funny. From their perspective, they just saw a random Toa fall from the roof of the cavern, and then suddenly they were blind. Mutran, on the other hand, casually notes in his last blog/diary/chronicles before the Toa arrive:

Mutran: Hmmmm... what’s that? I could have sworn there was a flash of light outside. It must have been pretty powerful for me to see it all the way in here. Well, I suppose if it was anything important, I will find out about it in time...

  • When Vezon, after having a Mask of Dimensional Gates fused to his face, ends up in an alternate timeline where Toa and Glatorian work together on Spherus Magna, he gets into this conversation with Tarduk:

Tarduk: So who are you, esactly?
Vezon: *loud enough for everyone to hear* My name is... ah... Toa Vezon. I'm the Toa of... of... Anarchy.