Petticoat Junction

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Petticoat Junction is the intermediate entry in Paul Henning's trio of rural sitcoms, which also included The Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres. It centered on Kate Bradley, mother of three and owner of a quaint hotel called the Shady Rest in the small town of Hooterville. She was allegedly aided by Uncle Joe, who tried to avoid getting involved in anything resembling work. Most episodes were about Kate trying to move along her girls' love lives, or one of Joe's money-making schemes. From time to time, the railroad company would threaten to take away Hooterville's mostly unnecessary rail line, but Kate would always straighten them out, since she needed the train to bring her guests.

Petticoat is known for its numerous cast changes; to start, there were the three daughters, Billie Jo, Betty Jo and Bobbie Jo (just don't ask which one's which). Only one of them was played by the same actress through the entire series, and another daughter was recast twice. Then, Bea Benederet, who played Kate, fell ill and died, resulting in the casting of a substitute, June Lockhart. Lockhart's character, the town doctor, didn't really have Kate's charisma, and the remaining episodes tended to focus more on the married daughter's home life. There was some turnover in the supporting cast along the way.

Kate was related to The Beverly Hillbillies via Cousin Pearl (also played by Bea Benederet), who in turn was the cousin of a man named Jed. Eventually, Oliver and Lisa Douglas settled in Hooterville, resulting in the birth of Green Acres. Characters from each of these shows appeared on the others at one point or another.

Tropes used in Petticoat Junction include: