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  • Complete Monster: Russian dictator Gridenkov and his Unionist Party.
  • Genius Bonus
    • The Real Life counterparts of Wildenhartburg (Chicago) hosting the W-Tekk and Wolfsburg (Detroit) hosting the W-Tech are the respective birthgivers to house music and techno music. The latter getting competition from other cities can be seen as an allegory to the decline of the now dead Berlin Love Parade.
    • Wolfsburg itself at the site of Detroit is rather a German Bonus than a Genius Bonus. [1]
  • Harsher in Hindsight: It was definitely not planned, but the new Italian government of 2011 puts the technocracy into a very different light.
  • What Do You Mean It's Not Political?: Some people have stated that the Socialist Block reminds them of the European Union. It controls Western Europe, its capital is Brussels, and its currency the Euro Pound. The author had intended no such thing.
  1. In Real Life, Wolfsburg is the closest thing Germany has to Motor City, hosting the Volkswagen headquarters and in fact was only built for the sake of building the Beetle, by Those Wacky Nazis who originally named it "City of the Power Through Joy car near Fallersleben".