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  • When Rai finally gets to the previous Lord's grave he gets a message from beyond the grave. Everyone's expecting an explanation as to why the Lord left Rai half of Ragnarok. The previous Lord's message jokes about how surprising it must have been. Frankie's response?

previous Lord: I expect finding Ragnarok in your house came as a surprise.
Frankenstein: (thinking to himself) "A surprise"? Nearly gave me a damn heart attack.

    • Not to mention that the previous Lord has anticipated Frankie's reaction with this gem:

previous Lord: If that pet peacock of yours is there beside you now, he'll be busy insulting me.

    • And some time after that, when the previous Lord addresses his daughter, his parental nagging is hilarious.
    • You can see it starting from here!
  • Special mention for the banana that holds some secret.
  • Almost every single mundane task that Rai accomplishes. Special mention goes to learning how to open the door, Frankenstein applauding his Master's accomplishment, and M-21's utter confusion at the significance of this scene.
  • Chapter 198. Tao packs ramen into Takeo's "overnight" bag, and it spills out onto the floor. Cue gasps and reactions all around as everyone's eyes dart to Rai whose own eyes are glued to the ramen with a very serious look on his face.

Frankenstein: *evil look* Tao.
Tao: *gulps in fear*
Frankenstein: *pats him on the shoulder* I'll say it again, you're the type that will do well in society.

Na Yonsu: Could the chairman be ... the devil?!
Frankenstein: *evil smile*