Dai Sentai Goggle Five/Awesome

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  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Tatakai wa tsuzuku! Tatakai wa tsuzuku! Oh! STOP! THE BAAAATLE.
  • For Aoyama/Blue & Kijima/Yellow in episode 38. After Blue finally fixes the Jet Pack, it still goes on a failure against the Monster of the Week... only for him to literally flip the blunder away and strike and disable the monster; all while Yellow uses his Stout Strength dialled Up to Eleven after Training from Hell to hold off the monster, setting up for the Finishing Move.
  • And in the very next episode (39), a monster accidentally caught Miki/Pink inside his demonic picture book. The monster then proceeds to tie Miki inside the book, then the book are to be burnt by an indestructible fire made by Deathmark himself. Miki... unties herself by burning the ropes from the fire set to burn her... but then a cage fell to her. Miki then proceeds to use the steel part of her restrains to destroy the source of her troubles (an owl part of the picture), just in time for her to get out seconds before the book explodes and deliver a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech at Deathdark in general.