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  • Pretty much the entire final race is one big one for Speed, especially the last lap after he restarts the car with pure determination and hot bloodedness. He then flies down the track at speeds approaching a low-flying jet fighter, moving from last to first in the course of one lap, and actually manages to throw his final opponents into the walls so they crash into each other just short of the finish line. By the end of it, his car is smoking, the paint is peeled off the sides, and the TIRES ARE MELTED FROM THE WHEELS.
  • For the movie in general, the best scene in cinema history is possibly gangster viking car racers shooting beehives at each other.
  • No, this is the best scene in cinema history.
    • And he knows it, judging by that smile on his face.
  • Pops shows off his wrestling skills to some ninjas, then says a cool Bond One-Liner.

Pops: Terrible what passes for a ninja these days.

    • Especially because that implies he's fought ninjas before
  • I'd argue the entire movie counts. For everybody in the movie, everybody not in the movie, and just filmmaking in general.
    • Agreed. The Wachowskis had to have been incredibly devoted and loving fans to create the movie and render it in such excellent detail. From the candy-colored visuals, to the dizzying roller-coaster of the race scenes, to the way the casting, costumes, and make-up made such incredible live-action doubles of the animated cast. And the double-subversion with Racer X...They out Speed Racered Speed Racer.
  • Fresh from the 2008 Speed Racer movie, this troper would like to put forth that the entire Racer family had a crowning moment during the fight scene in the snow covered mountains. Suprisingly, Pops is a badass.
  • Spritle and Chim-Chim aren't just Plucky Comic Relief. First of all, during the aforementioned battle in the snow-covered mountains, it's them that save the family by Spritle shooting a man with a toy gun and Chim-Chim throwing poop at him. Then, during the actual fight, they keep one man from getting a real gun by Spritle clapping on the man's sore thumb, kicking him in the nuts, poking him in the eyes, and then Chim-Chim knocking him out with a wrench.
    • Sore thumb? It was an index finger, and he stuck it in a hole in a piranha tank earlier in the movie. The look on his face at the time makes it pretty clear what happened to it...