Star Fox (series)/Nightmare Fuel

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    • The transformation of Pigma Dengar into half-machine thanks to the Aparoids in Star Fox Assault...truly a Fate Worse Than Death.

    Daddy screamed REAL good before he died!

    • When you blow up Andross' face in Star Fox 64, it turns into one of two things: a robot head (on easy route) or a giant brain (on hard route). Both are terrifying.
    • Also in 64, whenever Fox is killed, one of his teammates cries out "NO!"...unless he dies in the final Venom stage, where all you hear is Fox's screaming. He's truly alone...
    • The RedEyes in Star Fox Adventures. Words cannot describe the brix that were shat when I stepped out of my Arwing for the first time and saw freaking enormous T-Rexes roaming everywhere! And for half the level you can't even kill them! And don't even mention the RedEye King...
    • Out Of This Dimension from the original. Mind Screw doesn't even begin to cover this...

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