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ParaNorman really milks this for all it's worth.

  • Just between Grandma Babcock and Norman:

Norman:Dad said not to talk to you anymore.
Grandma: Jackass.

  • The Babcocks going through the haunted woods, just when Norman gets separated. His Mom yells to do something, only seeing her husband is trapped. Her idea is "Kick it in the knothole!" Her emphasizing everything makes "knot" sounds similar to "nut."
  • Two characters said "Damnation," One is Mrs. Henscher, the drama teacher. The other was Salma. Just to be fair, Salma was portraying the "Witch" in the play and it's really up in the air whether or not, the actual "Witch" said it.
  • After when the kids locked themselves in Town Hall, Alvin whines that they could've hidden in the adult moviestore, which is nearby and across the street from them.
  • A character that's openly gay and mentions it, not exactly common in children's films. He might've been the first.
  • Neil and his Mom's Aerobic DVDs.
  • While Norman explaining to Neil about the Penderghast's ghost appears in the bathroom earlier, neglecting to mention that the person was a ghost during that time.


    • This makes sense by itself, but to an adult, they would get extra meaning that Neil thought that Penderghast was a pedophile.
  • In a blink and you'll miss it scene, when the zombies first came to Blithe Hollow after all these centuries. They're bewildered at the modern world; the camera then pans to a billboard that shows a woman dressed in a sexy-witch outfit, complete with money stuffed between her tits. Most of the seven zombies looked scandalize and freaked out, except one of the male ones, who was grinning. Some excitedly groans.
  • When the dying Prenderghast pass on his duty of witch subduing to Norman.

Mr.Prenderghast: SWEAR!
Norman: You mean like the F-word?

  • Offscreen, but Alvin grabs Courtney's butt at one point. She was annoyed and saying "My HAND, Alvin. My hand."
    • This happens twice, once more at the end when the lightpost fell, scaring Alvin that he grabs Courtney. An easy miss, but he rubs his hand up and down her butt's side.
  • Mitch then asks Courtney needs assistance with looking for Norman. After she sees him in a towel.

Courtney: Hell yeah!