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  • If Aggie killed the 7 judges that sentenced her at that moment, who carried out her sentence? Plus, why didn't she killed them as well?
    • There's a few possibilities. The curse probably had a slight delay, this allowed other witnesses to hear the curse's details, since "I'll make you sorry!" is insanely vague to become legendary to make it to current day, Blithe Hollow. Also, the curse was either too draining or difficult to use the second time. Not to mention being a kid at that time period, the trauma of it all may have left her resigned to her fate or just too stunned to do it again remember the butterfly that Agatha incinerates when she got too emotional.
  • Also why didn't Mr. Penderghast attempted to tell Norman about the witch's curse being real, like a month or an extra week before the anniversary of her death? The poor kid didn't have much time to think about it. Plus, he mention that he FORGOT to tell Norman where the witch was even buried. This could also be the case of Fridge Horror, when Mr. Penderghast realizes that he was dying the day before he gets the chance to talk to Norman about this. But then again when he DIE, he seemed just too happy about moving on to care at this point.
    • He seemingly has some sort of insanity, which was caused by his isolation. He might have not been able to rationalize that far into the future.

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