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  • In Bionicle: Web of Shadows, King Sidorak and his Queen-to-be Roodaka are in battle with the beast Keetongu. As they go in for the kill, Roodaka suddenly bails out, and Sidorak realizes she didn't wound the Keetongu, she pissed it off. Congratulations, Sidorak, your second-in-command is The Starscream, and she's going to rule your armies without you. Buh-bye.
    • Happens again in the Destiny War serial when Vezon uses the Mask of Dimensional Gates to teleport himself to the exact spot where Helryx and Keetongu are in trouble. He jumps out of the portal and then happens to see the massive wave of destructive/mutagenic Energized Protodermis coming towards him.