Freudian Couch/Playing With

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    Basic Trope: During therapy, the patient is lying on a couch like the one in Sigmund Freud's office.

    • Played Straight: Bob is talking about his mother while lying on a fancy couch.
    • Exaggerated: The therapist he's talking to bears a strong resemblance to Dr. Freud
    • Justified: The therapist wants his patients to be as comfortable as possible, but still wants his office to look nice.
    • Subverted: Bob is lying on a couch in a furniture store, crying Manly Tears and talking about his overbearing mother.
    • Double Subverted: The furniture store in question doubles as a psychiatrist's office, and the sales associate is also a fully-certified psychiatrist.
    • Deconstructed: ???
    • Reconstructed: ???
    • Parodied: See "double subverted"
    • Averted:
      • Bob does not lie on such a couch during therapy, but sits in a regular chair.
      • Bob does not go to therapy
    • Enforced: All Psychology Is Freudian, combined with Did Not Do the Research
    • Invoked: Bob goes to the psychiatrist's office, and is told to lie on the couch.
    • Defied: The office in question has no couch, and the psychiatrist does not believe in Freudian psychology, preferring more modern and accepted theories instead.
    • Played For Laughs: Bob is whining about something trivial on the couch, such as dropping an ice cream cone.
    • Played For Drama: Bob is upset over something serious, like being molested by a Pedophile Priest during childhood.

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