Captain Tsubasa/Tear Jerker

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Captain Tsubasa isn't the best in regards of Character Development, but some moments are huge tearjerkers.

  • Matsuyama and Yoshiko having to say goodbye to each other as she's leaving to USA
  • Misaki giving up on living with his Missing Mom because he doesn't want to lose his dad
    • And then he reconciles with her her new family after his half-sister begs him to visit her
  • Schneider's struggle to deal with his parents's inminent divorce and his tears of joy when Mom and Dad decide to not split up
  • Tsubasa's rejection of Kumi's feelings (in the sweetest, kindest way he can pull) and her choosing her friendship with him and Sanae over her love for him and then running away in tears
  • Santana's tale of Parental Abandonment that made him an Emotionless Boy
  • Hyuga's mother temporarily becoming an Ill Girl as well as Hyuga having a huge Heroic BSOD at both the prospect of losing his mother and the memories of his father's death
  • Matsuyama telling Tsubasa that he'd rather be with his unconscious girlfriend in the hospital rather than playing against the Swedish team and Tsubasa quietly supporting his decision despite how messy it'll be for the team
  • Levin losing the fiancee he loved so much in a car accident.
  • Santana meeting up with his Missing Mom and immediately accepting her back in his life.