Call of Duty/Drinking Game

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All The Tropes and Miraheze are not responsible for any damages that result from drinking games,
including but not limited to damages to your liver and other people's cars.

Of course these basic rules can be applied to most FPS which have split screen multiplayer.

  • If you die, drink
    • If you're killed by a headshot, take two drinks
  • If you use a killstreak reward, take a drink
  • If you insult or abuse another player (for example, say you slept with their mother, call them a "*@#!", teabag their corpse), take a drink
  • If you hear a character say oorah, or some derivative thereof, then take a drink.
  • Every time you sneak around and you stick close behind someone to stay undetected take a drink. Take a bonus drink if your face is in their ass while you're behind them.

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