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  • I hated the death of Vanessa and subsequent Madlax/Limelda end in Madlax because the first was so anticlimactic and the second was one of the most blatant Karma Houdini moments in anime history. I thought Mashimo was better than that. Then I realised that Mashimo is better, and far far subtler, than that: Margaret's Gift had the capacity to resurrect Vanessa, Elenore, and possibly Carrossea, and Madlax knew that, which is why she had no compunctions about teaming up with the woman who shot Vanessa. The Bittersweet Ending becomes a Happily Ever After when you think about the subtleties of the show's universe for a while. --The anonymous Madlax/Vanessa/Limelda-OT3ing troper.
    • This remains an iffy one, since Limelda still shot Vanessa when nobody knew she would be resurrected, so why would Madlax follow her? Also, why don't we see Vanessa with Madlax as well in the end?
      • The relationship between Madlax and Limelda is an insanely codependent Masochism Tango that's sort-of-stabilized by the end. Vanessa lives in another country and Margaret presumably put her back there, since her Wish involved Vanessa being her Kramer again.