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  • There was one episode where Lily offered Miley a BM. Miley asks if that means "Blueberry Muffin," as opposed to the Bloody Mary cocktail.
    • ...CompletelyMissingThePoint there Hun... BM.. As in "Bowel Movement"...yeeeeah...
    • If someone else can toss in the details (episode, direct quotes) that would be great.
  • From the episode "Bad to the Chrome":

Mamaw Stewart: Oh honey, I'm sorry you were on the wrong end of one of Loretta's car-toots.
Miley Stewart: That's okay, Mamaw. Soot happens.

  • From the pilot:
  • From the episode "Oops! I Meddled Again":

Oliver: So, Becca Weller wants to take a ride on the Ollie Trolley.

  • Miley and Jackson are hiding from Robbie Ray in a closet in a real estate office (it makes sense in context):

Jackson: There's a For Sale sign...in my backyard!

  • In one episode, Robbie Ray remarks that he did something just for the halibut.
  • In another episode, Robbie Ray came to Lilly's job looking all happy. Lilly notices this and says something about him getting lucky.
  • In "It's the End of the Jake As We Know It", Rico has Jackson pretend to be his dad in order to buy a man's business. It is in this scene that we here them say this:

Jackson: (as Rico Sr.) Look, I have a goosebump right here. Go ahead, feel it. You know you want to.
Rico: I don't think he wants to feel your goosebump, papi.
Jackson: You don't want to feel... my goosebump?

  • In "Wherever I Go", Jackson's boss makes him box a kangaroo. Right before though, he hands Jackson a cup (yes, that kind) and tells him that the kangaroo fights dirty.
  • A group performing at a party in "You Didn't Say It's Your Birthday" is named "The Aristocrats".