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A TV Tropes policy that does not apply here at All The Tropes. That doesn't mean that this doesn't happen here, just that it isn't a first resort.

Essentially, when it became too difficult or too inconvenient for the tropers or the wiki administration to manage a bloated, unfocused or controversial example section on a page, their solution was to Kill It with Fire, leaving behind only the descriptive page text plus a line to the effect of "No examples please. This only defines the term." Out of irony, perhaps, they called it a wiki trope.

In some cases the Example Sectionectomy was pre-emptive, as was the case when Pet Peeve Trope was launched. Sometimes it was retaliatory. And sometimes it was outright censorship.

Sometimes they were right about doing so (for example, Album Filler would be overflowing with examples if we allowed them, and Writer Cop Out and Black Hole Sue's potential for causing outright flame wars should be obvious.[1]) Sometimes they weren't (as, for example, in the case of Comedic Underwear Exposure, which presumably somebody found offensive, and Hype Backlash, which appears to have fallen victim to Think of the Advertisers!).

This category lists those pages which were explicitly indexed as having undergone an Example Sectionectomy. This category used to be larger -- we have gone back and rescued examples for some pages we felt were better served with them, like The Bechdel Test, however anything still in this category remains pruned. Tropers should feel free to check the Wayback Machine's history for any of these pages, seeing what was cut, and rescuing anything of value. (Unless we've asked that the page be turned into a category, which approaches the issue from a different direction - the examples are added to the trope by being listed in the category that we've asked the page be turned into.) But before you start that, please check whether the sectionectomy was done on TV Tropes or All The Tropes - there are a very few tropes that we decided shouldn't have example lists here.[2] (Mary Sue and Complete Monster come to mind.) Don't forget to remove the category when you do!

  1. Complete Monster did cause a flame war here, nasty enough to fork the wiki again.
  2. As of mid-2022, we think we have back most of the examples that we want back... but that doesn't mean we always decided correctly, so keep asking when you think any of the tropes on the list should get their examples back!