Mondo Medicals

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Mondo Medicals is not responsible for any damage to your mental health.

Welcome to Mondo Medicals! You have applied for research! You will help us help you! Help to find the cure for cancer! First we need to verify you! A test will perform this! We hold no response for your safety!

Mondo Medicals is a first-person perspective puzzle game by Cactus that puts the player through 8 levels (called 'dissorientations'), where his task is to find the exit. The levels, built of blank, gray walls, require the players not to think "out of the box" as much as to devastate the box completely. To reach the exit on each level, you'll have to ignore obvious clues, distrust your seeing, and abandon typical computer-game thinking.

Oh, and all the people in the game have TVs instead of heads.

It's got a sequel, Mondo Agency, which makes even less or even more sense, depending who you ask.

It's freeware, and can be downloaded here.

Tropes used in Mondo Medicals include: