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  • Death tries drinking to forget. Emphasis here on "tries". "The only thing I seem to have forgotten is how to get drunk."
    • And then, when he's given up trying, he stands and commits a most awesome Non Sequitur Thud.
  • The Hurricane of Puns throughout the book. "Mission from Glod", indeed!
    • "Are you boys from the Watch?" - "No, ma'am, we're musicians."
  • The Paper-Thin Disguise worthy of Metal Gear Solid: "We're a piano."
  • Susan's swing.
    • Seems perfectly logical to me.
  • FIVE THOUSAND D--mmfmmf
  • "If this kept up, in several billion years he'd be richer than his wildest dreams!"
  • Also the exchange between Colon and Nobby after Death passes by.

Colon: Would you recognise him if you saw him again?
Nobby: If I didn't, it would have to one hell of an identity parade!

  • "Really, bony knees?"

Animated adaptation

  • Death's Non Sequitur Thud is in some ways even better in the animated miniseries. Because it's Christopher Lee's voice saying that.
  • In the animated film of Soul Music, the funniest line is, amazingly, not from the book. Imp offends the locals in a town that's known for its cheeses by declaring, in just the right kind of accent, that:

"We're more popular than cheeses."

  • Glod's final lament: "Trust my luck to die -- just as I get rich!"