Hero-Killing Community

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Sometimes it's not the villain who ends the hero. Sometimes it's because of the community that our hero quits or dies. This trope comes into effect when despite the help the hero has provided the community believes he or she is the source of all their problems. Usually the order him out and he leaves and things will get worse. Sometimes it's justified in that the hero was untrained and was a nuisance or he was the reason the villain came in. Either way the reason the hero leaves is not because of the villain but the community.

May act as the setup of a story, and turn around into Clap Your Hands If You Believe.

See also All of the Other Reindeer.

Has nothing to do with one NBC series killing another NBC series.

Examples of Hero-Killing Community include:

Animated Film

  • The entire reason the superhero community in The Incredibles went underground was that the tide of public opinion turned against them.
  • The whole reason Megamind turned bad was him being ostracized by his community so kind of an inversion. Actually Metrocity gets all of its villains because it's a Crapsack World.
  • An example would be in the second Secret of NIMH where the main character is greatly praised as a hero despite doing nothing which leads to him not being a great hero and because of this creating the villain of the film.
  • In the Powerpuff Girls movie, the City of Townsville was almost ruled by Mojo Jojo although it is justified by them destroying most of the town by accident.

Western Animation

  • In one of the episodes of Powerpuff Girls the community actively stopped the Girls from saving the day with a court order.