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I swear I am going to update even if I have to update with my freaking teeth. Aaaaargh. ''

Ack. Okay, the next page will be up on Tuesday night. Don't think of it as "slow", think of it as "dramatic tension"!

Andrea L. Peterson, No Rest for The Wicked

Two years [sic] in the future, huh? YEAH, THE VIDEO TOOK ABOUT THAT LONG, TOO.

JesuOtaku's tagline for her Digimon Adventure 02 review.

It was in July when affairs reached this climax. It is now November, nearly December, & consequently a period of about four months has lapsed in the interim. We are not to suppose [...] that Miss Caroline has been standing for upwards a quarter of a year with her foot on the carriage-step.

Charlotte Bronte's Caroline Vernon, making this Older Than Radio

Fan: Is Homestuck going to end on 6/12/13?
Andrew Hussie: The absolute best way for me to guarantee this won’t happen is for me to say yes.

It's been suggested that spying is the world's second-oldest profession. As both perpetrators and victims of deception, spies have colored human history with their lies.
I myself spread misinformation on a daily basis, such as when I tell my editor, “I’ll get those papers in to you today for sure!”

—Tatsuya Endo, End of volume 2 of Spy × Family