Over the Top (TV series)

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Over the Top was a very short-lived 1997 Sitcom starring Tim Curry (who was also one of the producers of the show), Steve Carell and Annie Potts.

The show focused on Simon Ferguson (played by Curry) a former actor and star of a daytime soap opera who was recently fired from his job due to him showing up at work drunk once too often and forgetting his lines. He ends up at a hotel in Boston where he is reunited with his ex-wife Hadley Martin (played by Potts). He then ends up employed at the hotel while mooching off of Martin's kindness and dealing with not only a good-hearted yet annoying child named Daniel Martin (Hadley's son), but also a very obsessed fan, Yorgo (played by Steve Carell), who happens to be the hotel's chef, and Hadley's rebellious teen daughter, Gwen.

Not to be confused with the Sylvester Stallone film of the same name. For cranking your performance over the top, see Up to Eleven.

Tropes used in Over the Top (TV series) include: