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So you have a lesson that you want to teach your audience. Good for you! But before you do you might want to read this here page.

Necessary Tropes[edit | hide | hide all]

Well, obviously there's going to be an Aesop.

Choices, Choices[edit | hide]

The world is your oyster when it comes to Aesops but just in case you're not sure what you want to teach your audience check out our handy-dandy list of Stock Aesops.

Potential Subversions[edit | hide]

Pick an Aesop, any Aesop, and subvert it.

Writers' Lounge[edit | hide]

Suggested Themes and Aesops[edit | hide]

Again, the world is your oyster, but make sure that whatever Aesop you pick doesn't get cancelled-out by your premise. Also, make sure that your series can deliver an Aesop that your intended audience can handle reasonably well.

Potential Motifs[edit | hide]

Suggested Plots[edit | hide]

Departments[edit | hide]

Set Designer / Location Scout[edit | hide]

Having your Very Special Episode take place in its original setting will drive your Aesop closer to home than if you change settings all of a sudden.

Props Department[edit | hide]

Make sure to have Aesop-related props nearby (car and booze for the drunk-driving episode etc.).

Costume Designer[edit | hide]

Casting Director[edit | hide]

It might be tempting to bring in a Long-Lost Uncle Aesop but it might be more meaningful if you either introduce them several episodes prior or if you use an already exisisting character (for example if the drunk driving episode is one where Tonight Someone Dies).

Stunt Department[edit | hide]

Extra Credit[edit | hide]

The Greats[edit | hide]

The Epic Fails[edit | hide]

Captain Planet had a few.