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  • Shout-Out:
    • The two first Dutch men who founded a colony in Atlantis are named Jan and Kees van Houten.
      • And the first German guy there is a Hans Meier - the equivalent of John Smith.
    • Two German merchants, Herr Hagenström and Herr Buddenbrook talk about the emerging Atlantis business. A mijnheer Arnoldsen from Amsterdam is also mentioned.
    • The German land Anderland is named after the best song by the German punk band Fluchtweg.
    • A satirist writing an obituary "Today our beloved Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation passed away at the great age of 911 years", almost the same as a text in our world.
    • The aforementioned nationalized and decentralized versions of Catholic Christianity are basically the Anglican Church and the concept of Gallicanism from our real history, but taken Up to Eleven.
    • During one war story set in NW Germany of the 16th century, someone who's much like German comedian Otto Waalkes makes an appearance. (In fact, he uses Obfuscating Stupidity.)
    • The two greatest authors of this world are the Spaniard Alejandro Enrique Ruiz Rodriguez, who wrote several plays about kings (of biblical Israel), whose works are suspected by some people to be written not by him, but really by the Spanish king, or his daughter, or someone completely else; and the German Albert Franck Baltzer, who wrote tragedies like Der König von Leer about a Frisian yeoman and his daughters, or a jealous mercenary in Otto Leo, genannt Der Schwarze von Verden, which also were used for several Hollywood Paradies movies.
    • Russian general "Uncle" Popov (to an obscure German children's book).
    • A German Jew named German Seinfeld who complains that he's arrested for nothing.
    • Ronaldo Servio (whose name doesn't remind you of Maffeo Servitore for nothing), who's got the most terrible reputation all over Italia Nuova.
  • The first technocratic government of Germany has a technocrat for police named Schimanski and an experienced bureaucrat who is convinced he understands government work better than all of his chancellors named Alfred Neumann.

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