• What Mr. Collins says to Ransik when he discovered that the medicine his factory started to produce was the only thing that would let Ransik avoid dying from his terminal disease.

"If I knew that would have helped you, I would have poured it all down the drain myself!"

  • This troper found Ransik's demolishing of the Rangers in the finale to be particularly badass, considering that they were throwing everything they had at him and he was going at them all by himself. He probably would have pulled off a last-minute win, too, if not for a last-minute Heel Face Turn.
    • Probably? The main five Rangers had just been demorphed in one hit each. Eric was so badly injured he gave his morpher to Wes. If it weren't for his Heel Face Turn Ransik would have killed the Rangers easily.
      • To this day, Ransik is the only Big Bad the Rangers never actually beat.
  • Though it happened in Wild Force, the best Crowning Moment of Awesome by a Time Force character - or at least in the top five - is Jen's re-entry in the Reunion Show. Unstoppable villains are pummeling Wes, Eric, and the Wild Force Rangers, and in comes Jen with her new BFG and black leather outfit. And later her and Alyssa back to back with Chrono Blasters, with Jen going Guns Akimbo.
  • Though not quite as awesome as a victory would've been, there's Jen facing Steelix alone and morpherless, despite having been beaten as bloody as Saturday morning TV allows when she had her gear. Steelix turns her bad and sics her on Wes... whom she proceeds to beat the crap out of.
  • With everything that happened in the finale, this troper thinks Eric saluting the Time Ship after the other Rangers board and prepare to leave gets overlooked. From a guy who had been an Aloof Ally at best during the series, and was always acting like he had to prove he was somehow better than the Rangers, it was an understated, yet powerful, show of respect.